Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Hussein A. AbdulsaterTheology, Ethics, Metaphysics Religious Studies2013 Gerhard H. Bowering (grad student)
Ruth A. Abusch-MagderModern History, Women's Studies, General Religion, Jewish Studies2006 Paula Hyman (grad student)
Marilyn M. AdamsHistory of Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Theology
Samuel L. AdamsDead Sea Scrolls,Ethics,Hebrew Bible,Israel2006 John J. Collins (grad student)
Harry Baker Adams
John J. AhnApocalypse/Book of Revelation,Hebrew Bible,Old Testament2006 Robert R. Wilson (grad student)
Alan AppelbaumJewish Studies, Ancient History, Biblical Studies Religion2007 Steven Fraade (grad student)
Kenneth G. AppoldHistory of Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Theology George Arthur Lindbeck (grad student)
Harold W. AttridgeAntiquity, Catholicism, Dead Sea Scrolls, Gnosticism, New Testament
Benjamin Wisner Bacon Douglas Clyde MacIntosh (grad student)
Joel S. BadenHebrew Bible, Old Testament
Richard M. BarnhartArt History, Asia History, History of Religion
David L. BartlettChristian Communication
James M. BaskindHistory of Religion, Biography2006 Stanley Weinstein (grad student)
Christopher A. BeeleyAnglicanism,Church Fathers,Church History,Church Leadership,Theology
Ben BegleiterGeneral Religion, History of Religion2004 Steven Fraade (grad student)
Shane A. BergDead Sea Scrolls,Ethics,Hebrew Bible,Israel2008 John J. Collins (grad student)
Teresa BergerCatholicism,Death and Dying,Gender,Liturgy,Prayer
Jennifer E. BesteCatholicism,Ethics,Feminism/Feminist Theology,Medicine/Medical Ethics,Sexual Ethics2003 Margaret A. Farley (grad student)
John Betz
Barbara J. BlodgettCatholicism,Ethics,Feminism/Feminist Theology,Medicine/Medical Ethics,Sexual Ethics2000 Margaret A. Farley (grad student)
Tobias F. BoesComparative Literature, English Literature, Germanic Literature2006 Pericles Lewis (grad student)
Wendy P. BoringHistory of Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Theology2004 Marilyn M. Adams (grad student)
Gerhard H. BoweringTheology, Ethics, Metaphysics
Benjamin D. BrandMusic, Medieval History2006 Craig M. Wright (grad student)
Eric J. BugyisMedieval Studies,Theology2013 Denys Turner (grad student)
Joshua E. BurnsHistory of Religion, Jewish Studies, Ancient History2010 Harold W. Attridge (grad student)
Robert L. Calhoun
Michael J. CallRomance Literature, Theater, Biography2006 Julia Prest (grad student)
Lorenzo F. CandelariaMusic, Art History, General Religion2001 Craig M. Wright (grad student)
Shirley Jackson Case Benjamin Wisner Bacon (grad student)
Chin-sung ChangArt History2004 Richard M. Barnhart (grad student)
Duncan D. ChesneyComparative Literature, Romance Literature, Modern Literature2003 Pericles Lewis (grad student)
Tova A. ChoateMusic History2009 Margot E. Fassler (grad student)
Joseph Clair Eric S. Gregory (grad student)
David L. CloughEthics,Just-War Theory,Lutheran,Pacificism,War2000 Gene Outka (grad student)
John J. CollinsDead Sea Scrolls,Ethics,Hebrew Bible,Israel
Adela Yarbro CollinsNew Testament ,Apocalypse/Book of Revelation
John Wesley CookReligion and the Arts
Marilyn M. Cord AdamsTheology, Philosophy, History of Religion
Jesse Couenhoven2004 David H. Kelsey (grad student), Gene Outka (grad student)
Shannon N. Craigo-SnellCatholicism,Ethics,Feminism/Feminist Theology,Medicine/Medical Ethics,Sexual Ethics2002 Margaret A. Farley (grad student)
Alicia A. Cunningham-BryantArchaeology Anthropology, Ancient History, Museology Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations2012 John C. Darnell (grad student)
William J. DanaherEthics,Just-War Theory,Lutheran,Pacificism,War2002 Gene Outka (grad student)
John C. DarnellAncient Language, History of Religion
Michal Beth DinklerEarly Christianity,Literature,New Testament
Scott N. DolffCatholicism,Ethics,Feminism/Feminist Theology,Medicine/Medical Ethics,Sexual Ethics2009 Margaret A. Farley (grad student)
Marcus P. ElderMedieval Studies,Theology2010 Denys Turner (grad student)
