Michigan State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Hussain A. AbabnehAgricultural Engineering2002 Ajit K. Srivastava (grad student)
Umesh AdhikariEnvironmental Engineering, Water Resource Management, Environmental Health Biosystems Engineering2012 Timothy Harrigan (grad student)
Andrew AdrianElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics Electrical Engineering2014 Leo C. Kempel (grad student)
Anwaar AhmadAgronomy Agriculture, Molecular Biology2003 Mariam B. Sticklen (grad student)
Pezhman AkbariMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2004 Norbert Mueller (grad student)
Ahmed Al-OstazCivil Engineering, Nanotechnology, Materials Science Engineering1996 Iwona Jasiuk (grad student)
Zeyad A. Al-SuhaibaniMechanical Engineering2005 Abraham Engeda (grad student)
Fares T. Alharbi Yiming Deng (grad student)
Patton M. AllisonAerospace Engineering
Alla AlpatovaEnvironmental Engineering Environmental Engineering2010 Susan J. Masten (grad student)
Khalid Alzebdeh Materials Science and Mechanics19901994 Martin Ostoja-Starzewski (grad student)
Dan F. Amos Crop and Soil Sciences1973 Eugene Perry Whiteside (grad student)
Annick AnctilAlternative Energy, Sustainability, Materials Science Engineering
Albert N. Andry
Claudia A. AngeliBiomedical Engineering, Recreation2001 V Dianne Ulibarri (grad student)
Michael D. AnnableEnvironmental Engineering, Civil Engineering1991 Roger Bruce Wallace (grad student)
Deanna Apps Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences20142016 Lifeng Luo (grad student)
Sam Arcand Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences20152017 Lifeng Luo (grad student)
Dean M. AslamElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Jes AsmussenElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Robert S. AverbackMaterials Science Engineering1972 Jack Bass (grad student)
Ronald AverillMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering
David S. BackmanMechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2011 Eann A. Patterson (grad student)
Mohamad I. BaiyasiCivil Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2000 Ronald Harichandran (grad student)
Gilbert Y. BaladiCivil Engineering
Deep BandyopadhyayMechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering2008 Andre Benard (grad student)
Debasmit BanerjeeElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering2014 Subir Biswas (grad student)
Sneha Banerjee ECE20172021 Peng Zhang (grad student)
Pedro BarbaElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics2006 Leo C. Kempel (grad student)
Marilia Barbosa ChiavegatoAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Climate Change, Environmental Management, Ecology Biology Animal Science2014 Wendy Powers (grad student)
Scott C. BartonChemical Engineering
Melissa J. BaumannMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
James Vere Beck Mechanical Engineering Amritlal Maganlal Dhanak (grad student)
Mohammed Ben-IdrisElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering2014 Joydeep Mitra (grad student)
Andre BenardMechanical Engineering
Kris A. BerlundChemical Engineering, Organic Chemistry
Gemini D. Bhalsod Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences20142016 Wei Zhang (grad student)
Rahul BhardwajPackaging Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2008 Amar K. Mohanty (grad student)
William George Bickertagricultural electrification1964 Frederick Henry Buelow (grad student)
Subir BiswasGeneral Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering
William A. Blackwell1958 Herman E. Koenig (grad student)
Matthew G. BlanchardHorticulture Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering2009 Erik S. Runkle (grad student)
Andrew E. BogleElectronics and Electrical Engineering2007 Leo C. Kempel (grad student)
Tiffany E. BohnsackMaterials Science Engineering2007 Michael E. Mackay (grad student)
David A. BohnsackChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry2007 Michael E. Mackay (grad student)
Christopher D. BolinMechanical Engineering, Alternative Energy Mechanical Engineering2014 Abraham Engeda (grad student)
Jay A. Bolt1947 Lorin G. Miller (grad student)
Wassim BorchaniMechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Energy Civil Engineering - Doctor of Philosophy2015 Nizar Lajnef (grad student)
Henry Dittimus Bowen1953 Walter Monroe Carleton (grad student)
James Sterling Boyd
Nicholas A. BrakeCivil Engineering Civil Engineering2012 Karim Chatti (grad student)
Mary L. BrakeElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering1983 Ronald L. Kerber (grad student)
Ross Deline Brazee1957 Wesley Fisher Buchele (grad student)
Siegfried M. BreuningTransportation engineering
Steven P. BriggsComputer Science, Bioinformatics Biology, Analytical Chemistry1983 Robert Paul Scheffer (grad student)
