Indiana University School of Medicine

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sheik Pran Babu Timothy W Corson (post-doc)
Navin BansalMagnetic resonance imaging
Halesha Basavarajappa Timothy W Corson (grad student)
Lauren R. Bringman-RodenbargerPathology, Epithelial Polarity, Cancer Metabolism Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20102016 Clark D. Wells (grad student)
William P. BryanBiopolymers
Pablo CisternasNeurobiology Cristian Alberto Lasagna-Reeves (post-doc)
Timothy W Corsonophthalmology, angiogenesis, chemical biology, cancer
Theodore R. CumminsIon channel physiology and pharmacology, pain, neurophysiology20022006 Fred J. Sigworth (grad student)
Jill C. Fehrenbacherpain, neurotrophins, estradiol, estrogen
Robert A. Harrismitochondrial kinases and phosphatases that regulate the pyruvate dehydrogenase and branched-chain α-keto acid dehydrogenase complexes
Michael Harris James Culvin Morris (grad student)
Kathleen M. Hill GallantNutrition Medicine Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine Medicine20102013 Munro Peacock (post-doc), David B. Burr (post-doc), Sharon M. Moe (collaborator), Ranjani N. Moorthi (collaborator)
Quyen Q. HoangMolecular modeling of protein - protein and protein - ligand interactions
Louis LembergerBiogenic amines, neurochemistry, clinical pharmacology
Sharon M. Moe
Ranjani N. Moorthi
Munro Peacock
Lauren Rodenberger Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20102016 Clark D. Wells (grad student)
Patrick L. SheetsIon channels, cellular physiology, pharmacology, cortical circuits
Trupti Shetty Timothy W Corson (grad student)
Rania Sulaiman Timothy W Corson (grad student)
Pathum WeerawarnaBioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry