Colorado State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Greg Amescommunity ecology Colleen Webb (grad student)
Gregory M. Amesmathematical ecology, disease ecology Ecology (Graduate Degree Program)2012 Colleen Webb (grad student)
Stanley H. Anderson
Daniel A. Auerbach Ecology (Graduate Degree Program)2013 N LeRoy Poff (grad student)
Brandon T. BestelmeyerEcology Biology, Entomology Biology2000 John A. Wiens (grad student)
Heather B. BlackburnEcology Biology, General Agriculture2009 James Kenneth Detling (grad student)
Jonathan Bossenbroek John A. Wiens (grad student)
Richard A. Bradley
Michael G. Buhnerkempemathematical ecology, disease ecology Biology2013 Colleen Webb (grad student)
James Carlsen
James Carlson Larry Clark (grad student)
David C. ColemanEnergetics; nutrient cycling in natural ecosystems and agroecosystems; biodiversity
C. Wayne Cook
James Kenneth Detlinggrassland ecology
Sarah Evans Graduate Degree Program in Ecology Ecosystem Science and Sustainability2012 Ingrid Crane Burke (grad student), Matthew D. Wallenstein (grad student)
Adrian ("Bubba") Farmer John A. Wiens (grad student)
Debra S. Finn2006 N LeRoy Poff (grad student)
Jennifer M. FraterrigoEcology Biology John A. Wiens (grad student)
Dylan Georgemathematical ecology, disease ecology2009 Colleen Webb (grad student)
Richard A GillEcosystem ecology, plant physiological ecology Graduate degree program in Ecology19941998 Ingrid Crane Burke (grad student)
David Guertin John A. Wiens (grad student)
Kelly HardwickeEcology Biology, Range Management Agriculture2006 James Kenneth Detling (grad student)
Laurel M. HartleyEcology Biology2006 James Kenneth Detling (grad student)
Aaron Hoffman John A. Wiens (grad student)
Henry William Huntrangeland ecosystem science
Andrew R. Kanarekmathematical ecology, disease ecology Biology2011 Colleen Webb (grad student)
Daniel M. KashianTerrestrial Ecology Forest, Rangeland, and Watershed Stewardship20022003 William H. Romme (post-doc)
Kimberly J. KomatsuCommunity Ecology Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Melinda D. Smith (grad student)
Linda KotheraBotany Biology2006 James Kenneth Detling (grad student)
Natasha B. Kotliar1991 John A. Wiens (grad student)
William K. Lauenroth1973 Phillip L. Sims (grad student)
Ali Lindberg Larry Clark (grad student)
Katherine Lindsey Larry Clark (grad student)
Todd Mabee1996 John A. Wiens (grad student)
Kevin E. McCluneyFood webs, water stress, riverine systems20102011 N LeRoy Poff (post-doc)
Nancy E McIntyrelandscape ecology19931998 John A. Wiens (grad student)
James Richard MeimanWatershed Science
John Menke1973 M. Joe Trlica (grad student)
Ryan Sanders MillerPopulaiton Ecology
Julian D. Olden2004 N LeRoy Poff (grad student)
Kerri Pedersen Larry Clark (grad student)
N LeRoy Poff
Stephen C. Riley1992 John A. Wiens (grad student)
William H. Romme
Matthew Ross Martin W. Doyle (grad student)
Robert Schooley John A. Wiens (grad student)
John A Shivik Graduate Degree Program Ecology Larry Clark (grad student)
Phillip L. Sims
Melinda D. Smith
Gwen Stevens Larry Clark (grad student)
Mark Sutton Thorne2002 M. Joe Trlica (grad student)
M. Joe Trlica
Joseph C. von FischerTerrestrial ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, microbial ecology, natural gas leakage
Colleen Webbmathematical ecology, disease ecology
John A. Wiens
Thomas K. Wilding Biology2012 N LeRoy Poff (grad student)
Kimberly A. WithLandscape Ecology, Conservation Biology, Ecology, Avian Ecology, Animal Ecology Biology19881993 John A. Wiens (grad student)