Thomas J. BrimhallMechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Materials Science Engineering2005 Dahsin Liu (grad student)
Terence D. BrownElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Robert C. BrownThermal deconstruction of lignocellulosic biomass, Gasification, fast pyrolysis and solvent liquefaction of biomass, Biorenewable resources, Biofuels and biopower, Fluidized beds, Process intensification Mechanical Engineering1980 Ronald L. Kerber (grad student)
Gerald H. BrusewitzAgricultural Engineering1969 Bill A. Stout (grad student)
Neeraj BuchCivil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Wesley Fisher Buchele
Frederick Henry Buelow1956 James Sterling Boyd (grad student)
Rigoberto BurguenoCivil Engineering
Laird A. BurnsManagement Business Administration2010 Steven A. Melnyk (grad student)
Zhiwei CaiMaterials Science Engineering2000 David S. Grummon (grad student)
Niannian CaiElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2014 Joydeep Mitra (grad student)
Clayton D. Callihan1957 Carl M. Cooper (grad student)
Cengiz CanerPackaging Engineering, Food Science and Technology Agriculture2002 Bruce Harte (grad student)
Lady Catherine Cantor-CutivaSpeech and Language Pathology, Public Health and Epidemiology Department of Communicative Sciences & Disorders Eric Hunter (research scientist)
Zongliang CaoElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2011 Dean M. Aslam (grad student)
Walter Monroe Carleton Agricultural Engineering1948 Arthur William Farrall (grad student)
Eldon D. CaseMaterials Science Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry
Maura Casey Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences20132015 Lifeng Luo (grad student)
M. Elena Castell-Perezfood engineering, rheology, food safety, packaging, materials science1990 James F. Steffe (grad student)
Shantanu Chakrabarttyanalog circuits, neuromorphic engineering
Deboleena ChakrabortyChemical Engineering Chemical Engineering2010 Scott C. Barton (grad student)
Shiu C. ChanElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2008 Satish Udpa (grad student)
Ho-yin ChanElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2008 Dean M. Aslam (grad student)
Chieh-Min ChangCivil Engineering2000 Gilbert Y. Baladi (grad student)
Georgia Tze-Ying Chao
Gregory L. CharvatElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics2007 Leo C. Kempel (grad student)
Karim ChattiCivil Engineering
Kuan-chung ChenEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences2003 Susan J. Masten (grad student)
Xuefei ChenMechanical Engineering, Alternative Energy Mechanical Engineering2012 Guoming G. Zhu (grad student)
Xiaoxiao ChenBiomedical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Physiology Biology2009 Ramakrishna Mukkamala (grad student)
Kun-Mu ChenElectronics and Electrical Engineering
M. Howard Chetrick
Yuwei ChiMechanical Engineering2005 Hungyu Tsai (grad student)
Hsin-Yen ChungFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Packaging Engineering, Analytical Chemistry2004 Bruce Harte (grad student)
Carl M. Cooper
Lindsay M. CornealMaterials Science Engineering2010 Melissa J. Baumann (grad student)
Martin A. CrimpMaterials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Melissa J. CrimpMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Jonathan J. D'AngeloElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2009 Tim P. Hogan (grad student)
Narendra B. DahotreMaterials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering1987 Kali Mukherjee (grad student)
Yinghui DaiMechanical Engineering2004 Abraham Engeda (grad student)
Xinglai DangMaterials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics2000 Dahsin Liu (grad student)
Tapan K. DattaCivil Engineering, Computer Science1973 William Clarence Taylor (grad student)
Tyler A. DawsonCivil Engineering Civil Engineering2012 Gilbert Y. Baladi (grad student)
Hugo A. DeCamposOperations Research, Management Business Administration, Industrial Engineering Business Administration - Operations and Sourcing Management2014 John E. Ettlie (grad student)
Yiming DengNondestructive Evaluation Electrical and Computer Engineering2009 Lalita Udpa (grad student), Satish Udpa (grad student)
Amritlal Maganlal Dhanak
Francois DionCivil Engineering
Robert J. DombrowskiChemical Engineering2001 Christian M. Lastoskie (grad student)
John F. Dorsey1980 Robert A. Schlueter (grad student)
Adam D. DowneyElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Tim P. Hogan (grad student)
Richard C. DubesElectrical engineering
Pandeli DurbetakiMechanical Engineering1964 Joachim Ellery Lay (grad student)
Asuquo B. EbianaMechanical Engineering, Food Science and Technology Agriculture1990 Merle C. Potter (grad student)
Mohamed A. ElewaCivil Engineering2004 Rigoberto Burgueno (grad student)
