The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
H Y. Alaster LauCell Biology, Pharmacology, Immunology
Anthony P. C. YimOncology, Molecular Biology
Yijun CaiMedicine and Surgery, Cell Biology Surgery2012 David A. Ross Burd (grad student)
H.C ChanOncology, Cell Biology, General Biology
FKL ChanGenetics, Molecular Biology, Oncology
Hon Fai ChanTissue engineering, biomaterials, microfluidics, regenerative medicine
Shihui ChenMedicine and Surgery, Biomedical Engineering Orthopaedics and Traumatology2012 Qin Ling (grad student)
Tianfeng ChenCell Biology2008 Yun-Shing Wong (grad student)
Wenying ChenCell Biology, Zoology Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2010 H.C Chan (grad student)
Dapeng ChenImmunology2011 Wong C. Kwok (grad student)
Haiyong ChenPathology, General, Molecular Biology Medical Sciences2012 Hui Y. Lan (grad student)
Suk H. ChengPathology, Molecular Biology2005 Margaret Ng (grad student)
Kit C. ChengMolecular Biology, Oncology, Pathology, Genetics2011 Nathalie Wong (grad student)
David C. Cheong WanMolecular Biology
King H. CheungAnimal Physiology Biology2004 P Y. D. Wong (grad student)
Dennis S. Chiu LamOphthalmology, Genetics, Molecular Biology
Ching G. ChoiOncology Medical Sciences2012 Qian Tao (grad student)
Juliana C. ChouGenetics, Pathology, Cell Biology
Janice ChouMolecular Biology
Ka-Hou ChuEcology Biology, Molecular Biology, Oceanography Biology
Anthony P. Chuen YimMolecular Biology, Oncology, Pathology
Bik S. Clara LauPharmacology, Oncology, Molecular Biology
P Y. D. WongCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Y.M DennisMolecular Biology, Virology Biology, Pathology
Guo DianjingMolecular Biology
Shumin DongPathology, Oncology2002 Ho-Keung Ng (grad student)
Zhiqian DongPathology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Oncology2003 Ho-Keung Ng (grad student)
Peter S. F. ChanOncology, Molecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology
Gary H. Fai YamOphthalmology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Baojian FanOphthalmology, Genetics2004 Calvin C. Pui Pang (grad student)
Yichao FanOncology Medical Sciences2012 Qian Tao (grad student)
Hai FengMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology2011 Sung J. Yiu (grad student)
Kin L. FokOncology, Cell Biology, General Biology2010 H.C Chan (grad student)
Kung H. FuOncology, Molecular Biology
Ming C. FungMolecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology
CHEN G. GeorgeOncology, Medicine and Surgery, Cell Biology
Wangang GuMolecular Biology2011 David C. Cheong Wan (grad student)
Baohong GuoOncology, Molecular Biology2010 Kung H. Fu (grad student)
Mingliang HeMolecular Biology, Genetics
Junxian HeMolecular Biology, Botany Biology, Physiology Biology
Shaomin HuImmunology, Parasitology Biology2009 Ming C. Fung (grad student)
Shuiqing HuImmunology, Human Development, Cell Biology2010 Wong C. Kwok (grad student)
Hongli Hu
Dolly P. HuangGenetics, Molecular Biology, Oncology
Bik-Yu HuiGenetics, Molecular Biology, Oncology2002 Dolly P. Huang (grad student)
Zhao HuiGenetics, Molecular Biology, General Biology
Hsiao C. Hwe ChanGeneral Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology
Changhai JiEcology Biology, Zoology Biology2001 Chong K. Wong (grad student)
Jingjing JiangPharmacology, Molecular Biology2008 Lau B. San Clara (grad student)
Hok K. John YeungPharmacology, Oncology, Cell Biology
Walter K. K. HoImmunology, Molecular Biology
Christopher W. K. LamImmunology, Oncology, Cell Biology
Wing K. Ken LiuMolecular Biology, Pharmacology, Genetics
Kam C. KongPathology2009 Cheuk M. Yu (grad student)
Tsz K. KwanPathology, Molecular Biology, Oncology, Cell Biology2014 Margaret Ng (grad student)
Wong C. KwokImmunology, Human Development, Cell Biology
Margaret H. L. NgOncology, Molecular Biology
Sheung K. LamCell Biology2008 Jiang Liwen (grad student)
Ching-Wan LamPathology, Molecular Biology
Hui Y. LanPathology, General, Molecular Biology
Chi C. LauMolecular Biology, Pathology, Virology Biology, Oncology2011 Nathalie Wong (grad student)
Tak Y. LawOncology Anatomical and Cellular Pathology2012 Nathalie Wong (grad student)
Yong LeiGenetics, Molecular Biology, General Biology2013 Zhao Hui (grad student)
Yuet-Kin LeungMolecular Biology, Toxicology, Cell Biology, Pharmacology2001 John W. Shing Ho (grad student)
P.S LeungCell Biology, Medicine and Surgery
Ruijie LiMedicine and Surgery2011 Cheuk M. Yu (grad student)
Qianfeng LiMolecular Biology, Botany Biology, Physiology Biology2012 Junxian He (grad student)
Yujia LiangMedicine and Surgery2009 Cheuk M. Yu (grad student)
Xianghai LiaoMolecular Biology2002 Wung W. Tso (grad student)
Choong-tsek LiewPathology, Cell Biology, Oncology
Qin LingMolecular Biology, Cell Biology
Shuk M. LiuMolecular Biology2010 M.C Tung (grad student)
Yujun LiuBotany Biology, Physiology Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology2013 Baocai Tan (grad student)
