Henry Pietersma

Philosophy University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada 
"Henry Pietersma"

Henry Pietersma was
born in the Netherlands
and completed his
primary and secondary education there, acquiring fluency
in modern languages and
a solid grounding in classical languages. Then he did
his BA at Calvin College in
Michigan, home and nursery
of two or three generations of
outstanding philosophers of
Dutch descent and Calvinian
convictions. He was to remain
an integral member of that group. He came to the
University of Toronto for his doctorate on Husserl,
supervised by Emil Fackenheim. Thus it was Henry who
introduced Husserl and phenomenology into Canada.
From the 1960s onwards, he shared in the work of a
big department here that made an amazing array
of offerings available to students at all levels. Henry
offered a phenomenology graduate course that was
attended by all kinds of students, not just specialists.
At the undergraduate level, he taught phenomenology
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