Bucknell University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
John L. BoveSynthetic organic chemistry, instrumental analysis, environmental engineering Harold W. Heine (research assistant)
Glenn Vinton BrownQuantitative and Physical Chemistry
Dee Ann Casteelantimalarial agents, natural products
Charles Himes ClappMechanisms of enzymatic reactions, synthesis and mechanistic characterization of enzyme inhibitors
Douglas B. Collinsmass spectrometry, aerosols and clouds, multiphase chemistry
Jeffrey J. Csernica
Nicholas C. DavatzesGeology Geology Mary Beth Gray (research assistant)
James Empfieldmedicinal chemistry and drug discovery19831985 Harold W. Heine (grad student)
Michael Goley Glenda E. Gillaspy (grad student)
Harold W. Heineorganic chemistry
Thomas Robert HoyeOrganic Chemistry1972 Harold W. Heine (grad student)
Margaret Kastner Chemistry Michael Joseph Clarke (post-doc)
William D. Kerber
Michael Krout
Avery S. Landon
Brian J. Smith
Amos B. Smith, IIINatural product synthesis1966 Harold W. Heine (grad student)
Paul G. Williardtotal synthesis of several marine natural products as well as vitamin D derivatives, characterization of reactive intermediates such as enolate anions and amide bases1972 Harold W. Heine (grad student)