Portland State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jonathan J. AbramsonGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry
Fadel AlwedianAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Atmospheric Science Physics2004 Dean Bruce Atkinson (grad student)
Dean Bruce AtkinsonAtmospheric Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Benjamin R. AyresGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Nanoscience Chemistry2013 Dean Bruce Atkinson (grad student)
Mohammad H. BazarganEnvironmental Sciences2005 Dean Bruce Atkinson (grad student)
Aaron Burton Niles Lehman (grad student)
Vimbai M. ChikwanaBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2011 Dirk Iwata-Reuyl (grad student)
Gary L. Gard
Kelly Gleason Anne Nolin (grad student)
Andrea GoforthNanoparticle Synthesis
Bornface GunsaruOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2010 David H. Peyton (grad student)
Ian B. HesselsweetSolar energy, materials Chemistry2010 Carl C. Wamser (grad student)
M. Todd Horn Chemistry2010 Albert S. Benight (grad student)
Dirk Iwata-ReuylBiochemistry
Jane X. KellyBiochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2003 David H. Peyton (grad student)
Mohammad Aslam Khan KhalilAtmospheric chemistry, climate change, greenhouse gases, global change science
Hooi-Sung KimSolar energy, materials2005 Carl C. Wamser (grad student)
Tetiana Korzun Chemistry20152018 Robert M Strongin (research assistant)
Peter J. LammersAM Fungal Research Site, Bioinformatics Research Page1982 Joann Sanders-Loehr (grad student)
Soojin LimOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2012 Robert M. Strongin (grad student)
Beth A. ManhatNanoparticle Synthesis Chemistry2012 Andrea Goforth (grad student)
Martin MenseAnimal Physiology Biology, General Biophysics, Biochemistry Physics Pavel Smejtek (grad student)
Nabil G. MistkawiPhysical Chemistry, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Chemistry2010 Shankar B. Rananavare (grad student)
Shawn P. MullenGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry2003 Jonathan J. Abramson (grad student)
Kevin Parrett1990 John Harvey Golbeck (grad student)
William W. Paudler
David H. PeytonOrganic Chemistry
Douglas A. PrestonPhysical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2006 David H. Peyton (grad student)
James G. RadneyAtmospheric Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2012 Dean Bruce Atkinson (grad student)
Shankar B. RananavarePhysical Chemistry, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering
David Kelmer RoeEnvironmental Sciences and Resources
Jennifer L. SpillmanAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Organic Chemistry2003 Dean Bruce Atkinson (grad student)
Robert M Stronginorganic chemistry
Robert M. StronginOrganic Chemistry
Steven G. Van LanenBiochemistry2003 Dirk Iwata-Reuyl (grad student)
Troy A. WahlGeneral Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2013 David H. Peyton (grad student)
Michael G. WalterOrganic polymers, solar materials Chemistry2008 Carl C. Wamser (grad student)
Carl C. WamserSolar energy, materials
Benjamin C. WebberGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Radiology Chemistry2013 Mark Woods (grad student)
Mark WoodsGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Radiology
Mingdi YanBiochemistry, Nanotechnology
Yanping YePharmacy, General Biophysics, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Physics2012 Jonathan J. Abramson (grad student)