The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Chi C. Archie LeeBiblical Studies Religion
Ambrose Y. C. KingGeneral, General Religion
Archie C. C. LeeBiblical Studies Religion, Theology
Angela W. C. WongHistory of Religion
Chu K. ChanAncient Language2011 Che Wah Ho (grad student)
Ka-fu K. ChanTheology, Environmental Sciences2002 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Wai-Keung ChanTheology, History of Religion, Biography2002 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Ruiwen ChenGeneral Religion, Music, History of Religion Cultural and Religious Studies2014 Fuk T. Ying (grad student)
Lesong ChengGeneral Religion, Biography2006 Chi-tim Lai (grad student)
Honglei ChengAsia History, Asian Studies, General2014 Leung Y. Sang (grad student)
chi-kan CheungAncient History, Asia History2005 Lai P. Chiu (grad student)
Lai P. ChiuHistory of Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Theology
Wai-Yin ChowHistory of Religion2000 Chi-tim Lai (grad student)
Yuming DuanHistory of Religion, Medieval History2003 Wong K. Yuen (grad student)
Kun C. Eric WongComparative Religion, General Religion, Biblical Studies Religion
Li-zhu FanGeneral, General Religion2000 Ambrose Y. C. King (grad student)
Xiao FuPhilosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science Religious Studies2012 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Ying Fuk-tsangHistory of Religion, Women's Studies, Asia History
Anthony FungMass Communications, Music, General Religion
Xin GaoReligious Education, General Religion, Higher Education, Theology, Philosophy of Education2007 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Zhe GaoTheology, Philosophy of Religion2010 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Jianqun GaoTheology2011 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Ying HaoGeneral, History of Religion Government and Public Administration2013 Kingkwun Tsao (grad student)
Xinping HeChurch History, United States History, History of Religion2007 Leung Y. Sang (grad student)
Hing C. HoHistory of Religion, Church History, Asia History2006 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Puaypeng HoArchitecture, Asia History, History of Religion
Che Wah Ho
Jirong HuMass Communications, Social Sciences Education, General2013 Anthony Fung (grad student)
Fong S. Jenny SoArt History, General Religion, Asian Studies
Wei JiaOptics Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Multimedia Communications2013 Chu K. Chan (grad student)
Hsinchi KuanGeneral, History of Religion
Lo Lung KwongTheology, Art History, General Religion
Piu C. LaiPhilosophy of Religion, Theory Economics, Theology
Pan-chiu LaiTheology
Chi-tim LaiHistory of Religion, General Religion, Asia History
Pan-chin LaiTheology, Philosophy of Religion
Pan C. LaiPhilosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science
Sui K. LamCinema, Social Structure and Development, Comparative Literature2011 Anthony Fung (grad student)
Shuk K. LamAncient History, Archaeology Anthropology, Asian Studies2013 Lai P. Chiu (grad student)
Yin L. LawGeneral Language, Philosophy, Ethics2011 Che Wah Ho (grad student)
Tin K. LeiTheology, General Religion Religious Studies2012 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Tak W. LeungClassical Literature, Ancient Language, Asian Literature2010 Che Wah Ho (grad student)
Koon T. LeungGeneral Religion, General, American Studies2008 Tze-ming Ng (grad student)
Chun H. LiTheology, General Religion, History of Religion2010 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Yijing LiPhilosophy of Religion, Theology2007 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Ka C. LiHistory of Religion, General Religion, Asia History Religious Studies2012 Chi-tim Lai (grad student)
Xiaolei LiAdministration Education, Secondary Education, Leadership Education2011 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Lung K. LoHistory of Religion
Peter T. Ming NgHistory of Religion, Asia History
Ng Tze Ming PeterGeneral Religion
Ih-ren A. MongTheology Religious Studies2013 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Tze-ming NgTheology, History of Religion, Biography
Ningning QuHistory of Religion, Women's Studies, Asia History2010 Ying Fuk-tsang (grad student)
Leung Y. SangChurch History, United States History, History of Religion
Mei ShaTheology, Art History, General Religion2005 Lo Lung Kwong (grad student)
Yuen-tai SoTheology2002 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Sui K. TangTheology, Philosophy2006 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Feiya TaoHistory of Religion, Asia History2001 Peter T. Ming Ng (grad student)
Wing S. TongHistory of Religion Religious Studies2012 Lung K. Lo (grad student)
Kingkwun TsaoGeneral, History of Religion
Kam H. TseElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics Information Engineering2012 Chu K. Chan (grad student)
Siu F. Wan2009 K. C. Wong (grad student)
Cheng-si WeiSocial Structure and Development2001 Ambrose Y. C. King (grad student)
K. C. Wong
Chang S. WuChurch History, Religious Education2001 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Huan WuMass Communications, Web Studies, Gerontology2010 Anthony Fung (grad student)
Tin Y. YeungHistory of Religion, Church History2002 Pan C. Lai (grad student)
Fuk T. YingGeneral Religion, Music, History of Religion
Wong K. YuenHistory of Religion, Medieval History
Chi W. YuenAsia History, Cultural Anthropology2011 Che Wah Ho (grad student)