Karl Gustav Adolf von Harnack, Th.D.

Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Prussia, Germany 
"Adolf von Harnack"

Harnack found support for his intellectual pursuits at the University of Tartu, where Lutheran orthodoxy was taught inseparably from the scholarly methods of historical investigation. On January 17, 1869 he enrolled at the University of Tartu for the subject of Protestant Theology. At Tartu he study under Engelhardt, who insist on the study of original sources and use of textual criticism. On August 23, 1872 he graduated with degree of candidate of theology.
His influences clearly reflected in Harnack’s dissertation on Gnosticism. On May 29, 1873 he defended his dissertation, "Source Criticism and the History of Gnosticism." After that in July 9, 1874 he defended his habilitation schrift, "De Appelis Gnosi Monarchica." Later with Emil Schürer both studied under Albrecht Ritschl as a post-doc (1877-1879) on historical approach to theology.
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