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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Corbin Black (Info) McGill gnartyuh2 2023‑03‑30
Mark-Anthony Peter Bray (Info) Broad Institute, Harvard, Vanderbilt University, Tulane, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research brayma2 2023‑01‑27
Edward H. Brown (Info) UIUC Embryology, developmental genetics Vigyaanik 2023‑02‑01
Khanh Huy Bui (Info) McGill Structural biology, cilia gnartyuh2 2023‑03‑30
Samuel D Chauvin (Info) University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine jonathan.miner 2023‑03‑13
Lu Chen (Info) Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia telomere and telomerase, RNA biology, aging flyingmorningdew 2023‑02‑19
Pedro Cosya-Pinheiro (Info) University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine cancer metabolism Pedrocostapinheiro 2023‑03‑25
John Fahy (Info) UCSF greatysp 2023‑02‑22
Shijiao Huang (Info) Kansas State University Aging, Neuroscience shijiaoh 2023‑03‑21
Muneyoshi Ichikawa (Info) Fudan University, China gnartyuh2 2023‑03‑30
Takashi Ishikawa (Info) Paul Scherr Institute, Switzerland gnartyuh2 2023‑03‑30
Ahmad Khalifa (Info) McGill gnartyuh2 2023‑03‑30
Scott Leiser (Info) University of Michigan Medical School Ann Arbor shijiaoh 2023‑03‑21
Stefanie Redemann (Info) University of Virginia Charlottesville Cell division Sredemann 2023‑03‑20
Anil Kumar Taku (Info) SKUAST Jammu Microbiology Ecoli@123 2023‑03‑26
Ariana Vargas-Castillo (Info) Dana Farber Cancer Institute Beige adipocytes AriVargasCastillo87 2023‑03‑16
Shun Kai Yang (Info) McGill gnartyuh2 2023‑03‑30
Shaopeng Yuan (Info) UCSF, Rockefeller Cell Biology, Stem Cell, Cancer Signaling, Molecular Biology, Rheology, Epithelial Cell Biology, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Squamous Cell Carcinoma greatysp 2023‑02‑22
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