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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Robert Branner (Info) Columbia art history, history of architecture, medieval architecture, Gothic architecture ggunhouse 2021‑07‑26
Edward Brovarski (Info) Harvard art history, archaeology, ancient Egypt, ancient Near East ggunhouse 2021‑07‑25
Milton W. Brown (Info) Brooklyn College art history, modern art, American art ggunhouse 2021‑07‑01
Rebecca M Brown (Info) Johns Hopkins South Asia, modernism, colonialism, transnational, postcolonial theory, photography, architecture, painting rmb47 2021‑07‑08
Hugo Buchthal (Info) IFA-NYU art history ggunhouse 2021‑07‑17
Michael Camille (Info) Chicago art history, medieval art, renaissance art, manuscript illumination, gothic art ggunhouse 2021‑07‑05
Yoon-Jee Choi (Info) Chicago art history, East Asian art ME2021 2021‑07‑15
Minori Egashira (Info) Chicago art history, Japanese art, modern art ME2021 2021‑07‑15
Dorothy Gillerman (Info) Brown art history, history of architecture, medieval art, Gothic art ggunhouse 2021‑07‑26
Carma R. Gorman (Info) SIU Carbondale, UT Austin, UT Austin history of industrial design, history of graphic design, history of American art morganseer 2021‑07‑06
George D.S. Henderson (Info) Cambridge University UK art history ggunhouse 2021‑07‑05
Karl Leo Heinrich Lehmann (Info) IFA-NYU art history ggunhouse 2021‑06‑30
Otto Pächt (Info) University of Vienna art history ggunhouse 2021‑07‑01
Fritz Saxl (Info) Warburg Institute, University of London art history ggunhouse 2021‑07‑01
Hans Sedlmayr (Info) University of Vienna, Universität München art history ggunhouse 2021‑07‑01
Dimitri Tselos (Info) Institute of Fine Arts art history, byzantine art, medieval art, Greek art, Hellenistic art, modern art, history of architecture ggunhouse 2021‑07‑01
Ellis K. Waterhouse (Info) University of Birmingham art history, baroque art ggunhouse 2021‑07‑06
Harold Wethey (Info) University of Michigan art history, Spanish art, baroque art ggunhouse 2021‑07‑06
Rudolf Wittkower (Info) Columbia art history, Italian art, Baroque art ggunhouse 2021‑07‑19
David Herndon Wright (Info) UC Berkeley art history, Early Christian art ggunhouse 2021‑07‑18
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