University of Arizona

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Zvika Abramsky19761977 James H. Brown (post-doc)
M Ross Alexander20132018 David JP Moore (grad student)
Susan Anderson1984 James H. Brown (grad student)
Alona Bachi Ecology & Evolutionary Biology2008 Michael L. Rosenzweig (grad student)
Kinzie Bailey School of Natural Resources and the Environment2018 Jia Hu (grad student)
Sonny Shlomo BleicherTerrestrial Ecology; behavioral ecology; mammalogy; evolutionary biology Ecology and Evolutionary Biology20152017 Michael L. Rosenzweig (post-doc)
Benjamin W. Blonder
Michael Bowers1984 James H. Brown (grad student)
Brad Boyle2002 Brian J. Enquist (post-doc)
W. A. Boyleterrestrial ecology2006 Judith L. Bronstein (grad student)
Judith L. Bronsteinterrestrial ecology
Joel S. BrownEvolutionary Biology Michael L. Rosenzweig (grad student)
Vanessa Buzzard2012 Brian J. Enquist (grad student)
Gregory S. Byers1981 James H. Brown (grad student)
Yves Carrièreecology, insect resistance, integrated pest management
Adam Chmurzynski2017 Brian J. Enquist (grad student)
Courtney J Conway
A. Russell Croft
Alejandro CuevaCarbon Cycle20172019 Laura K. Meredith (post-doc)
Veronique Annie DelesallePlant Mating System19821987 Astrid Kodric-Brown (grad student)
Lynda DelphPlant evolution, evolution of sexual dimorphism1983 Astrid Kodric-Brown (grad student)
Katrina M. DlugoschEcology, Evolution, Plants, Invasive Species
Michael Dungan1984 James H. Brown (grad student)
Sandra Duran2016 Brian J. Enquist (post-doc)
Emily Dynes20122015 David JP Moore (grad student)
Brian J. EnquistEcology
Anne M. Estesterrestrial ecology Ecology & Evolutionary Biology2009 Judith L. Bronstein (grad student)
Ginny M. Fitzpatrickterrestrial ecology Ecology & Evolutionary Biology2014 Judith L. Bronstein (grad student)
Victoria Garcia20012005 Courtney J Conway (grad student)
Deborah E. Goldberg Ecology & Evolutionary Biology1980 James H. Brown (grad student), William M. Schaffer (grad student)
Jessica Guo College of Agriculture and Life Sciences2020 David S. LeBauer (research scientist)
Alan Harvey1988 James H. Brown (grad student)
Amanda Henderson
Shannon M. HeubergerEntomology Biology Entomology2010 Yves Carrière (grad student)
Loren Hintz Astrid Kodric-Brown (grad student)
Peter A. Holmterrestrial ecology Ecology & Evolutionary Biology2008 Judith L. Bronstein (grad student)
Bob HolmesNone--Science journalist19821988 James H. Brown (grad student)
Robert Holmes1988 D Lawrence Venable (grad student), James H. Brown (grad student)
Jerome Joseph HowardPlant-animal interactions, biology of social insects, behavioral ecology and conservation biology, biology of invasive species Astrid Kodric-Brown (grad student)
Jia Huplant ecophysiology, ecohydrology, tree rings
Amy Rebecca Hudson David JP Moore (grad student)
Catherine M. HulshofEcology Ecology & Evolutionary Biology20072013 Brian J. Enquist (grad student)
Richard S. Inouye1981 James H. Brown (grad student)
Michael KaspariEcology, Myrmecology Michael L. Rosenzweig (grad student), James H. Brown (grad student)
Colleen Kelly1988 James H. Brown (grad student)
Barbara Kingsolver Astrid Kodric-Brown (grad student)
Burt P. Kotler Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Michael L. Rosenzweig (grad student)