Margaret A. FarleyCatholicism,Ethics,Feminism/Feminist Theology,Medicine/Medical Ethics,Sexual Ethics
Margot E. FasslerMusic History
John R. FinlayArt History, Asian Literature2011 Richard M. Barnhart (grad student)
Benjamin R. FosterAncient Language, Biblical Studies Religion, Comparative Literature
Steven FraadeGeneral Religion, History of Religion
Hans Frei Religion1956 H. Richard Niebuhr (grad student)
Mary D. GaeblerEthics,Just-War Theory,Lutheran,Pacificism,War2003 Gene Outka (grad student)
Colin GillisEnglish Literature2010 Pericles Lewis (grad student)
Bruce GordonCalvin,Lutheran,Protestantism,Reformation
Rowan Allen GreerAnglican Studies
Eric S. GregoryEthics,Just-War Theory,Lutheran,Pacificism,War2002 Gene Outka (grad student)
Candace GregoryAnglican Studies2003 Rowan Allen Greer (grad student)
Daniel N. GullottaAmerican Religious History Divinity School Harry Stout (grad student)
James M. Gustafson H. Richard Niebuhr (grad student)
Chaya T. HalberstamBiblical Studies Religion, History of Religion, Ancient History2004 Christine E. Hayes (grad student)
Clarence E. HardyAfrican-American History/Theology,American Religious History
Ray L. HartPhilosophy of, Philosophy, Theology Julian Norris Hartt (grad student)
Julian Norris Hartt
Stanley HauerwasTheology, General Eugene TeSelle (grad student)
Peter S. HawkinsAnglican Literature,Medieval Studies,New Testament,Old Testament
Christine E. HayesBiblical Studies Religion, History of Religion, Ancient History
Norvin Jacob HeinComparative Religion
Jennifer A. HerdtChurch and State,Ethics,Human Rights,Just-War Theory,Philosophy and Religion
Elizabeth A. HermanCalvin,Lutheran,Protestantism,Reformation2012 Bruce Gordon (grad student)
Cynthia S. HessCatholicism,Ethics,Feminism/Feminist Theology,Medicine/Medical Ethics,Sexual Ethics2005 Shannon N. Craigo-Snell (grad student)
Ruthanna B. HookeTheology, Clergy Religion2007 Davied H. Kelsey (grad student)
Sarah J. HortonHistory of Religion, Asia History2001 Stanley Weinstein (grad student)
Shih-shan S. HuangArt History, Asia History, History of Religion2002 Richard M. Barnhart (grad student)
Dwayne E. HuebnerChristian Nurture
George HunsingerTheology Religion Hans Frei (grad student)
William R. HutchisonTranscendentalism, Protestantism1956 Sydney Eckman Ahlstrom (grad student)
Paula HymanHistory of Religion, United States History, Ethnic and Racial Studies
Nicole IvyBlack History, United States History, History of Science, African American Studies African-American Studies and American Studies2013 Robert B. Stepto (grad student)
Layne J. JacbsTheology2014 Miroslav Volf (grad student)
Martin JeanMusic
Junius C. JohnsonTheology, Metaphysics2010 Miroslav Volf (grad student)
Serene J. JonesTheology
Steven R. Jungkeit2010 David H. Kelsey (grad student)
Lauris C. KaldjianCatholicism,Ethics,Feminism/Feminist Theology,Medicine/Medical Ethics,Sexual Ethics2004 Margaret A. Farley (grad student)
Leander Earl KeckBiblical Theology
Davied H. KelseyTheology, Clergy Religion
David H. Kelsey
Dong-Hyuk KimApocalypse/Book of Revelation,Hebrew Bible,Old Testament2011 Robert R. Wilson (grad student)
David KlotzAncient History, Ancient Language, General Religion2008 John C. Darnell (grad student)
Robert C. LagueuxMusic History2004 Margot E. Fassler (grad student)
Yu-chih LaiArt History, Asia History2005 Richard M. Barnhart (grad student)
Marc J. LeBlancAncient History, Near Eastern Studies, Ancient Language2011 John C. Darnell (grad student)
Kyong-Jin LeeDead Sea Scrolls,Ethics,Hebrew Bible,Israel2010 John J. Collins (grad student)
Chang-Ho LeeEthics,Just-War Theory,Lutheran,Pacificism,War2009 Gene Outka (grad student)
Tracy M. LemosApocalypse/Book of Revelation,Hebrew Bible,Old Testament2007 Robert R. Wilson (grad student)
Pericles LewisComparative Literature, Modern Literature, Philosophy, Theology
Aimee U. LightAesthetics, Christian Education, History of Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Reformed Epistemology, Social Justice2003 Nicholas P. Wolterstorff (grad student)
George Arthur LindbeckHistorical Theology Divinity School1955 Robert L. Calhoun (grad student)
