Hofstra University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Pio A. AndreottiClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2000 Denis G. Sukhodolsky (grad student)
Jill BanduraClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2007 Charles A. Dill (grad student)
Bruce E. BlaineSocial Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, General Religion
Nancy L. BrayClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2007 Charles A. Dill (grad student)
Charles A. DillClinical Psychology, General Religion
Gerilynn C. GreenCognitive Psychology2005 Charles A. Dill (grad student)
Shane G. OwensPersonality Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2003 Charles A. Dill (grad student)
Silvia C. PastorSocial Psychology, Speech Communication, Gender Studies2006 Charles A. Dill (grad student)
Nicole C. PierogSocial Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, General Religion2000 Bruce E. Blaine (grad student)
Patrick B. ReyesPractical Theology, Latino/a Theology, Decolonial Theory, Institutional Strategy, Doctoral Fellowships Department of Religion Santiago H. Slabodsky (grad student)
Feigie RussCognitive Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology2006 Charles A. Dill (grad student)
Pessy J. SloanSocial Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2000 Charles A. Dill (grad student)
Denis G. SukhodolskyClinical Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, General Religion
Mary Tavoulareas-KarahaliosClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2000 Charles A. Dill (grad student)
Alvera Vayzer-MilbergClinical Psychology, General Religion2001 Charles A. Dill (grad student)
Zoe A. WilliamsClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Public Health2000 Bruce E. Blaine (grad student)