Technical University of Darmstadt

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Hans-Günther GassenBiotechnology
Philipp GütlichInorganic and Analytical Chemistry1963 Karl Heinrich Lieser (grad student)
Klaus Hafner
Jan Philipp Hofmannsurface science, spectroscopy, electrocatalysis,
Hans Wolfgang Kohlschütter
Karl Heinrich LieserInorganic chemistry and nuclear chemistry1957 Hans Wolfgang Kohlschütter (post-doc)
Victor Stein
Viktor Stein Biologie20072011 Florian Hollfelder (grad student)
Nils G. Walterstructure-function relationships in non-coding (nc)RNAs using single molecule tools and then utilize them for biomedical, bioanalytical and nanotechnological applications1991 Hans-Günther Gassen (research assistant)