Lauren E. LippielloNear Eastern Studies, Archaeology Anthropology, North African Studies2012 John C. Darnell (grad student)
Shi-yee LiuArt History2003 Richard M. Barnhart (grad student)
Kathryn Gin Lum Harry Stout (grad student), Jon Butler (grad student)
Joseph E. LumbardHistory of Religion, Middle Eastern History, Middle Eastern Literature2003 Gerhard H. Bowering (grad student)
Douglas Clyde MacIntosh
Sarah MahurinAmerican Literature2011 Robert B. Stepto (grad student)
Brennan M. MaierAmerican Literature, Black Studies, Modern Literature2007 Robert B. Stepto (grad student)
Colleen M. ManassaAncient Language, History of Religion2005 John C. Darnell (grad student)
Natalia A. MarandiucTheology, General Religion Religious Studies2013 Miroslav Volf (grad student)
Vasileios MarinisArt/Architecture/Film,Church History,Early Christianity,Eastern Orthodox Churches
Andrew McGowanAnglicanism,Episcopal Church
Thomas J. McKennaTheology, Philosophy, History of Religion2004 Marilyn M. Adams (grad student)
Wayne A. MeeksBiblical Studies Religion
Joyce MercerPastoral Counseling
Mahan H. MirzaHistory of Religion, Philosophy of Religion, History of Science, Philosophy of Science2010 Gerhard H. Bowering (grad student)
Mary Clark MoschellaPastoral Counseling
Candida R. MossNew Testament ,Apocalypse/Book of Revelation2008 Adela Yarbro Collins (grad student)
E. William MuehlChristian Methods
Iris MullerMusic History2005 Margot E. Fassler (grad student)
Kazuyo MurataIslamic Studies, General Religion, Aesthetics2012 Gerhard H. Bowering (grad student)
Susan NaquinHistory of Religion, Asian Literature History1979 Jonathan Spence (grad student)
Guy D. NaveBiblical Studies Religion, History of Religion2000 Wayne A. Meeks (grad student)
Matthew J. NeujahrDead Sea Scrolls,Ethics,Hebrew Bible,Israel2011 John J. Collins (grad student)
H. Richard Niebuhr
Brian R. NoellMusic History2006 Margot E. Fassler (grad student)
Thomas W. OgletreeAfrican-American History/Theology,Calvin,Church and State,Civil Rights Movement,Civil Society
Todd K. Ohara2007 David H. Kelsey (grad student)
Gene OutkaEthics,Just-War Theory,Lutheran,Pacificism,War James M. Gustafson (grad student)
Harry S. PappasAnglican Studies2000 Rowan Allen Greer (grad student)
George L. ParseniosBiblical Studies Religion, Classical Literature2002 Harold W. Attridge (grad student)
Elizabeth C. PenlandHistory of Religion, Theology, Philosophy2010 Harold W. Attridge (grad student)
Christiana N. PeppardCatholicism,Ethics,Feminism/Feminist Theology,Medicine/Medical Ethics,Sexual Ethics2011 Margaret A. Farley (grad student)
Michael L. PeppardBiblical Studies Religion, Theology, Classical Literature2009 Harold W. Attridge (grad student)
Betsy C. PeraboCatholicism,Ethics,Feminism/Feminist Theology,Medicine/Medical Ethics,Sexual Ethics2005 Margaret A. Farley (grad student)
Karen Peterson-IyerCatholicism,Ethics,Feminism/Feminist Theology,Medicine/Medical Ethics,Sexual Ethics2001 Margaret A. Farley (grad student)
David N. PhinneyApocalypse/Book of Revelation,Hebrew Bible,Old Testament2004 Robert R. Wilson (grad student)
Noam F. PiankoUnited States History, Ethnic and Racial Studies2004 Paula Hyman (grad student)
William Placher Hans Frei (grad student)
Regina Plunkett-DowlingBiblical Studies Religion2001 Wayne A. Meeks (grad student)
Julia PrestRomance Literature, History of Religion
Sally M. PromeyArt/Architecture/Film
Ephraim Radner George Arthur Lindbeck (grad student)
Paul Ramsey H. Richard Niebuhr (grad student)
Stephen G. RayTheology2000 Serene J. Jones (grad student)
Geoffrey ReesEthics,Just-War Theory,Lutheran,Pacificism,War2004 Gene Outka (grad student)
Kathryn M. ReklisTheology2012 Kathryn Tanner (grad student)
Eric D. ReymondDead Sea Scrolls,Hebrew Bible,Judaism/Jewish History,Literature,Old Testament
Gabriel S. ReynoldsHistory of Religion, Middle Eastern History, Middle Eastern Literature2003 Gerhard H. Bowering (grad student)
Qiana J. Robinson-WhittedAmerican Literature, American Studies, General Religion, Black Studies2003 Robert B. Stepto (grad student)
