Brigham Young University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mark Acerson Chemistry20092014 Merritt B. Andrus (grad student)
Pankaj AggarwalAnalytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry2014 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
Steven M. AlstonBiomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry2005 Kenneth A. Solen (grad student)
Merritt B. AndrusOrganic Chemistry
Jenny M. Armenta BlancoAnalytical Chemistry2006 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
Davoud AsgariOrganic Chemistry2001 Merritt B. Andrus (grad student)
Matthew C. AsplundGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Abhishek AsthanaChemical Engineering Chemical Engineering2012 Dean R. Wheeler (grad student)
Calvin H. BartholomewChemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry
Emily A. BatesBiochemistry, Human Development
Hector A. Becerril GarciaAnalytical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2007 Adam Thomas Woolley (grad student)
David M. BelnapVirology Biology
Marion Bennion
Michael P. Biehl1981 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Meisha Binkley Chemistry20082011 Merritt B. Andrus (grad student)
Juliana Boerio-GoatesNanoscience, Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
Thomas W. BouttonEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Soil Science Agriculture1979 Bruce Nephi Smith (grad student)
Christopher R. BowerbankAnalytical Chemistry2001 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
Jerald S. Bradshaw
Robert T. BronsonOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry2003 Paul B. Savage (grad student)
Philip R. Brown1986 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Merlin L. Bruening polymer adsorp- tion or growth of polymers from surfaces to create functional films on or in membranes Chemistry19891990 Reed M. Izatt (research assistant), Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Ronald L. Bruening1988 Reed M. Izatt (grad student), Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Gregory F. BurtonBiochemistry, Immunology, Cell Biology
Douglas F. Cannon1975 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Steven L. CastleOrganic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Total Synthesis
Jamey Cecil Chemistry Steven A. Fleming (grad student)
Crystal Ward Chatterton Chemistry Steven A. Fleming (grad student)
Vinod ChaudharyBiochemistry Chemistry2013 Paul B. Savage (grad student)
Zhaoyuan ChenBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry2006 Craig D. Thulin (grad student)
Xuemin Chen1991 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
James J. Christensen
Scott P. Christensen1986 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Michael Christiansen Chemistry20042010 Merritt B. Andrus (grad student)
Brett M. ClarkAnalytical Chemistry, Botany Biology2001 Nolan F. Mangelson (grad student)
Glen A. Clark1985 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Scott G. Collins1979 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Jesse A. Contreras MirandaAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2010 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
Dennis R. Cordray1988 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Jacqueline E. Crabtree Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science2019 Jeffery S. Tessem (grad student)
Paul S. CrozierChemical Engineering, Biochemistry2001 Richard A. Rowley (grad student)
Andrew E. Dadson2002 Reed M. Izatt (research assistant)
Giri R. DahalBiochemistry, Human Development Biochemistry2013 Emily A. Bates (grad student)
N. Kent Dalley1964 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Richard B. Davidson1983 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
David V. DeardenAnalytical Chemistry
Carrie Draney Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science20142016 Jeffery S. Tessem (grad student)
Kirk L. DuffinAnalytical Chemistry1999 William A. Barrett (grad student)
Trescott E.Jensen1977 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Ronald E.Terry Chemical Engineering1976 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Terry S. EltonBiochemistry
Daniel H. EssTheoretical organic chemistry
Jacob D. EstesMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Pathology, Immunology2003 Gregory F. Burton (grad student)
Peter W. Faux1989 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Yanshu FengBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry Chemistry2011 Paul B. Savage (grad student)
Steven A. Flemingorganic mechanisms, chemical education
Paul J. Foster2007 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Jerry Gao Chemistry Steven A. Fleming (grad student)
John W. Gardner1973 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Elisabeth P. GatesBiochemistry, Nanoscience, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2013 Adam Thomas Woolley (grad student)
Richard J. GatesGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Chemistry2012 Matthew C. Asplund (grad student)
Yanli GengGeneral Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2013 Adam Thomas Woolley (grad student)
Sue E. Gillespie1988 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Russell Glancy Chemistry20002002 Merritt B. Andrus (grad student)
Juliet Go Chemistry Steven A. Fleming (grad student)
Steven R. GoateAnalytical Chemistry
Randal D. GoffOrganic Chemistry, Immunology2006 Paul B. Savage (grad student)
Steven W. GravesBiochemistry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pharmacy
Amy J. GrayBiochemistry, Oncology Biochemistry2012 Barry Willardson (grad student)
Lyle D. Gunderson1991 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Clint GuymonChemical Engineering2006 Dean R. Wheeler (grad student)
Jack H.Ruckman Chemistry1973 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