Younes ElkacimiMechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2007 Abraham Engeda (grad student)
Abraham EngedaMechanical Engineering
John E. EttlieOperations Research, Management Business Administration, Industrial Engineering
Benjamin J. EwersApplied Mechanics, Biomedical Engineering2001 Roger C. Haut (grad student)
Robert Edward FalcoTurbulence , unsteady aerodynamics , separated flows , heat transfer
Xinjian FanApplied Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering2001 Hungyu Tsai (grad student)
Muhammad FarhanElectronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Tim P. Hogan (grad student)
Susan A. FarhatChemical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2010 Martin C. Hawley (grad student)
Arthur William Farrall
Amin FazelElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2012 Shantanu Chakrabartty (grad student)
Xueling FeiMaterials Science Engineering Materials Science and Engineering2010 David S. Grummon (grad student)
Rosamari Feliu-BaezPackaging Engineering2001 Hugh E. Lockhart (grad student)
Zoran GajicElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering and Systems Science1984 Hassan K. Khalil (grad student)
Vera V. GalishnikovaCivil Engineering2004 Ronald Harichandran (grad student)
Michael I. GangwerHydrology, Agronomy Agriculture2005 Robert Dean von Bernuth (grad student)
Hong GengMaterials Science Engineering2003 Martin A. Crimp (grad student)
Biman GhoshMaterials Science Engineering2004 Martin A. Crimp (grad student)
Jack R. GiacinPackaging Engineering, Materials Science Engineering
Ankush A. GokhaleChemical Engineering Chemical Engineering2014 Ilsoon Lee (grad student)
An GongCivil Engineering2005 Ronald Harichandran (grad student)
Amit S. GoreElectronics and Electrical Engineering2008 Shantanu Chakrabartty (grad student)
Jaime A. Graulau-SantiagoEnvironmental Engineering2003 David C. Wiggert (grad student)
William Louis GreccoTraffic engineering1962 Siegfried M. Breuning (grad student)
David S. GrummonMaterials Science Engineering
Yajun GuElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering2011 Jes Asmussen (grad student)
Fahua GuMechanical Engineering2000 Abraham Engeda (grad student)
Ming Gu Electrical Engineering2012 Shantanu Chakrabartty (grad student)
Wenjun Gui Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences20152016 Wei Zhang (research scientist)
Hsiao-Tien Chien Hagartauopathy Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2023 Min-Hao Kuo (grad student)
Kamyar HaghighiAgricultural Engineering, Environmental Engineering1979 Larry J. Segerlind (grad student)
Carl William Hall1952 Walter Monroe Carleton (grad student)
Tyler B. Hamptonhydrology, hydroecology, nitrogen Eartha and Environmental Sciences20162018 Jay P. Zarnetske (grad student)
George W. HansonNanoelectromagnetics, metamaterials, quantum optics and quantum plasmonics, mathematical methods in electromagnetics1991 Dennis P. Nyquist (grad student)
Mahmoodul HaqCivil Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2009 Rigoberto Burgueno (grad student)
Scott S. HaraburdaChemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2001 Martin C. Hawley (grad student)
Ronald HarichandranCivil Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Timothy HarriganEnvironmental Engineering, Water Resource Management, Environmental Health1995 William George Bickert (grad student)
Eugene Harrison Mechanical engineering1962 Francis Sing Tse (grad student)
Bruce HartePackaging Engineering, Materials Science Engineering
Francis Jefferson Hassler Agricultural Engineering Agricultural Engineering1950 Arthur William Farrall (grad student), Walter Monroe Carleton (grad student)
Pouyan Hatami Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences20162021 Lifeng Luo (grad student)
Roger C. HautBiomechanics Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science1971 Robert W. Soutas-Little (grad student)
Michael J. HavrillaElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2001 Dennis P. Nyquist (grad student)
Martin C. HawleyChemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering Chemical Engineering1964 M. Howard Chetrick (grad student)
Dennis R. HeldmanFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering1965 Carl William Hall (grad student)
Kadek W. HemawanElectronics and Electrical Engineering2010 Jes Asmussen (grad student)
Troy R. HendricksChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2008 Ilsoon Lee (grad student)
Tim P. HoganElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering
Jung-Wuk HongCivil Engineering, Applied Mechanics
Ratnajeevan H. HooleElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics
Li HouMechanical Engineering2004 Dahsin Liu (grad student)
Yiping HuMaterials Science Engineering2000 Kali Mukherjee (grad student)
