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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
David V. Arnold (Info) BYU polariton 2024‑02‑17
Sungwoo Bae (Info) UT Austin Muyulu 2024‑02‑22
Stephanie Castro Baldivieso (Info) Penn State TPNigl 2024‑02‑18
Julia Mie Chikasawa (Info) MieChikasawa 2024‑02‑21
Olivier L de Weck (Info) MIT mpj 2024‑02‑21
James L. Garrison (Info) Purdue Navigation and Earth Remote sensing leonardli56 2024‑02‑16
Sanghyeok Im (Info) Penn State TPNigl 2024‑02‑18
weihang li (Info) Purdue Navigation and Earth Remote sensing leonardli56 2024‑02‑16
Michael MacIsaac (Info) University of Florida salil91 2024‑02‑16
W. Kendall Melville (Info) University of San Diego, MIT, University of San Diego Oceanography, acoustic and microwave remote sensing, and ocean waves polariton 2024‑02‑17
David W Miller (Info) MIT mpj 2024‑02‑21
francesco montomoli (Info) Imperial College London turbomachinery, AI Vito 2024‑02‑22
Hirotatsu Murano (Info) Meijo University Soil Chemistry Hirotatsu_Murano 2024‑02‑21
Grecia Ramirez Ovalle (Info) Stanford greciaro 2024‑02‑16
Guanchun Rui (Info) Case Western Reserve University, Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Penn State Piezoelectric polymer, semicrystalline polymer, PVDF, polymer interface GuanchunRui 2024‑02‑19
Andreas H von Flotow (Info) Stanford mpj 2024‑02‑21
Zihan Wang (Info) University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Sparse microwave imaging 1321312141 2024‑02‑18
Qiming Zhang (Info) Penn State GuanchunRui 2024‑02‑19
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