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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Bridget Abigail Alsdorf (Info) UC Berkeley Art History ggunhouse 2024‑03‑24
John Boardman (Info) Oxford University, UK Art History, Classical Archaeology, Greek Art ological 2023‑06‑18
Peter H. Brieger (Info) University of Toronto Art History ggunhouse 2023‑10‑24
Unspecified faculty, Cambridge (Info) Cambridge Art History ggunhouse 2024‑03‑25
Howard S. Conant (Info) NYU Art Education ggunhouse 2024‑03‑26
Unspecified faculty, Courtauld (Info) Courtauld Institute of Art Art History ggunhouse 2024‑03‑25
Todd Stuart Cronan (Info) Emory Art History, History of Architecture, Modern Art ggunhouse 2024‑03‑24
Sarah Dyer (Info) University of Kansas Art History ggunhouse 2024‑04‑09
Albert Mathias Friend (Info) Princeton, Harvard (Dumbarton Oaks) Art History, Medieval Art ggunhouse 2024‑03‑24
Louis Grodecki (Info) University of Paris - Sorbonne Art History, Medieval Art, Byzantine Art ggunhouse 2024‑04‑03
Rebecca Marie Howard (Info) Ohio State Art History ggunhouse 2024‑03‑23
Matthew W. Jarvis (Info) UCSD Art History, Theory, Criticism ggunhouse 2024‑03‑25
J. Minott Kerr (Info) Yale Art History, History of Architecture, Medieval Architecture, Medieval Art, Medieval Sculpture ggunhouse 2024‑03‑23
Chassica Kirchhoff (Info) University of Kansas Art History ggunhouse 2024‑04‑09
Christian Kraemer Kleinbub (Info) Columbia Art History ggunhouse 2024‑03‑23
Lisa Lee (Info) Princeton Art History, Modern Art, Contemporary Art ggunhouse 2024‑03‑23
Henry Lemonnier (Info) Universite de Paris History of Art ggunhouse 2024‑04‑03
Rachel Catherine Patt (Info) Emory Art History, Roman Art ological 2023‑06‑18
Heather Tennison (Info) University of Kansas Art History ggunhouse 2024‑04‑09
G. [George] Stephen Vickers (Info) University of Toronto Art History, Medieval Art and Architecture ggunhouse 2023‑10‑20
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