University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Robyn P. Angliss2003 Donald B. Siniff (grad student)
Noelle G. Beckmanecology Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Ecology, Evolution and Behavior20042010 Helene Clara Muller-Landau (grad student), Claudia Neuhauser (grad student)
Emily L Brunsecological and evolutionary dynamics of infectious disease in natural populations Ecology, Evolution and Behavior2012 Georgiana May (grad student)
Murray Fife Buell1935 William Skinner Cooper (grad student)
Michael F. Cameron2001 Donald B. Siniff (grad student)
Mario A. Carrillo VilchezEntomology Biology, Ecology Biology2005 William Dale Hutchison (grad student)
Jeannine Cavender-BaresPlant function, biodiversity, community phylogenetics
Alyson Center Department of Plant Biology2015 Jeannine Cavender-Bares (grad student)
Edward Gheen Cheyney1906 Samuel Bowdlear Green (post-doc)
Fredric E. Clements
William Skinner Cooper
Rexford F. Daubenmire1935 William Skinner Cooper (grad student)
Nicholas Deacon Plant Biological Sciences2010 Jeannine Cavender-Bares (grad student)
Robert W. Dickerman Dwain Willard Warner (grad student)
Bonita Eliason Dwain Willard Warner (grad student)
Elizabeth Fallon Department of Plant Biology20122018 Jeannine Cavender-Bares (grad student)
Jake M. FergusonPopulation ecology
Jacques C. Finlay
Bill Fraser David F. Parmelee (grad student)
Thomas S. Gelatt2001 Donald B. Siniff (grad student)
Samuel Bowdlear Green
Paul Guggerplant phylogeography and genomics2010 Jeannine Cavender-Bares (grad student)
Dustin F. HainesEcology, Plant ecology, Invasion ecology Ecology, Evolution and Behavior20042013 Diane L. Larson (grad student)
Otis Frederick HallForest Management1954 Arthur E. Schneider (grad student)
Henry L. Hansenforestry1946 Edward Gheen Cheyney (grad student)
Amy T. Hansen Civil Engineering2012 Jacques C. Finlay (grad student)
Byron Harrell Dwain Willard Warner (grad student)
J. Arthur Harris
James M. Hood Ecology, Evolution and Behavior2010 Jacques C. Finlay (grad student)
Anne-Marie Hoskinson2006 Claudia Neuhauser (grad student)
Cheng-Heng Hu2006 Claudia Neuhauser (grad student)
William Dale Hutchison
Christopher A. Klausmeier2000 Claudia Neuhauser (grad student), G David Tilman (grad student)
Robert L. Koch2005 William Dale Hutchison (grad student)
Michelle A. LaRue Conservation Biology2014 Donald B. Siniff (grad student)
Eugene A. LeFebvre1962 Dwain Willard Warner (grad student)
John W. Marr1942 William Skinner Cooper (grad student)
Judith McIntyre Dwain Willard Warner (grad student)
Eric C. Merten Water Resources Science2009 Jacques C. Finlay (grad student)
Sumit Middha Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology2014 Claudia Neuhauser (grad student)
Claudia Neuhauser
Gerald John Niemi
Martin F. O'Hely2000 Claudia Neuhauser (grad student)
Henry John Oosting1931 William Skinner Cooper (grad student)
Lewis W. OringEcology D Frank McKinney (post-doc)
David F. Parmelee
William Albert PattersonForest Ecology, Fire Management, Paleoecology1978 Henry L. Hansen (grad student)
Anna C. Peterson Conservation Biology2013 Gerald John Niemi (grad student)
Laura Phillips-Maoplant and animal interactions, restoration, invasive plants Conservation Biology2012 Diane L. Larson (grad student)
Pamela Pietz David F. Parmelee (grad student)
William F. Porter1979 Donald B. Siniff (grad student)
Gina L. Quiram Ecology, Evolution and Behavior2013 Jeannine Cavender-Bares (grad student)
Mario Ramos Dwain Willard Warner (grad student)
John H. Rappole Dwain Willard Warner (grad student)
Joseph P. Reid Ecology, Evolution and Behavior2013 Jacques C. Finlay (grad student)
Ellen M. Reid
William A. ReinersTerrestrial Ecology
Jessica Anne Savage Plant Biological Sciences2010 Jeannine Cavender-Bares (grad student)
Arthur E. Schneiderforestry
Donald B. Siniff
Lindsey Sloat Brian J. Enquist (grad student)
Veronique St-Louis
Tsz K. Tsui Water Resources Science2010 Jacques C. Finlay (grad student)
Laura C. Van Riperplant and animal interactions, restoration, invasive plants2005 Diane L. Larson (grad student)
Dwain Willard Warner
John Weaver1916 Fredric E. Clements (grad student)
Xioajing Wei Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior2016 Jeannine Cavender-Bares (grad student)
Kyle A. Whittinghill Ecology, Evolution and Behavior2010 Jacques C. Finlay (grad student)
Laura Williams Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior20182011 Jeannine Cavender-Bares (grad student)
Kevin WinkerEvolution, genetics, ecology, systematics, ornithology, museums Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior David F. Parmelee (grad student), Dwain Willard Warner (grad student)
Vernon Alphus Young1929 J. Arthur Harris (grad student)