Huldrych Zwingli

Grossmünster Church 
"Huldrych Zwingli"

Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531).
A Swiss Reformer, contemporary with Martin Luther. At the age of six years Zwingli left his home village and lived during the next four years as a student of his uncle, Bartholomew Zwingli, the Dean of Latin School in Weesen. In 1494 he moved to the Latin school in Basel and later in 1497 at the Latin School in Bern. Because of his great musicality, where he had the Dominicans in Bern received him into their monastery, but his father was against it.
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Bartholomew Zwingli research assistant 1490-1494 Latin School Weesen
Gregory Buenzli research assistant 1494-1497 Latin School Basel
Henry Woelflin research assistant 1497-1498 Latin School Bern
Conrad Celtes (Celtis) research assistant 1498-1499 University of Vienna
Giovanni Ricuzzi Vellini research assistant 1500-1502 University of Vienna
Johann Heynlin research assistant 1502-1504 University of Basel
Thomas Wyttenbach grad student 1504-1506 University of Basel
Hugo von Hohenlandenberg research scientist 1506-1514 Constance Cathedral
Desiderius Erasmus research scientist 1514-1516 University of Basel