Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kyo Han Ahn
Kangkyun Baekself-assembly, two-dimensional polymers Department of Chemistry20042010 Kimoon Kim (grad student)
Taihyun Changpolymer physics
Yoon-Seok Chang
Hyung Min ChiOrganic Chemistry
Seung Hwan Cho
Jongmin CHOI Energy20102016 Taiho Park (grad student)
Wanuk ChoiX-ray Crystallography, Porous Materials, MOFs, Zeolites, Gas Phase reaction Advanced Materials Science Environmental Science and Engineering20162019 Masaki Kawano (grad student), Suk Bong Hong (post-doc)
Wonyong ChoiEnvironmental photochemistry
Sung-Kee Chung
Ritesh HaldarMetal-organic thin films, Porous Materials, Self-assembly, Photophysics Institute for Basic Science20152015 Kimoon Kim (post-doc)
Jungseok HeoInorganic Chemistry Chemistry19962002 Kimoon Kim (grad student)
Suk Bong Hong
Kyuhyun Im Chemistry20082009 Taihyun Chang (grad student)
Youngjin JeonInorganic Chemistry Kimoon Kim (grad student)
Jinmyoung JooNanomaterials, Biomedical Engineering Chemical Engineering20072012 Sangmin Jeon (grad student)
Taiha Joo
Juhye Kang
Sung Bong Kang Chemical Engineering2015 Suk Bong Hong (grad student)
Kimoon KimInorganic Chemistry
Wooram Kim
Younghoon KimSupramolecular chemistry, Metal-organic frameworks, Porous organic cages
Dong-Pyo Kim
Sanguk KimComputational Biology, Solid State Protein NMR
Mahn Joo KimBioorganic chemistry
Kwang Soo KimComputational Chemistry
Dong Han Kim
Young-Mo KimMass spectrometry, Metabolomics, Environmental Chemistry, Chromatography, Environmental microbiology School of Environmental Science and Engineering20022009 Yoon-Seok Chang (grad student)
Cheoljae Kim Chemistry20082014 Young Ho Rhee (grad student)
Dokyoung Kimchemistry, material, anatomy, fluorescent probe Chemistry20092014 Kyo Han Ahn (grad student)
Sungwan KimSupramolecular Chemistry Chemistry20142020 Kimoon Kim (grad student)
Woo Youn Kim Chemistry Kwang Soo Kim (grad student)
Hyunuk KimMetal-Organic Porous Materials, Gas Capture and Separation, Energy Storage Department of Chemistry20042009 Kimoon Kim (grad student)
Bhairi LakshminarayanaNano-catalysis, Heterogeneous Catalysis Chemical Engineering2021 Dong-Pyo Kim (post-doc)
Gang-Young LEE20112017 Taiho Park (grad student)
Kun-Hong Lee
Hyomin LeeSoft matter, Colloids, Droplet microfluidics, Ultra-fine dust removal
Eunsung LeeChemistry Kimoon Kim (grad student)
Ara Lee2016 Kimoon Kim (grad student)
Hong-guen LeeArtifical cell Chemistry2017 Kimoon Kim (grad student)
Jongchul Lim Chemical Engineering20092015 Taiho Park (grad student)
Byung Joon MOON20112013 Taiho Park (grad student)
Varima Nagpal20022007 Kishore M Paknikar (grad student)
Changwoo NamPolymer Chemical Engineering20182019 Hyomin Lee (post-doc)
Joon Hak Oh
Weontae Oh
Kyeng Min ParkSupramolecular chemistry, Materials Chemistry Chemistry20032009 Kimoon Kim (grad student)
Taiho Parkpolymer synthsis/physics, photophysics, electrochemistry chemistry19901992 Taihyun Chang (grad student)
Jinyoung parkorganic chemistry
Jaiwook ParkOrganometallics
Jun Heuk Park Chemistry20132015 Kimoon Kim (grad student)
Min Bum Park Chemical Engineering2014 Suk Bong Hong (grad student)
Young Ho RheeSynthetic Organic Chemistry
Indranil RoySupramolecular Chemistry, Materials Chemistry20102016 Kimoon Kim (grad student)
Jeong-Hoon Sa Chemical Engineering20102015 Kun-Hong Lee (grad student)
Suman Kalyan SamantaSupramolecular and Soft Materials Chemistry20172018 Joon Hak Oh (post-doc)
Narayanan SelvapalamSupramolecular Chemistry
Min Ju Shontools to study biomolecules
Sung Yun Son Chemical Engineering20122018 Taiho Park (grad student)
In Young Song Chemical Engineering20092015 Taiho Park (grad student)
Seulki SONG advanced material20112017 Taiho Park (grad student)
Gihyun SungSupramolecular Chemistry, biochemistry, proteomics, host-guest chemistry
Minyoung YoonMetal organic frameworks, nanoparticles Chemistry20052011 Kimoon Kim (grad student)
Gyeongwon YunInorganic & Supramolecular Chemistry, Materials Science, Nanotechnology chemistry20082015 Kimoon Kim (grad student)
Ronghui Zhou Chemistry20032005 Sung-Kee Chung (grad student)