John Dewey Hale Chemistry1963 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Lee Duane Hansen1965 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Dane C. HansenChemical Engineering Chemical Engineering2012 Dean R. Wheeler (grad student)
Leslie O. Hansen1976 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Joshua J. HarrPhysical Chemistry2002 Randall B. Shirts (grad student)
Gus LW Hartmaterials physics
Gary E. Hatch1974 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Jon K. Hathaway1994 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Barry L. Haymore1972 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Patrick A. Hearty1976 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Jacob A. Herring Microbiology and Molecular Biology2017 Jeffery S. Tessem (grad student)
Erik J. HickenOrganic Chemistry2005 Merritt B. Andrus (grad student)
Rober G. HokrisonAnalytical Chemistry
Moana L. Hopoate-SitakeBiochemistry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pharmacy Biochemistry2011 Steven W. Graves (grad student)
Brent A. HornAnalytical Chemistry2001 Steven R. Goate (grad student)
Ting HuBiochemistry2005 Barry Willardson (grad student)
Baiyu HuangPhysical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2013 Brian F. Woodfield (grad student)
Reed M. Izatt Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Chemistry Nutrition and Food Sciences19872018 James J. Christensen (collaborator), John Oscarson (collaborator), Jerald S. Bradshaw (collaborator), Nolan Mangleson (collaborator), Marion Bennion (collaborator)
Anton Jensen Chemistry19901994 Steven A. Fleming (grad student)
Richard G. Jensen1965 Leo Preston Vernon (grad student)
Zhu JianfengBiochemistry, Immunology, Molecular Biology2001 Roger L. Kaspar (grad student)
Guilin JiangAnalytical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2006 Matthew R. Linford (grad student)
H. Dee Johnston Chemistry1968 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Chad A. JonesAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry Chemistry20102014 David V. Dearden (grad student)
Aaron Mitchell JonesOptoelectronics, 2D systems Physics20082010 John S. Colton (research assistant)
Helga K.Grimsrud1995 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Roger L. KasparBiochemistry, Immunology, Molecular Biology
Brandon F. KeeleMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Pathology, Immunology2003 Gregory F. Burton (grad student)
Katherine A. KellersbergerAnalytical Chemistry2002 David V. Dearden (grad student)
Maryam Khosravi MardkhePhysical Chemistry Chemistry2014 Brian F. Woodfield (grad student)
Kilyoung KimMolecular Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemistry2011 Eric T. Sevy (grad student)
G Lyn Kimball1973 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Vipin Kothari1961 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Emily S. Krueger Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science2018 Jeffery S. Tessem (grad student)
John D. Lamb1978 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Jason C. LashleyPhysical Chemistry, Condensed Matter Physics2000 Brian F. Woodfield (grad student)
Mirella E. LazarovBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2000 Terry S. Elton (grad student)
Milton L. LeeAnalytical Chemistry, Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Edwin A. Lewis Chemistry and Biochemistry Lee Duane Hansen (grad student)
Chunhong LiOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology2000 Paul B. Savage (grad student)
Xiaoyu Lin2002 Morris J. Robins (grad student)
Xiaoyun Lin2007 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Matthew R. LinfordAnalytical Chemistry
Dmitry N. LitvinovOrganic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Total Synthesis Chemistry2010 Steven L. Castle (grad student)
Jiangqiong Liu2007 Morris J. Robins (grad student)
Yansheng LiuAnalytical Chemistry2007 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
Renmao LiuOrganic Chemistry
Bing Liu2005 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Jing Liu Chemistry20012007 Merritt B. Andrus (grad student)
Brad M. LoertscherOrganic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Total Synthesis Chemistry2013 Steven L. Castle (grad student)
Yit-Yian LuaAnalytical Chemistry2005 Matthew R. Linford (grad student)
Georgi L. LukovBiochemistry, Cell Biology2005 Barry Willardson (grad student)
Liak Hwe Ma1968 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Abdul MalikPolymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry19911992 Milton L. Lee (post-doc)
Nolan F. MangelsonAnalytical Chemistry, Botany Biology
Nolan Mangleson
Can Mao Chemistry Steven A. Fleming (grad student)
T. A. McFall Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Joseph N. McLaughlinBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2002 Barry Willardson (grad student)
Juan C. MedinaAnalytical Chemistry, Geochemistry, Organic Chemistry2000 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
Chris Mendenhall Chemistry20002005 Merritt B. Andrus (grad student)
Erik L. MeredithOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2002 Merritt B. Andrus (grad student)
Keith E. Merkley1987 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Sashi Kumar Mettath Chemistry20002003 Merritt B. Andrus (post-doc)
Ronda Michelsen Chemistry Steven A. Fleming (grad student)
Ellen De Mille1976 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
David M. Mitchell1991 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Debbie Gale MitchellElectron Paramagnetic Reaonance, Spectroscopy Chemistry Eric T. Sevy (research assistant)
Stan G. MooreGeneral Engineering, Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering2012 Dean R. Wheeler (grad student)
Lee Morrell1961 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Daniel Mortensen20102011 David V. Dearden (grad student)
Jacolin A. MurrayAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2011 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
Edward Nartey Chemistry20032005 Merritt B. Andrus (grad student)
