George Fox University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kristy R. BakerClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Music2005 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Sergiy BarsukovLinguistics Language, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2008 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Jennifer L. BearseClinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology2013 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Darin L. BergenClinical Psychology2007 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Clifford BergerTheology, Biblical Studies Religion, Spirituality
Rebekah C. BroadyCognitive Psychology, General Religion2011 Bill Buhrow (grad student)
Sidney A. BrownClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Theology, Native American Studies2007 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Tim BuechselTheology, Biblical Studies Religion, Spirituality2013 Roger Helland (grad student)
Bill BuhrowCognitive Psychology, General Religion
Olivia CarsonEducational Psychology Education, Elementary Education2009 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Joseph Clair
Rebekah ClineClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Public and Social Welfare, Social Work2008 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Haley H. CrowlClinical Psychology2013 Mark McMinn (grad student)
R. A. DickeyClinical Psychology, Mental Health2012 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Steven C. DickinsonClinical Psychology, Higher Education2003 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Heath H. FervidaClinical Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy, General Religion2009 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Rachele L. FloydDevelopmental Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2004 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Kathleen GathercoalClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Theology, Native American Studies
Clarissa N. GayerClinical Psychology, Mental Health, Gerontology2013 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Tyler A. GerdinClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology Clinical Psychology2014 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Nicole GilbertsonSpecial Education2009 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Jennifer M. GronholtGeneral Psychology, Social Psychology, Higher Education, General2009 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
R. K. HansenClinical Psychology2007 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Roger HellandTheology, Biblical Studies Religion, Spirituality
Laura K. HeyneReligious Education, Spirituality2013 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Robyn J. HoneycuttCounseling Psychology, South Asian Studies, Theory and Methods2012 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Rachael D. KernsCounseling Psychology, Gender Studies, Women's Studies2011 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Benjamin KesslerClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2007 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Amanda KruszewskiClinical Psychology2013 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Kimberley A. KunzeClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Higher Education2013 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Hillary LambertClinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Women's Studies2010 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Elliott C. LawlessClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Music2003 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Daniel T. LennenClinical Psychology, Higher Education2010 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Keith A. LouwersePsychometrics Psychology, Clinical Psychology, General Religion2010 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Angela G. McCormickGeneral Psychology, Pastoral Counseling, Spirituality2010 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Mark McMinnClinical Psychology, Theology
Jessica N. ModrellClinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Individual and Family Studies, Military Studies Clinical Psychology2014 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Danielle N. MorganIndustrial Psychology, Clinical Psychology2011 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Justin OrtonClinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Military Studies2011 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Melinda PearsonClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2008 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Jennifer SchenkClinical Psychology, Higher Education Administration Education, Social Structure and Development2010 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Kristie L. SchmidlkoferClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2008 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Sarah SherrardClinical Psychology2007 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Amanda M. ShimekClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2012 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Jory L. SmithClinical Psychology, General Psychology, Spirituality2009 Kathleen Gathercoal (grad student)
Kimberly N. SnowClinical Psychology, Pastoral Counseling2012 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Ryan C. StaleyClinical Psychology, Clergy Religion2012 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Anna R. TaborClinical Psychology, Social Work2008 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Bobby L. TrihubMental Health, Clergy Religion, Clinical Psychology2010 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Sarah L. VasiliauskasClinical Psychology, Theology2012 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Michael J. VogelClinical Psychology2013 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Nicholas R. WiardaClinical Psychology Clinical Psychology2014 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Scott W. WoodsGeneral Psychology, Theology, Religious Education2011 Mark McMinn (grad student)
Jennifer L. ZahaSocial Psychology, General Religion2010 Mark McMinn (grad student)