Northern Arizona University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Samantha K. ChapmanEcology Biology2005 George W. Koch (grad student)
Aimee T. Classen19992004 Stephen C. Hart (grad student), George W. Koch (grad student)
Jessica Guo Kiona Ogle (grad student)
Erika Hersch-Greenevolution, plant biology20072009 Thomas G. Whitham (post-doc)
Richard W. HofstetterCommunity Ecology
George W. Koch
Benjamin J. Koch
Carri J. LeRoy20052006 Thomas G. Whitham (post-doc)
Susan Mopper1987 Thomas G. Whitham (grad student)
Ken Paige Biological Sciences1986 Thomas G. Whitham (grad student)
Paul S. Selmants20072008 Thomas G. Whitham (post-doc)
Jack D. Torresdal Center for Ecosystem Science and Society Benjamin J. Koch (grad student)
Thomas G. Whitham
Gina Marie Wimp2002 Thomas G. Whitham (grad student)
Kimberly A. WithLandscape Ecology, Conservation Biology, Ecology, Avian Ecology, Animal Ecology Biology19851988 Russell P. Balda (grad student)
Kasey M. YturraldeCommunity Ecology School of Forestry2013 Richard W. Hofstetter (grad student)