Space Telescope Science Institute

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
J. Chris BladesAstrophysics
Eleni Thomai Chatzichristou
Selma de MinkStellar Physics, Stellar evolution, Stellar evolution under extreme conditions Stellar Transients, Progenitors of Supernovae and Gamma-ray bursts Gravitational Wave Astrophysics, Astrophysical sources and their progenitors Binary Interaction, Binary Merge
Rodger Evans Doxsey
Néstor EspinozaAstronomy, exoplanets
S. Michael FallAstrophysics
William J Fischer S.T Megeath (post-doc)
Howard H. Lanning
Barry Michael Laskerobservational astronomy
Alexander Franz Lubenow H. S. (Peter) Stockman (research assistant)
Russell Benjamin Makidon
Brett M. MorrisStars, exoplanets, stellar magnetic activity, statistical inference
Susan Mullally
Joshua E. PeekInterstellar matter, radio astronomy, numerical analysis
Larry David PetroX-ray binaries, stellar pulsations, exoplanets
Ronald Eugene Pitts
Marc Postmangalaxy evolution; clusters of galaxies; large-scale structure
Charles Poteet S.T Megeath (grad student)
Iain Neill Reid
Benjamin Rose
Jörn Rossa20022006 Roeland P. van der Marel (post-doc)
H. S. (Peter) Stockmanobservational astronomy
Conrad Ray SturchAstronomy
Nolan R Walbornspectral classification of hot, massive stars
Laura L Watkins
Bradley Charles Whitmore
Qing ZhangAstrophysics