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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Vinod K. Agarwal (Info) McGill jandh 2022‑09‑18
Arthur E. Bergles (Info) MIT, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, RPI Heat Transfer Engineering jandh 2022‑09‑18
Dengke Chen (Info) Georgia Tech Solid Mechanics Yazhuo_Liu 2022‑09‑19
Yau Kai Cheung (Info) University of Calgary, University of Adelaide, University of Hong Kong Analysis of plates and shell structures, Finite Element and Finite Strip Methods and analysis of soil-structure interactive problems jandh 2022‑09‑18
Kunqing DING (Info) Georgia Tech Yazhuo_Liu 2022‑09‑19
Baris Dogruoz (Info) University of Arizona mbdmetu2 2022‑09‑18
Ali Falsafi (Info) Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) Mechanical Engineering, Homogenization methods, Solid mechanics, Optimization Ali-Falsafi 2022‑09‑20
Frank Harris (Info) University of Wolverhampton, Loughborough University Construction management and engineering jandh 2022‑09‑19
Bernard W. Jordan (Info) Northwestern jandh 2022‑09‑18
Alan D. K. Laird (Info) UC Berkeley jandh 2022‑09‑20
Paul Lieber (Info) Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, RPI, UC Berkeley jandh 2022‑09‑20
Xing Liu (Info) Georgia Tech Yazhuo_Liu 2022‑09‑19
Robert Plunkett (Info) UMN mechanical behavior of materials jandh 2022‑09‑21
Yipin Si (Info) Georgia Tech Yazhuo_Liu 2022‑09‑19
Arun Senthil Sundaramoorthy (Info) University of Delaware 2022‑09‑20
Baolin Wang (Info) Georgia Tech Yazhuo_Liu 2022‑09‑19
Zifeng Wang (Info) Georgia Tech Yazhuo_Liu 2022‑09‑19
Jamie H. Warner (Info) UT Austin YiminWu 2022‑09‑18
Yin Zhang (Info) Georgia Tech Yazhuo_Liu 2022‑09‑19
Ting Zhu (Info) MIT, Harvard, Georgia Tech Solid Mechanics, Nanomechanics, computational material mechanics Yazhuo_Liu 2022‑09‑19
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