Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, UC Berkeley

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Anil AgiralPhysical Chemistry Physical Biosciences20102012 Heinz Markus Frei (post-doc)
Manfred Auer
Pieremanuele Canepa20122017 Gerbrand Ceder (post-doc)
Giulio Cerullo Physics19951996 Charles V. Shank (research scientist)
Ruchira ChatterjeePhysical Chemistry, General Chemistry, General Biophysics2013 Junko Yano (post-doc)
Thomas P Cheshire
Silvia Crivelli Bioengineering19972001 Teresa Head-Gordon (post-doc)
Eran EdriArtificial photosynthesis; materials chemistry; electrochemistry; photovoltaics MBIB20142017 Heinz Markus Frei (post-doc)
Muammar El KhatibMachine Learning, Electronic Structure
Andrew Hsu Molecular Biophysics and Integrated Bioimaging20112013 Manfred Auer (research scientist)
Susi Lehtolaelectronic structure theory20142017 Martin Head-Gordon (post-doc)
Meenesh R. SinghCrystallization, Solar Fuels, Carbon Capture and Reduction Materials Science Divsion20152016 Adam Z. Weber (post-doc)