Eugene F. Rogers George Arthur Lindbeck (grad student)
Melanie RossEvangelism,Liturgy
David J. RothenbergMusic2004 Craig M. Wright (grad student)
Janet K. RuffingCatholicism,Feminism/Feminist Theology,Prayer,Spirituality
Nada A. SaabGeneral Religion, Middle Eastern Literature2003 Gerhard H. Bowering (grad student)
Cara L. SargentAncient Language, Ancient History2004 John C. Darnell (grad student)
Gerald SeptimusGeneral Religion, Jewish Studies2008 Steven Fraade (grad student)
Carolyn J. SharpHebrew Bible
Koichi ShinoharaAsia History, Medieval History, History of Religion
Frederick V. SimmonsEthics,Just-War Theory,Lutheran,Pacificism,War2010 Gene Outka (grad student)
Tyler Smith2016 Harold W. Attridge (grad student)
Bryan D. SpinksEarly Christianity,Eastern Orthodox Churches,Episcopal Church,Liturgy
Chloë StarrAsian Christianity
Amina M. SteinfelsHistory of Religion, Asia History, Middle Eastern History, Biography2003 Gerhard H. Bowering (grad student)
Robert B. SteptoAmerican Literature, American Studies, General Religion, Black Studies
Rachael A. SternerRomance Literature, General Religion, Women's Studies2009 Julia Prest (grad student)
Ryan E. StokesDead Sea Scrolls,Ethics,Hebrew Bible,Israel2010 John J. Collins (grad student)
George SumnerGeneral Religion, Public Health George Arthur Lindbeck (grad student)
Teresa Swan Tuite2008 David H. Kelsey (grad student)
Keisuke TakaiAncient Language, Biblical Studies Religion, Comparative Literature2009 Benjamin R. Foster (grad student)
Kathryn TannerTheology George Arthur Lindbeck (grad student)
Valerie S. ThalerJewish Studies, American Studies2008 Paula Hyman (grad student)
Leonora Tubbs TisdaleHomiletics/Preaching
Linn TonstadFeminism/Feminist Theology,Gay and Lesbian Issues/Homosexuality,Gender Theology
Mark TottenEthics,Just-War Theory,Lutheran,Pacificism,War2006 Gene Outka (grad student)
Thomas H. TroegerEpiscopal Church,Homiletics/Preaching,Literature,Ministry,Prayer
Denys TurnerMedieval Studies,Theology
Edwin C. van Driel2006 David H. Kelsey (grad student)
Gretel Van WierenCatholicism,Ethics,Feminism/Feminist Theology,Medicine/Medical Ethics,Sexual Ethics2011 Margaret A. Farley (grad student)
Harold T. VedelerAncient History, Ancient Language, Middle Eastern History2006 Benjamin R. Foster (grad student)
Miroslav VolfChristology,Church Fathers,Community Organizing,Conflict Resolution,Congregationalism
John M. Vonder BrueggeBiblical Studies Religion, Geography, Ancient History, Middle Eastern Studies2011 Harold W. Attridge (grad student)
Edward F. Waggoner2007 David H. Kelsey (grad student)
Chung-lan WangArt History, Biography2005 Richard M. Barnhart (grad student)
Calvin L. WarrenBlack Studies, Philosophy, Black History, American Studies2010 Robert B. Stepto (grad student)
Michael R. WassenaarEthics,Just-War Theory,Lutheran,Pacificism,War2009 Gene Outka (grad student)
Stanley WeinsteinHistory of Religion, Asia History
Tisa WengerAmerican Religious History,Church and State,Indigenous Peoples/Religions,Native American Spirituality,Religious Liberty
A.N. Williams George Arthur Lindbeck (grad student)
Robert R. WilsonApocalypse/Book of Revelation,Hebrew Bible,Old Testament
Jared L. WittTheology, History of Religion2004 Serene J. Jones (grad student)
Nicholas P. WolterstorffPhilosophical Theology
Craig M. WrightMusic, Art History, General Religion
Almeda M. WrightAfrican-American History/Theology,Education
Jessica A. WrobleskiCatholicism,Ethics,Feminism/Feminist Theology,Medicine/Medical Ethics,Sexual Ethics2009 Margaret A. Farley (grad student)
Madhuri M. YadlapatiCatholicism,Ethics,Feminism/Feminist Theology,Medicine/Medical Ethics,Sexual Ethics2002 Margaret A. Farley (grad student)
David Yeago George Arthur Lindbeck (grad student)
John Y. YiehBiblical Studies Religion, Philosophy, History of Religion2003 Wayne A. Meeks (grad student)
Melanie Yiengpruksawan
Robb A. YoungDead Sea Scrolls,Ethics,Hebrew Bible,Israel2011 John J. Collins (grad student)
Homayra ZiadGeneral Religion, Theology, Asian Literature2008 Gerhard H. Bowering (grad student)