Pamela N. NgeGeneral Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2012 Adam Thomas Woolley (grad student)
Kirk K. Nielson Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Andrew C. NyborgBiochemistry2000 Gerald D. Watt (grad student)
John Oscarson
Dennis P.Nelson Chemistry1971 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Bruce A. Palmer2000 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Gregory Allen ParkerChemical Dynamics, Computational Physics19731976 Russell T. Pack (grad student)
Jared T. ParkerBiomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering2003 Kenneth A. Solen (grad student)
Jerry A. Partridge Chemistry1965 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Sonal PatelChemical Engineering Chemical Engineering2012 Richard A. Rowley (grad student)
Lei PeiInorganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry2011 Matthew R. Linford (grad student)
Matthew A. PetersonNucleosides, HIV Integrase Inhibitors Robin L. Polt (grad student)
Zlatuse D. PetersonAnalytical Chemistry2004 Steven W. Graves (grad student)
Craig J. Peterson2009 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
David B. Rawlins Chemistry Steven A. Fleming (grad student)
Joseph W. Richards1969 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Timothy A. Riley Chemistry Roland K. Robins (grad student)
Morris J. Robins
Richard A. RowleyChemical Engineering, Biochemistry
Thomas J. Rowley Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science20152017 Jeffery S. Tessem (grad student)
J. Howard Rytting1969 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Gaurav SainiAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2010 Matthew R. Linford (grad student)
Eduardo Sanz GarciaVirology Biology Biochemistry2011 David M. Belnap (grad student)
Justin R. SavageBiochemistry2001 Barry Willardson (grad student)
Paul B. SavageOrganic Chemistry
Eric T. SevyMolecular Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Peter S. ShenBiochemistry, Virology Biology Biochemistry2011 David M. Belnap (grad student)
Randall B. ShirtsPhysical Chemistry
M. Dale Slade Chemistry1971 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Don E. Smith Chemistry1972 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Kenneth A. SolenBiomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry
B. V. Somasekhar Chemistry19982001 Merritt B. Andrus (post-doc)
Nana K. Sono-KoreeBiochemistry Biochemistry2010 Barry Willardson (grad student)
Elliott D. SpencerBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2002 Roger L. Kaspar (grad student)
Ryjul W. StokesMedicinal Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry 20132017 David J. Michaelis (research assistant)
Kara J. Stowers
Qinglin TangAnalytical Chemistry2000 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
Uale TaotafaOrganic Chemistry2003 Paul B. Savage (grad student)
Tyler C. ThackerMicrobiology Biology, Immunology, Pathology2003 Gregory F. Burton (grad student)
Craig D. ThulinBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry
William K. Tolley1990 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Douglas R. TreeSoft Matter, Polymers, Complex Fluids
Tai V. TruongBiochemistry, Microbiology Biology, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2011 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
Jii-Hang Tsang1969 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Anzi WangAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2014 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
Changna WangBiochemistry, Immunology, Cell Biology Biochemistry2011 Gregory F. Burton (grad student)
Peiming Wang1996 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Susan Cox Ward Chemistry19901995 Steven A. Fleming (grad student)
Crystal Ward
Gerald D. WattBiochemistry Chemistry1966 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Dean R. Wheelerelectrochemical energy conversion and storage
Landon A. WiestAnalytical Chemistry, General Chemistry Chemistry2013 Matthew R. Linford (grad student)
Barry WillardsonBiochemistry
Phillip E. WilsonBiochemistry2005 Gerald D. Watt (grad student)
Yong Wong Chemistry20052011 Merritt B. Andrus (grad student)
Brian F. WoodfieldPhysical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Adam Thomas WoolleyAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Donald P. Wrathall Chemistry Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Jay W. Wrathall1959 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Naijun WuAnalytical Chemistry2000 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
Qirong WuAnalytical Chemistry2002 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
Geng [Frank] Wu1989 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Yulin Wu1965 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Yanqiao XiangAnalytical Chemistry2004 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
Huijun XinAnalytical Chemistry2006 Adam Thomas Woolley (grad student)
Jie XuanBiochemistry Chemistry2013 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
GoPing Xue Chemistry20022004 Merritt B. Andrus (post-doc)
Weichun YangAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2010 Adam Thomas Woolley (grad student)
Fan Yang20082012 David V. Dearden (grad student)
Zhifeng Ye Chemistry20022005 Merritt B. Andrus (grad student)
Ning YinOrganic Chemistry, Immunology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology2005 Paul B. Savage (grad student)
Bingfang YueAnalytical Chemistry2004 Milton L. Lee (grad student)
Haizhen ZhangAnalytical Chemistry2006 David V. Dearden (grad student)
Xian Xin Zhang1995 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Juiqing Zhang Chemistry20012005 Merritt B. Andrus (grad student)
Minghong Zhong2004 Morris J. Robins (grad student)
Ziniu ZhouOrganic Chemistry2005 Merritt B. Andrus (grad student)
Li Zhou1999 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)
Chengyue Zhu1990 Reed M. Izatt (grad student)