University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jamie L. AdcockInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Calvin Adam Buehlerorganic chemistry
Thanh D Do
Siris Odin LaursenHeterogeneous catalysis
Matthew M. MenchMechanical Engineering
Mark T. MorganFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Biochemistry
William A. NoyesCamphor chemistry
Scott A. SensemanAgronomy Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry
Kathy Sharpe-Timms1987 Hugo Eiler (grad student)
Peter B. Smithcytochromes P-450 and flavin-dependent monooxygenase (FMO)1973 Thomas C. Montie (grad student)
Shelby Freland ThamesPolymer Chemistry Chemistry1964 Calvin Adam Buehler (grad student)
Yi YangEnvironmental Microbiology; Environmental Engineering