Chenling HuangElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2011 Shantanu Chakrabartty (grad student)
Xuhui Huang Yiming Deng (grad student)
Harold HughesPackaging Engineering
Qiong HuoElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Electrical Engineering2013 Subir Biswas (grad student)
Kangsoo ImMechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2012 Abraham Engeda (grad student)
Shahid IqbalCivil Engineering2010 Ronald Harichandran (grad student)
Asif Iqbal ECE20172021 Peng Zhang (grad student)
Gerald W. Isaacs1954 Dennis Emerson Wiant (grad student)
Saeid JahangirianMechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering2009 Abraham Engeda (grad student)
Shervin JahangirnejadCivil Engineering2009 Neeraj Buch (grad student)
Carlos A. JaramillioElectronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Leo C. Kempel (grad student)
Iwona JasiukBone mechanics, Micromechanics, Elasticity
Sangho Jeon Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences20132017 Wei Zhang (grad student)
Yigong JiCivil Engineering2005 Karim Chatti (grad student)
Shaowen JiChemical Engineering Chemical Engineering2013 Ilsoon Lee (grad student)
Tao JiaMechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2012 Dahsin Liu (grad student)
Liping JiaMechanical Engineering2006 Andre Benard (grad student)
Xinguo JiangCivil Engineering2005 Richard W. Lyles (grad student)
Donatien-Pascal KamdemPackaging Engineering
Yao-Chiang KanElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Kun-Mu Chen (grad student)
Katherine Ann Karl Department of Management Georgia Tze-Ying Chao (grad student)
Bhavana S. KarnikEnvironmental Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2006 Susan J. Masten (grad student)
Leo C. KempelElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Ronald L. Kerberlaser physics, plasma chemistry, fluid dynamics, energy conversion, materials science
Daniel S. KillipsElectronics and Electrical Engineering2007 Leo C. Kempel (grad student)
Ungsik KimElectronics and Electrical Engineering2002 Dean M. Aslam (grad student)
Yunbae KimMechanical Engineering2001 Abraham Engeda (grad student)
Hyesoon Kim-YangEnvironmental Sciences, Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Engineering2002 Susan J. Masten (grad student)
Rohitashwa KiranMechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2013 Norbert Mueller (grad student)
James KlausnerMechanical Engineering
Joseph C. KlewickiMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering1989 Robert Edward Falco (grad student)
Herman E. Koenig
Manoochehr M. KoochesfahaniMechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, General Engineering
R. S. KrishnanChemical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics2006 Michael E. Mackay (grad student)
Shoba KrishnanElectronics and Electrical Engineering1993 Chin-Long Wey (grad student)
Marwan M. KrunzElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science1995 Herman D. Hughes (grad student)
Kingdom M. KwapataPlant Culture Agriculture, Genetics, Molecular Biology Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology - Crop and Soil Sciences2010 Mariam B. Sticklen (grad student)
Nizar LajnefMechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Energy2008 Shantanu Chakrabartty (grad student)
Xin Lan Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences2020 Lifeng Luo (grad student)
Christian M. LastoskieChemical Engineering
Michael LavagninoMechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2007 Roger C. Haut (grad student)
Joachim Ellery Lay
Richard V. LechowichFood Science
Kyung-Hyuk LeeEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Organic Chemistry2001 Susan J. Masten (grad student)
Doseung LeeCivil Engineering2001 Karim Chatti (grad student)
Ilsoon LeeChemical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Polymer Chemistry
Ligang LeiCivil Engineering Civil Engineering2011 Karim Chatti (grad student)
Hanzi LiChemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry Chemical Engineering2014 Scott C. Barton (grad student)
Guojing LiApplied Mechanics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2008 Dahsin Liu (grad student)
Qubo LiMechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2010 Norbert Mueller (grad student)
Yuanbo Li Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences20162018 Wei Zhang (post-doc)
Shuguang Li Dennis B. McLaughlin (grad student)
Paweena LimjaroenFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Packaging Engineering2003 Bruce Harte (grad student)
Xuejian LiuCivil Engineering Civil Engineering2010 Rigoberto Burgueno (grad student)
Dahsin LiuMechanical Engineering
Wen-Tso LiuEnvironmental Engineering, Civil Engineering19951997 Larry Forney (grad student)
Yang Liu2010 Shantanu Chakrabartty (grad student)
