Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Khalil AmineEnergy Storage, Fluorides Materials Science Chemistry19831989 Alain Tressaud (grad student), Paul Hagenmuller (grad student)
Didier AstrucMolecular Nanosciences and Catalysis
Fabien Aussenac2002 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student)
Ilias Belharouakenergy storage, materials development Chemistry19951999 Gilles LeFlem (grad student)
Christian Bijani2010 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student)
Jean-Louis Bobet
Redouane Borsali
Sébastien Buchoux2008 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student)
Olivier CalaModélisation moléculaire, Tannins, Structure, NMR, Molecular modeling, Interaction2010 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student)
Bernard Chevalier
Damian Dambournetmaterials chemistry, fluorides, energy storage Materials Chemistry20082012 Alain Tressaud (grad student)
Sandra Desvergne2005 François Boué (grad student)
Erick Joël DufourcPost mortem interval estimation, Hydroxyapatite, 31P, 2H, 15N Solid State NMR, Membrane peptides and proteins., Membrane Deformation, Apoptosis, Solid phase peptide synthesis, Solid-state nuclear magnetic, Bactoprenol, Ellipsometry
Jean Etourneau
Guillaume Fleurypolymers
Aurélien FurlanCondensed tannins, Buccal membrane lipids, Lipid droplets, Interaction, Association constant, Membrane dynamics, NMR2013 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student)
Soizick Gaillard1990 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student)
Yann Garcia1999 Olivier Kahn (grad student)
Marie Garnier2007 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student)
Grégoire GuillonCold collisions, Ultracold quantum gases, Magnetic trapping, Molecular fine structure splitting;, Spin-rotation interaction, Spin flipping, Magnetic fields, Bose- Einstein condensation, Time-Independent quantum dynamics, Close-coupled equations, Feshbach2009 Thierry Stoecklin (grad student)
Georges Hadziioannouorganic electronics
Paul HagenmullerFluorides, solid state materials
Nicole HarmoucheFluorescent liposomes, Biphenyl unit, 31P, 2H, 15N Solid State NMR, Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS), Optical and Electron microscopy, Membrane peptides and proteins., Membrane Deformation2013 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student), Cécile Loudet-Courrèges (grad student)
Lucie Paÿloune Khemtemourian2005 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student)
Yannick LandaisOrganic chemistry Ian Fleming (post-doc)
Gilles LeFlemsolid state chemistry, crystallography
Alain Léonard1993 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student)
Cécile Loudet-Courrèges2006 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student)
Nathan D. McClenaghan
Edson Minatti CERMAV19992001 Redouane Borsali (post-doc)
Mathieu Pasturel20012004 Bernard Chevalier (grad student), Jean-Louis Bobet (grad student)
Michel Pereyre
Ioannis Petsagkourakis20132016 Georges Hadziioannou (grad student), Stefan Dilhaire (grad student)
Michel Pouchardmaterials19631967 Paul Hagenmuller (grad student)
Jean-Paul Quintard Chimie Michel Pereyre (grad student)
Denis Reignier2001 Thierry Stoecklin (grad student)
Jean Rouxelmaterials, soft chemistry Paul Hagenmuller (grad student)
Marc Antoine SaniApoptosis, BH4 peptide, Bax-a1 peptide, Model membrane, Cardiolipin, Solid phase peptide synthesis, Circular dichroism, Solid-state nuclear magnetic, Resonance spectroscopy2008 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student)
Cécile Simon2003 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student)
Thierry StoecklinCold collisions, Spin-rotation interaction, Feshbach resonances, Potential energy surface, Inclastic quantum dynamic, Bound states, Bending-rotation coupling, CS-H2, HCN-H2, Feshbach resonances tuned by magnetic field
Jean Marie Tarasconmaterials, batteries Chemistry Chemistry19781981 Jean Etourneau (grad student), Paul Hagenmuller (grad student)
Jeannot ToupéClausin, Lantibiotic, Bactoprenol, Nmr, Ellipsometry, Epifluorescence2012 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student)
Alain TressaudFluoride Materials Materials Science19651969 Joseph Portier (grad student)
Arnaud Tron Institut des Sciences Moléculaires20102015 Nathan D. McClenaghan (grad student)
Florence TurpinUltracold molecules, Feshbach resonances tuned by magnetic field, Potential energy surface, Astrochemistry2010 Thierry Stoecklin (grad student)
Vanessa ZhendreNuclear envelope, Phosphoinositides, Membrane fusion, Model membranes, Membrane structure and dynamics, Solid-state NMR (2H et 31P)2010 Erick Joël Dufourc (grad student)