Jiang LiwenCell Biology, Plant Physiology, Botany Biology
Kwok-Wai LoMolecular Biology, Oncology
Dennis Yuk-ming LoMolecular Biology, Oncology, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Xiaohang LongMolecular Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture2013 Samuel S. Ming Sun (grad student)
S S. M. SunBotany Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology
Shihong MaOncology, Medicine and Surgery, Cell Biology2010 CHEN G. George (grad student)
Miu MakPathology, Molecular Biology2008 Ching-Wan Lam (grad student)
Xiaoming MengPathology Medical Sciences2012 Hui Y. Lan (grad student)
Yansong MiaoCell Biology, Actin cytoskeleton, Membrane Biology Life Science School20042009 Jiang Liwen (grad student)
Njai S. MingMolecular Biology
Lam H. MingMolecular Biology
Samuel S. Ming SunMolecular Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture
Ho-Keung NgMolecular Biology, Genetics
Chifai NgOncology, Cell Biology, Medicine and Surgery
Margaret NgPathology, Molecular Biology
Juliana C. Ngor ChanCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology
Vincent OoiMolecular Biology, Virology Biology
Calvin C. PangOphthalmology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Bo San Paul LaiOncology, Molecular Biology
Tsui H. PhangPlant Physiology, Agronomy Agriculture2008 Lam H. Ming (grad student)
Calvin C. Pui PangOphthalmology, Genetics, Molecular Biology
David A. Ross BurdMedicine and Surgery, Cell Biology
Jianqing RuanPharmacology, Toxicology2013 H Y. Alaster Lau (grad student)
Lau B. San ClaraPharmacology, Molecular Biology
Nelson L. Sang TangMolecular Biology, Genetics
Pang-chul ShawMolecular Biology
John W. Shing HoMolecular Biology, Toxicology, Cell Biology, Pharmacology
Norman Y. Shiu WooAnimal Physiology Biology, Molecular Biology
Xingsheng ShuOncology, Genetics, Molecular Biology Clinical Oncology2012 Qian Tao (grad student)
Alisa S. ShumMolecular Biology
Siu B. Sidney YuCell Biology
Siu M. Simon NgOncology, Cell Biology
Leung P. SingMolecular Biology, Pathology, Cell Biology
Jingzheng SongPharmacology2004 John W. Shing Ho (grad student)
Ming H. SyGenetics, Oncology2005 Nathalie Wong (grad student)
Siu-Chueng TamCell Biology, Toxicology
Baocai TanBotany Biology, Physiology Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology
Bao-Cai TanMolecular Biology
Ho L. TangCell Biology, Genetics, Oncology2010 Ming C. Fung (grad student)
Yongjiang TangMedicine and Surgery, Immunology Medical Sciences2013 Hui Y. Lan (grad student)
Qian TaoOncology, Genetics, Molecular Biology
Yufei TengOphthalmology2013 Calvin C. Pui Pang (grad student)
Xiaoyu TianAnimal Physiology Biology2011 Huang Yu (grad student)
Wung W. TsoMolecular Biology
M.C TungMolecular Biology
Charles A. van HasseltMedicine and Surgery, Oncology, Molecular Biology
Xiansong WangCell Biology, Pharmacology, Immunology2004 H Y. Alaster Lau (grad student)
Junqi WangCell Biology, Plant Physiology, Botany Biology2007 Jiang Liwen (grad student)
Lihua WeiMedicine and Surgery, Molecular Biology Medical Sciences2013 Hui Y. Lan (grad student)
Shannon A. Wing NgorMolecular Biology
An Wing-NgorMolecular Biology
Cheung Wing-TaiMolecular Biology, Cell Biology
Yun-Shing WongCell Biology
Yum-Shing WongCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Oncology
Chong K. WongCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Environmental Sciences
Nathalie WongMolecular Biology, Oncology, Pathology, Genetics
Dehua XiaCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Environmental Sciences2014 Chong K. Wong (grad student)
Yao XiaoxiangAnimal Physiology Biology, Cell Biology
Dong YaoMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2012 Qin Ling (grad student)
Lina YiVirology Biology, Public Health, Pathology2012 Mingliang He (grad student)
Xiao-Lu YinMolecular Biology, Genetics2002 Ho-Keung Ng (grad student)
Chung H. YinMolecular Biology
Jianming YingGenetics, Oncology2007 Qian Tao (grad student)
Sung J. YiuMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology
Huang YuPharmacology, Animal Physiology Biology, Cell Biology
Yangyang YuPharmacology, Immunology, Cell Biology2012 Alaster H. Yung Lau (grad student)
Cheuk M. YuPathology, Molecular Biology
Dingyang YuanMolecular Biology, Agronomy Agriculture2004 S S. M. Sun (grad student)
Sai-hang D. YuenImmunology, Molecular Biology2007 Walter K. K. Ho (grad student)
Jing-ping YunPathology, Cell Biology, Oncology2002 Choong-tsek Liew (grad student)
Alaster H. Yung LauPharmacology, Immunology, Cell Biology
Dingzuan ZhangOncology, Cell Biology, Medicine and Surgery2012 Chifai Ng (grad student)
Jieting ZhangAnimal Physiology Biology, Oncology Physiology2012 Hsiao C. Hwe Chan (grad student)
Wenli ZhengGenetics, Molecular Biology2010 Dennis Yuk-ming Lo (grad student)
Xuelin ZhouPharmacology, Oncology, Cell Biology Pharmacology2012 Hok K. John Yeung (grad student)
Min ZongCell Biology Physiology2012 Siu B. Sidney Yu (grad student)