Los Alamos National Laboratory

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
John R. Asbridge
Henry S. AshbaughChemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry, General Biophysics Theoretical Chemistry and Molecular Physics Lawrence R. Pratt (post-doc)
Irene BeyerleinMechanical Engineering
Paul Palmer Craigenergy and environmental policy
Eugene T Greuling
Siegfried S. Heckerplutonium science, nuclear weapons policy and international security, nuclear security (including nonproliferation and counter terrorism), and cooperative nuclear threat reduction
Joel D. Kress
Hongmei LuoChemical Engineering, Nanoscience, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry20062009 Anthony K. Burrell (post-doc)
T. Mark McCleskey
Benjamin M. Morrowmaterials science, metallurgy, mechanical behavior, microscopy, characterization20112014 Ellen Cerreta (post-doc)
Partha P. Mukherjeetransport, materials
Peter O'Rourke
Lawrence R. Prattstatistical mechanics, theory of liquids
Pier Kueiyung Tang
Arthur F. Voter
Wolfgang E. WindlComputational Materials Science19961997 Arthur F. Voter (post-doc), Joel D. Kress (post-doc)
Clarissa A. Yablinsky
Matthew Z. YatesChemical Engineering, Energy19992001 T. Mark McCleskey (post-doc)