National Research Council, Canada

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jiro Itatani
Guillaume Bruant
Marie-Eve Lalonde Jacques Cote (grad student)
Linda J. Johnston
Ian C.P. SmithMolecular Biophysics
Gerhard HerzbergPhysical chemistry, molecular structures
Enrico O. Purisima
Keith U. Ingoldfree radical reactions in solution
Lionel G. Harrison James Alexander Morrison (post-doc)
James Ferguson William G. Schneider (post-doc)
Fabien Quere Paul B. Corkum (post-doc)
Dennis M. Whitfield
David Ian HoultMRS, MRI
Joshua WandBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Medical Biophysics Ian C.P. Smith (post-doc)
R. W. Yip
Sneh Kumar Dogra R. W. Yip (post-doc)
Jacques Roovers
Christa Miriam Homenick
Andrew C. Storer
James K.G. Watsonvibration-rotation spectroscopy
Paul B. CorkumAttosecond spectroscopy
William G. Schneiderhigh-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
Philip R. BunkerSpectroscopy, Theoretical Chemistry
Arthur M. Easthamorganic polymer chemistry
Harry R. AllcockPolymer Synthesis, Materials Chemistry, and Biomedicine Arthur M. Eastham (post-doc)
Robert J. CvetanovicKinetics, Photochemistry and Catalysis
Léo Edmond Marionalkaloids1943 Richard H. F. Manske (collaborator)
George Stafford WhitbyPolymer chemistry
Donald J. LeRoychemical reaction kinetics, electrochemistry, and photochemistry19401944 Edgar William Richard Steacie (research scientist)
Rudolph A. MarcusTheoretical chemistry19461949 Edgar William Richard Steacie (post-doc)
Aubrey F. Trotman‐Dickenson19481950 Edgar William Richard Steacie (research assistant)
Kenneth Keith Innes19511953 Gerhard Herzberg (post-doc)
Peter Brian Ayscoughelectron spin resonance19531955 Edgar William Richard Steacie (post-doc), John C. Polanyi (post-doc)
Hyman D. Gesser1955 Edgar William Richard Steacie (post-doc)
James Bissett Hyne19541956 Ross Elmore Robertson (post-doc)
Sukumar AdityaPhotochemistry, photoelectrochemistry19571958 Edgar William Richard Steacie (post-doc)
Keith Alan McLauchlan19591960 Robert A. Back (post-doc)
Keith R. JenningsIon Cyclotron Resonance19581960 Robert J. Cvetanovic (post-doc)
Marinus Los19581960 Léo Edmond Marion (post-doc)
Takeshi Okainfrared, nearinfrared and visible laser radiation sources to conduct high-resolution high-sensitivity spectroscopy of molecular ions in laboratory plasmas1963 Gerhard Herzberg (post-doc)
Jeffrey Kwok-Sing Wan1965 Harold J. Bernstein (post-doc)
Harold W. KrotoOrganic chemistry, structural chemistry19641966 Gerhard Herzberg (post-doc)
Ross Elmore Robertson
Wolfgang Kiefer19701972 Harold J. Bernstein (post-doc)
Keiichi ItakuraBiochemistry, molecular biology19711973 Saran Adhar Narang (post-doc)
Juan Cesar ScaianoPhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry1975 Keith U. Ingold (research scientist)
Frank B Tudron Division of Pure Physics19741975 Donald Ramsay (grad student)
Jacek StawinskiNucleic acid chemistry, bio-organic chemistry19741976 Saran Adhar Narang (post-doc)
Harold J. Bernstein
Jeff DahnCondensed Matter Physics,energy storage, crystallography
Robert A. BackPhotochemistry
Vincent William Bowryfree radicals, chemical kinetics, LDL, heart disease Steacie Institute, Ottawa19881990 Keith U. Ingold (post-doc)
Arthur Gustav SzaboBiochemistry
David R. BundleCarbohydrates
Marc Vrakking19941995 Albert Stolow (post-doc)
Tanya Elizabeth Susan Dahmsatomic force microscopy, correlative microscopy, xenobiotics, human cells, microbes, antifungals, Candida albicans, essential oil components19981999 Linda J. Johnston (post-doc)
Stefan Lochbrunner1999 Albert Stolow (post-doc)
Peter KruseSTM/STS of gate oxides on compound semiconductors and adsorbates on organic semiconductor Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences20002002 Robert Wolkow (post-doc)
Saran Adhar NarangBiochemistry, molecular biology
Ali Abouimraneenergy storage, materials development
Prabhat AryaBiochemistry, bioorganic chemistry, chemical biology
Joseph Moranorganic chemistry Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences20092010 John P. Pezacki (research scientist)
Kothandaraman RamanujamElectrochemistry20092011 Christina Bock (post-doc), Barry R. MacDougall (post-doc)
Gustavo MockaitisAnaerobic digestion, biofuels, bioenergy, sanitation20142021 Serge R. Guiot (post-doc), Guillaume Bruant (collaborator)