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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
(Info) Fbeckwith 2020‑08‑30
Christopher Ángel (Info) Notre Dame kimberly.belcher 2020‑07‑29
Kevin F. Burke, (Info) Graduate Theological Union, JST-Santa Clara starlightwizard 2020‑09‑30
Nathan P. Chase (Info) Nchase 2020‑07‑29
Marie-Dominique Chenu (Info) Le Saulchoir Theolog3n1 2020‑08‑09
W. D. Davies (Info) Duke AKMAdam 2020‑07‑06
Winston Davis (Info) Chicago, Washington & Lee University bdlowe 2020‑07‑17
Michel de Certeau (Info) UCSD cities, religious history jacr 2020‑09‑16
John van den (Info) University of Ottawa in Cooperation with Saint Paul University (Canada) Theolog3n1 2020‑08‑09
Christopher James Duncanson-Hales (Info) University of Sudbury at Laurentian University Systematic and post-colonial theology. Theolog3n1 2020‑08‑09
Charles Wei-Hsun Fu (Info) Temple University Chinese religion and philosophy; Daoism nickkapur 2020‑09‑23
Joseph Gauvin (Info) Jesuit Seminary Les Fontaines (Chantilly, Oise) jacr 2020‑09‑16
Jennifer A. Greenhill (Info) Yale sansprovenance 2020‑09‑22
Daniel N. Gullotta (Info) Stanford American Religious History AllStarDaniel 2020‑08‑17
Henry S Kuo (Info) Greensboro College Systematic Theology, Ecclesiology, Reformed Theology, Theological Ethics, Applied Ethics starlightwizard 2020‑09‑30
Roberta Lewise Lindsey (Info) Ohio State RMDS 2020‑07‑26
John J. Ruan (Info) University of Washington Astronomy, astrophysics jjr2125 2020‑07‑27
Edward Schillebeeckx (Info) Radboud University Nijmegen Theolog3n1 2020‑08‑09
Jonathan Z. Smith (Info) Chicago nickkapur 2020‑09‑01
Brian Victoria (Info) Temple University Japanese religions; Zen Buddhism nickkapur 2020‑09‑23
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