Cheng-Hua Liu Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences20122018 Wei Zhang (grad student)
Hugh E. LockhartPackaging Engineering
Reza LoloeeMaterials Science Engineering2000 Martin A. Crimp (grad student)
Yang LongMechanical Engineering2007 Indrek S. Wichman (grad student)
Sim Y. LooElectronics and Electrical Engineering2003 Tim P. Hogan (grad student)
Alfred C. LoosMechanical Engineering
Ke-Bin LowMaterials Science Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering2009 David S. Grummon (grad student)
Renfu LuAgricultural Engineering, Optics Physics
James L. Lubkin
Chee L. LumMechanical Engineering2005 Manoochehr M. Koochesfahani (grad student)
Lifeng Luohydroclimatology
Yi Luo ECE20172021 Peng Zhang (grad student)
Stephanie L. Luster-TeasleyEnvironmental Engineering, Soil Science Agriculture, Environmental Sciences2003 Susan J. Masten (grad student)
Richard W. LylesCivil Engineering, Transportation, Urban and Regional Planning
Liangkai MaMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2010 Dahsin Liu (grad student)
Michael E. MackayChemical Engineering
Charles A. MaconElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Leo C. Kempel (grad student)
Faisal O. MahroogiMechanical Engineering2004 Abraham Engeda (grad student)
Dirk E. MaierAgricultural Engineering1992 Frederik Wilte Bakker-Arkema (grad student)
Shantanu MajumdarElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2011 Satish Udpa (grad student)
Qaiser H. MalikGeneral Engineering, Sciences Education2010 Michael A. Shanblatt (grad student)
Dilip K. MandalMechanical Engineering2004 Andre Benard (grad student)
Pattra ManeesinPackaging Engineering, Plastics Technology, Food Science and Technology Agriculture2001 Bruce Harte (grad student)
Susan J. MastenEnvironmental Engineering
Thomas H. MazeCivil Engineering1982 William Clarence Taylor (grad student)
Nicol E. McGruerMEMS, Nanotechnology, Sensors1983 Donnie K. Reinhard (grad student)
Matthew A. Medick
Jeffrey D. MeeseElectronics and Electrical Engineering2003 Leo C. Kempel (grad student)
Assefa MehretuGeography, Mining Engineering, Remote Sensing
Steven A. MelnykOperations Research, Management Business Administration, Industrial Engineering
Lorin G. Miller
Joydeep MitraElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Amar K. MohantyPackaging Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Nuri N. Mohsenin1956 Walter Monroe Carleton (grad student)
Rabi H. MohtarHydrology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences1994 Larry J. Segerlind (grad student)
Ryan J. MonroeMechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Applied Mechanics Mechanical Engineering2011 Steven W. Shaw (grad student)
Frank L. MontabonManagement Business Administration, Environmental Sciences2001 Steven A. Melnyk (grad student)
Elliot MotatoMechanical Engineering2007 Clark Radcliffe (grad student)
Norbert MuellerMechanical Engineering
Subrata Mukherjee Yiming Deng (grad student)
Kali MukherjeeMaterials Science Engineering
Ramakrishna MukkamalaElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Naveen V. NairElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2010 Satish Udpa (grad student)
Vijayadurga NallathambiChemical Engineering, Energy, Alternative Energy Chemical Engineering2011 Scott C. Barton (grad student)
Rohit S. NeheMechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, General Engineering Mechanical Engineering2013 Manoochehr M. Koochesfahani (grad student)
Michael NerbonneAudiology, Biomedical Engineering Audiology and Speech Sciences1970 Edward J. Hardick (grad student)
Wangyang NiMaterials Science Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering2004 David S. Grummon (grad student)
Jennifer E. NiMaterials Science Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry Materials Science and Engineering2012 Eldon D. Case (grad student)
James NorthernElectronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Michael A. Shanblatt (grad student)
Goli NossoniCivil Engineering2010 Scott C. Barton (grad student)
Robert D. Nowak
Ahmed A. OmaraMechanical Engineering, System Science Engineering, Applied Mechanics2000 Ronald C. Rosenberg (grad student)
Dean A. OppermannMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2000 Melissa J. Crimp (grad student)
Hesham F. OrabyAgronomy Agriculture, Plant Culture Agriculture, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Agricultural Engineering2006 Mariam B. Sticklen (grad student)
Stephen D. PaceElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2011 Guoming G. Zhu (grad student)
Antonio PantanoMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2002 Ronald Averill (grad student)
Oranis PanyarjunPackaging Engineering2002 Harold Hughes (grad student)
John PapapolymerouRF circuits, antennas, mm-wave/THz circuits, RF packaging, RF MEMS
