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Adam Ahlers (Info) UIUC morgane 2012‑05‑30
Emilie Blevins (Info) Kansas State University, The Nature Conservancy, Oregon, Xerces Society kwith 2018‑05‑31
James H. Brown (Info) Univ. of New Mexico Ecology, Biological Scaling, Biogeography morgane 2010‑08‑17
Jack F. Cully, Jr. (Info) Kansas State University kwith 2018‑05‑31
Harmony J. Dalgleish (Info) William and Mary damalichthys 2016‑12‑13
Bradley D. Elder (Info) Kansas State University Botany Biology, Ecology Biology pq 2017‑09‑01
Christine Ellis (Info) Kansas State University townpeterson 2022‑08‑02
Christopher M. Frey (Info) Kansas State University kwith 2018‑05‑31
Frank Caleb Gates (Info) Kansas State University jandh 2024‑03‑30
Tony Grace (Info) Kansas State University pq 2015‑10‑06
James A Guikema (Info) Kansas State University Molecular biology of chloroplasts and mitochondria as bioenergetic organelles; redox reactions of membrane proteins; assembly of redox-active proteins in chloroplasts; role of plant organelles in gravity perception; stress induced by environmental and pat pq 2017‑03‑17
David C. Hartnett (Info) Kansas State University dtwidwell 2017‑09‑01
Michael Andrew Herman (Info) Kansas State University Ecological Genomics, Nematode-Bacteria interactions, C. elegans jandh 2017‑08‑01
Greg A. Hoch (Info) Kansas State University Ecology Biology, Range Management Agriculture pq 2019‑01‑23
William E. Jensen (Info) Kansas State University, Emporia State University kwith 2018‑05‑31
Anthony Joern (Info) Kansas State University glint 2014‑02‑22
Jayne L. Jonas (Info) Kansas State University pq 2015‑10‑06
Dawn Kaufman (Info) Kansas State University morgane 2011‑08‑25
Page E. Klug (Info) Kansas State University, Notre Dame, USGS Fort Collins Science Program, USDA-APHIS National Wildlife Research Center kwith 2018‑05‑31
Alan K Knapp (Info) Colorado State U Plant Ecology 2024‑04‑11
Jesse Nippert (Info) Kansas State University 2024‑04‑11
Jacqueline P. Ott (Info) Kansas State University Ecology Biology, Botany Biology pq 2017‑09‑01
A. Townsend Peterson (Info) Field Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas Ornithology, Ecology, Biogeography, Distributional Ecology dwatson 2012‑08‑22
Corina J. Rahmig (Info) Kansas State University kwith 2018‑05‑31
William Rogers (Info) Texas A & M morgane 2012‑05‑29
Gregory R. Schrott (Info) Kansas State University, Archbold Biological Station kwith 2018‑05‑31
Luciana Signorelli (Info) Kansas State University, Federal University of Goiás kwith 2018‑05‑31
Peter Skelsey (Info) Kansas State University, The James Hutton Institute kwith 2018‑05‑31
Benjamin L. VanderWeide (Info) Kansas State University Ecology Biology, Botany Biology, Range Management Agriculture pq 2017‑09‑01
Ty Jordan Werdel (Info) Texas A & M Wildlife Management tywerdel 2023‑11‑13
Gail W. Wilson (Info) Kansas State University Ecology Biology, Soil Science Agriculture pq 2017‑09‑01
Kimberly A. With (Info) Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Bowling Green State University, Kansas State University Landscape Ecology, Conservation Biology, Ecology, Avian Ecology, Animal Ecology kwith 2018‑05‑31
John Lester Zimmerman (Info) UIUC muddynat 2024‑01‑23
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