Christine A. Lamanna Ecology & Evolutionary Biology20062012 Brian J. Enquist (grad student)
Michele C. Lananterrestrial ecology Insect Science2010 Judith L. Bronstein (grad student)
Norman C. Leppla Entomology19701972 William L. Nutting (grad student)
Maowei LiangBiodiversity, Climate Change, Grazing, Stability
Yao Liu
Natasha MacBean School of Natural Resources and the Environment20162018 David JP Moore (post-doc)
Brian Maitner2015 Brian J. Enquist (grad student)
Katrina Mangin1991 James H. Brown (grad student)
Brian A. Maurer19841986 James H. Brown (post-doc)
Megan C. McCarthy20022007 Brian J. Enquist (grad student)
David (Dave) Bartelle McDonald1987 Astrid Kodric-Brown (grad student)
Earyn N. McGee2021 Michael T. Bogan (grad student)
Brian J. McGill19972003 Michael L. Rosenzweig (grad student)
Margrit E. McIntoshterrestrial ecology2001 Judith L. Bronstein (grad student)
Laura K. Meredith Ecology and Evolutionary Biology20152016 Scott R. Saleska (post-doc)
Jennifer MeremsWildlife Ecology, Predator Prey Interactions, Large Mammals
Julie Messier2008 Brian J. McGill (grad student), Martin Lechowicz (grad student)
Sean T. MichaletzPhysiological ecology, ecosystem ecology, macroecology, scaling, fire behavior and effects Brian J. Enquist (post-doc)
William A. Mitchell Michael L. Rosenzweig (grad student)
Francesc Montané20142017 David JP Moore (post-doc)
David JP MooreEcosystem Ecology, Plant Physiological Ecology, Global Biogeochemical Cycles
Jim MungerVertebrate Ecology19761983 James H. Brown (grad student)
James Munger1982 James H. Brown (grad student)
Jocelyn NavarroPlant Ecology Ecology and Evolutionary Biology2020 Brian J. Enquist (grad student)
Danilo Neves2016 Brian J. Enquist (post-doc)
Shawn Nordell1990 Astrid Kodric-Brown (grad student)
William L. Nutting
Lorah Patterson2016 Brian J. Enquist (grad student)
Mitchell Pavao-ZuckermanUrban ecology, green infrastructure, biogeochemistry, ecosystem services, social-ecological systems
Sarah C. Richardsonterrestrial ecology2001 Judith L. Bronstein (grad student)
Kristina Riemermacroecology College of Agriculture and Life Sciences2019 David S. LeBauer (research scientist)
Matthew Roby
Michael L. Rosenzweig
Percy B. Rowe
Matiss Castorena Salaks2017 Brian J. Enquist (grad student)
Jorge E. Schondube-Friedewoldterrestrial ecology2003 Judith L. Bronstein (grad student)
Ian Shiach20112013 David JP Moore (grad student)
Irena Šímová
Gerald R. StairsForestry
Scott C. Stark Ecology & Evolutionary Biology20062012 Brian J. Enquist (grad student)
Brandon Strange School of Natural Resources and the Environment2018 Jia Hu (grad student)
Steven Dale Sutherland Ecology and Evolutionary Biology1982 James H. Brown (grad student)
Daniel Thompson1986 James H. Brown (grad student)
David B. Thorud
James William TourneySilviculture
Will R. Turner2003 Michael L. Rosenzweig (grad student)
Mark C Wallacewildlife, ecology, mammals, forest, range, urban Paul R. Krausman (grad student)
Jennifer A. Weeksterrestrial ecology2002 Judith L. Bronstein (grad student)
Susan M. Wethington2000 Michael L. Rosenzweig (grad student)
David H. Wright1984 James H. Brown (grad student)
Naupaka Bruce ZimmermanMicrobial Ecology Plant Sciences20132016 A. Elizabeth Arnold (post-doc)
Malcolm J. Zwolinski1966 Percy B. Rowe (grad student), A. Russell Croft (grad student)