Dong-Yeob ParkCivil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2000 Neeraj Buch (grad student)
Jong-kook ParkMaterials Science Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Kali Mukherjee (grad student)
Sang-Hyuck ParkMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, General Agriculture Crop and Soil Sciences2011 Mariam B. Sticklen (grad student)
Delvon B. ParkerManagement Business Administration, System Science Engineering2010 Shawnee K. Vickery (grad student)
Yashodhan S. ParulekarPackaging Engineering, Chemical Engineering2007 Amar K. Mohanty (grad student)
Melvin A. PascallFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Packaging Engineering1995 Mary Ellen Zabik (grad student)
Amol S. PatkiMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Applied Mechanics2010 Eann A. Patterson (grad student)
Eann A. PattersonMechanical Engineering
Fang-zheng Zheng Peng
Tim PetrikChemical Engineering, Organic Chemistry Chemical Engineering2011 Kris A. Berlund (grad student)
Charles A. Petty
Supachai PisuchpenPackaging Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Materials Science Engineering2003 Hugh E. Lockhart (grad student)
Anthony T. PlummerGeneral Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2011 Subir Biswas (grad student)
Merle C. Potterthermal sciences and applied mathematics
Shahram PouyaMechanical Engineering2008 Manoochehr M. Koochesfahani (grad student)
Wendy PowersAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Engineering
Milind L. PrabhuCivil Engineering2007 Neeraj Buch (grad student)
Henry Eveleth Publow
Jianwei QinAgricultural Engineering2007 Renfu Lu (grad student)
Yunchang QiuChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Martin C. Hawley (grad student)
Muhannad QuwaiderElectronics and Electrical Engineering2010 Subir Biswas (grad student)
Clark RadcliffeMechanical Engineering
Muhammad M. RaheelMechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering2003 Abraham Engeda (grad student)
Rajendra P. Ralanisamy Yiming Deng (grad student)
Sridhar RamakrishnanElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2009 Satish Udpa (grad student)
Callista B. RansomHorticulture Agriculture, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology2007 Mariam B. Sticklen (grad student)
Jayanthi RaoComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Subir Biswas (grad student)
Wendy S. ReffeorApplied Mechanics, Biomedical Engineering, Occupational Health and Safety2001 Robert W. Soutas-Little (grad student)
Donnie K. Reinhard
Hooman RezaeiMechanical Engineering2001 Abraham Engeda (grad student)
Mohamed RhimiCivil Engineering Civil Engineering2013 Nizar Lajnef (grad student)
Muhammad S. RiazMechanical Engineering2005 Abraham Engeda (grad student)
Thaddeus RoppelElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Molecular Biology1983 Donnie K. Reinhard (grad student)
Gregory L. RorrerChemical Engineering, Botany Biology Chemical Engineering1989 Martin C. Hawley (grad student)
Ronald C. RosenbergMechanical Engineering, System Science Engineering, Applied Mechanics
Ronald RosenburgMechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Clayton L. RughSoil Science Agriculture, Environmental Engineering
Erik S. RunkleHorticulture Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering
Steven SaffermanCivil Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, General Engineering
Christopher SaffronChemical Engineering, Alternative Energy
Hassan K. SalamaCivil Engineering2005 Karim Chatti (grad student)
Carlos A. Sanlley PaganEnvironmental Engineering2008 Susan J. Masten (grad student)
Andrea Y. SatohEnvironmental Engineering, Toxicology2008 Susan J. Masten (grad student)
William E. SaulCivil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Libya A. SbiaCivil Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Environmental Engineering Civil Engineering2014 Praviz Soroushian (grad student)
Robert A. SchlueterElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Joseph B. SchroederMechanical Engineering2006 Craig W. Somerton (grad student)
Steven R. Schultze Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences20112015 Lifeng Luo (grad student)
Elaine Patricia Scott Mechanical Engineering James Vere Beck (grad student)
James R. SealMaterials Science Engineering Materials Science and Engineering2014 Martin A. Crimp (grad student)
Larry J. Segerlind
Jonathan E. SeppalaChemical Engineering Chemical Engineering2010 Michael E. Mackay (grad student)
Nelson Sepulveda-AlancastroElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Dean M. Aslam (grad student)
Rachada SettavongsinSoil Science Agriculture, Environmental Engineering2005 Clayton L. Rugh (grad student)
Nikki SgricciaChemical Engineering2008 Martin C. Hawley (grad student)
