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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Walter Lehmann (Info) Ludwig Maximilians University duro 2021‑07‑13
Yuzo Adhinarta (Info) Calvin Theological Seminary, Reformed Theol. Seminary Indonesia Theology Reformed Confessions Catechisms Discipleship INATW 2021‑09‑18
Jack Allen (Info) King's College medieval studies, theology, philosophy, ethics, sacramental theology FearandTremolo 2021‑07‑28
ROBERT J BARRY (Info) Providence College Theology rbarry 2021‑07‑10
Steven McLeod Bedford (Info) Columbia ggunhouse 2021‑06‑19
Ernst Bengel (Info) University of Tübingen, Germany ghrost 2021‑09‑23
Walter Bendix Schönflies Benjamin (Info) Albert Ludwig University, Friedrich Wilhelm University, University of Freiburg, Ludwig Maximilian University duro 2021‑07‑13
Henri Bouillard (Info) Institut catholique de Paris ghrost 2021‑09‑22
Kate (Henrietta -first name) Crosby (Info) King's College, London Buddhism Sanskrit Pali HKC 2021‑07‑22
Francis H. Dowley (Info) Columbia ggunhouse 2021‑06‑19
Emil Fackenheim (Info) University of Toronto duro 2021‑07‑13
Christopher C Green (Info) Melbourne School of Theology Systematic Theology ChristopherCGreen 2021‑08‑17
Marcelo de Oliveira Johann (Info) Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) RicardoReis1 2021‑07‑02
Pamela Denman Kingsbury (Info) Columbia ggunhouse 2021‑06‑19
John Anthony Monaco (Info) Duquesne University Theology johnamonaco 2021‑09‑08
Michael L. Morgan (Info) duro 2021‑07‑13
Henry Pietersma (Info) University of Toronto Phenomenology duro 2021‑07‑13
Lydia Schumacher (Info) King's College FearandTremolo 2021‑07‑28
Nancy Kipp Smith (Info) Chicago ggunhouse 2021‑06‑19
John B Webster (Info) University of Aberdeen, Scotland ChristopherCGreen 2021‑08‑17
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