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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Blaise H Albis-Burdige (Info) Reed College Economics, Public Health albisbub 2020‑02‑17
Selçuk Güven (Info) McGill Developmental language disorders; dyslexia; dysgraphia osegu 2020‑04‑21
Rachel Howes (Info) Ball State University lashaffer 2020‑02‑23
Paulina Knaap (Info) Leiden Law PaulinaKnaap 2020‑04‑10
Rachel Meredith Kousser (Info) Brooklyn College (CUNY) In her writing and teaching, she focuses on the Greeks' creation, transformation, and destruction of monuments; the representation of gender, sexuality, and power in the classical era; and the place of Greek art within the globally interconnected ancient albisbub 2020‑02‑17
Margarida O. Krause (Info) softbear 2020‑03‑09
Tessa Maria Kuiper (Info) Amsterdam Pedagogy TessaKuiper 2020‑04‑10
Jacqueline Weis Liebergott (Info) Emerson College borovsky 2020‑03‑29
Blair Mattern (Info) Ball State University lashaffer 2020‑02‑23
Jack Matthews (Info) University of Pittsburgh borovsky 2020‑03‑28
Ab Mooijaart (Info) Leiden TessaKuiper 2020‑04‑10
Lisa Khavaran Oslin (Info) Ball State University lashaffer 2020‑02‑23
Mallory Robb (Info) Ball State University lashaffer 2020‑02‑23
Lynne Rowan (Info) Purdue borovsky 2020‑03‑25
Chaleece W. Sandberg (Info) Penn State aphasia, semantics, neuroimaging chaleece 2020‑02‑21
Karen Steckol (Info) University of Alabama borovsky 2020‑03‑25
Lori Swanson (Info) Purdue borovsky 2020‑03‑25
Catherine Tighe (Info) Institute of Cancer Research AndyGM89 2020‑02‑20
Mark Ylvisaker (Info) University of Pittsburgh borovsky 2020‑03‑29
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