Mohammad B. ShafiiMechanical Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering2005 Manoochehr M. Koochesfahani (grad student)
Elias R. ShakourMechanical Engineering2000 Dahsin Liu (grad student)
Michael A. ShanblattComputer Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Steven W. ShawMechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Applied Mechanics
Bharath Shenoy Yiming Deng (grad student)
Joongmin ShinFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Packaging Engineering2007 Bruce Harte (grad student)
Yutian ShuMaterials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Materials Science and Engineering2012 Melissa J. Baumann (grad student)
Benjamin A. SimkinMaterials Science Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering, Applied Mechanics2003 Martin A. Crimp (grad student)
Abhyudai SinghControl Systems20032006 Hassan K. Khalil (research assistant), Ranjan Mukherjee (research assistant)
R. Paul Singh1974 Dennis R. Heldman (grad student)
Ubonratana SiripatrawanFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Packaging Engineering2002 Bruce Harte (grad student)
Paul E. SojkaMechanical Engineering, Pharmacy, Chemical Engineering1983 Ronald L. Kerber (grad student)
Shahab SokhansanjFood engineering, bioenergy, drying and densification, modeling & instrumentation1977 Frederik Wilte Bakker-Arkema (grad student)
Craig W. SomertonMechanical Engineering
Gong SongApplied Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering2006 Dahsin Liu (grad student)
Praviz SoroushianCivil Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Sandra Soto-CabanElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2011 Leo C. Kempel (grad student)
Robert W. Soutas-LittleApplied Mechanics, Biomedical Engineering, Occupational Health and Safety
Steve C. SouthwardMechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering1990 Clark Radcliffe (grad student)
Ahmed S. SowayanMechanical Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics2000 Andre Benard (grad student)
John W. SpinkPackaging Engineering, Criminology and Penology, Marketing Business Administration2009 Bruce Harte (grad student)
William Eldon Splinter Agricultural Engineering1955 Walter Monroe Carleton (grad student)
Manoch SrinangyamPackaging Engineering2003 Bruce Harte (grad student)
Devesh SrivastavaMaterials Science Engineering2008 Ilsoon Lee (grad student)
Ajit K. SrivastavaAgricultural Engineering
Robert P. SroufeManagement Business Administration, General Business Administration2000 Steven A. Melnyk (grad student)
Nick (Nikiforos) StamatiadisOperations Research, Transportation1990 William Clarence Taylor (grad student)
James F. SteffeFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering
Mariam B. SticklenBiofuels and Biobased Industrial Products, Crop Disease Resistance and Crop Drought Toleance
Bill A. Stout1959 Wesley Fisher Buchele (grad student)
K. N. SubramanianMetallurgy1966 Chuan-Tseng Wei (grad student)
Made SukrawaCivil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2000 William E. Saul (grad student)
Rensheng SunElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2005 Leo C. Kempel (grad student)
Guangwei SunMechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2011 Norbert Mueller (grad student)
Pimpida SurakomolCivil Engineering2005 Rigoberto Burgueno (grad student)
Tunwin SvasdisantCivil Engineering2003 Gilbert Y. Baladi (grad student)
Gokul SwamyBiomedical Engineering2009 Ramakrishna Mukkamala (grad student)
Rodney J. TabaczynskiThermodynamics, internal combustion engines, turbulent microscales, sustainable energy, electrification of the automobile and biofuels
Mahmoud Taghi Zadeh MehrjardiElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Electrical Engineering2012 Subir Biswas (grad student)
Yuxing TangElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2006 Dean M. Aslam (grad student)
Di TangElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Krittika TanprasertPackaging Engineering, Food Science and Technology Agriculture2005 Bruce Harte (grad student)
William Clarence TaylorTransportation engineering
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Wiley E. ThompsonElectronics and Electrical Engineering1968 Herman E. Koenig (grad student)
Yong TianElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics2005 Satish Udpa (grad student)
Yuan Tian Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences20122013 Wei Zhang (post-doc)
Kenneth J. Trigger Mechanical engineering1943 Fred B. Seely (grad student)
Hungyu TsaiApplied Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering
Francis Sing Tse
Tzu-Chia ( TsengMaterials Science Engineering2010 Michael E. Mackay (grad student)
Goker TuncolMechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2010 Alfred C. Loos (grad student)
Anish TutejaChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2006 Michael E. Mackay (grad student)
Satish UdpaElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering
V Dianne UlibarriBiomedical Engineering, Recreation
Beverly D. UlrichDevelopment of neuromotor control1984 Vern Seefeldt (grad student)
Lalita UpdaElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Zeynep UstunolFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Packaging Engineering
Rujida UthaisombutPackaging Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2001 Bruce Harte (grad student)
Marco VaganiMechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2012 Abraham Engeda (grad student)
Robert W. VanceMechanical Engineering2001 Indrek S. Wichman (grad student)
Michael W. VarneyElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Electrical Engineering2014 Dean M. Aslam (grad student)
Shawnee K. VickeryManagement Business Administration, System Science Engineering
Brendan J. VidmarMechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2012 Steven W. Shaw (grad student)
Robert Dean von BernuthAgricultural Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Kaenvit VongchusiriCivil Engineering2005 Neeraj Buch (grad student)
Roger Bruce WallaceFluid physics related to groundwater remediation ; hydraulic conductivity of organomodified clay soils for use as in-situ sorptive zones ; soil vapor extraction
Zhenwen WangApplied Mechanics2005 Dahsin Liu (grad student)
Chuan-Tseng WeiMetallurgy
Hao WenMaterials Science Engineering, Chemical Engineering Materials Science and Engineering2012 Scott C. Barton (grad student)
Chin-Long WeyElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Eugene Perry Whiteside
Dennis Emerson Wiant
Indrek S. WichmanMechanical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry1983 Forman Arthur Williams (grad student)
David C. WiggertEnvironmental Engineering
S Kim Ratanathanawongs WilliamsChemical Engineering Chemistry19811986 Stanley R. Crouch (grad student)
Sigismond A. WilsonGeography, Mining Engineering, Remote Sensing2010 Assefa Mehretu (grad student)
William L. Woodphysical oceanography, coastal hydrodynamics1971 William J Hinze (grad student)
Mark WordenChemical Engineering
Sarah J. WuManagement Business Administration, Operations Research2007 Steven A. Melnyk (grad student)
Wei-Min WuEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology, Environmental Microbiology
Tien-Hsing WuGeotechnical engineering
Donald L. WyseAgricultural Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Soil Science Agriculture1974 William F. Meggitt (grad student), Donald Penner (grad student)
Jinwen XiElectronics and Electrical Engineering2007 Peixin Zhong (grad student)
Yiyi YangMaterials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Materials Science and Engineering2011 Martin A. Crimp (grad student)
Gangfeng YeMaterials Science Engineering2006 Martin A. Crimp (grad student)
Seungyil YoonPackaging Engineering, Pharmacy2003 Hugh E. Lockhart (grad student)
Ziad YoussfiComputer Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Electrical Engineering2011 Michael A. Shanblatt (grad student)
Fan YuElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2008 Subir Biswas (grad student)
Meng YueElectronics and Electrical Engineering2002 Robert A. Schlueter (grad student)
Imen ZaabarCivil Engineering, Transportation2010 Karim Chatti (grad student)
Jinping ZhangMaterials Science Engineering2002 David S. Grummon (grad student)
Yijun ZhangMaterials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering2006 David S. Grummon (grad student)
Shupeng ZhangMechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering2014 Guoming G. Zhu (grad student)
Jiaming ZhangMaterials Science Engineering2007 Martin A. Crimp (grad student)
Guanqun ZhangElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Electrical Engineering2012 Ramakrishna Mukkamala (grad student)
Shuo Zhang Yiming Deng (grad student)
Wei Zhang
Yingjie Zhang Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences20142015 Wei Zhang (post-doc)
Yu Zhang Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences20162017 Wei Zhang (grad student)
Guanyu ZhengMechanical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry2000 Andre Benard (grad student)
Peixin ZhongElectronics and Electrical Engineering
Shuangjie ZhouChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2002 Martin C. Hawley (grad student)
Wu Zhoucomposite material, fracture mechanics, peridynamics Mechanical Engineering20132018 Dahsin Liu (grad student)
Yang Zhou ECE20182022 Peng Zhang (grad student)
Guoming G. ZhuMechanical Engineering
Xiangwei ZhuElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Dean M. Aslam (grad student)
Liming ZongChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry2005 Martin C. Hawley (grad student)