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2011 Biology Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, United States 
Zoology Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, General Biology

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2020 Brusch GA, Mills AM, Walman RM, Masuda G, Byeon A, DeNardo DF, Stahlschmidt ZR. Dehydration enhances cellular and humoral immunity in a mesic snake community. Journal of Experimental Zoology. Part a, Ecological and Integrative Physiology. PMID 32277742 DOI: 10.1002/jez.2358  1
2017 Stahlschmidt ZR, French SS, Ahn A, Webb A, Butler MW. A Simulated Heat Wave Has Diverse Effects on Immune Function and Oxidative Physiology in the Corn Snake (Pantherophis guttatus). Physiological and Biochemical Zoology : Pbz. 90: 434-444. PMID 28398156 DOI: 10.1086/691315  0.36
2016 Luoma RL, Butler MW, Stahlschmidt ZR. Plasticity of immunity in response to eating. The Journal of Experimental Biology. PMID 27099367 DOI: 10.1242/jeb.138123  1
2016 Butler MW, Lutz TJ, Fokidis HB, Stahlschmidt ZR. Eating increases oxidative damage in a reptile. The Journal of Experimental Biology. PMID 27099366 DOI: 10.1242/jeb.138875  1
2015 Stahlschmidt ZR, Jodrey AD, Luoma RL. Consequences of complex environments: Temperature and energy intake interact to influence growth and metabolic rate. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part a, Molecular & Integrative Physiology. 187: 1-7. PMID 25899738 DOI: 10.1016/j.cbpa.2015.04.007  1
2015 Dupoué A, Stahlschmidt ZR, Michaud B, Lourdais O. Physiological state influences evaporative water loss and microclimate preference in the snake Vipera aspis. Physiology & Behavior. 144: 82-9. PMID 25725119 DOI: 10.1016/j.physbeh.2015.02.042  1
2015 Stahlschmidt ZR, Acker M, Kovalko I, Adamo SA. The double-edged sword of immune defence and damage control: Do food availability and immune challenge alter the balance? Functional Ecology. 29: 1445-1452. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2435.12454  1
2015 Stahlschmidt ZR, Adamo SA. Food-limited mothers favour offspring quality over offspring number: A principal components approach Functional Ecology. 29: 88-95. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2435.12287  1
2014 Stahlschmidt Z, O'Leary ME, Adamo S. Food limitation leads to risky decision making and to tradeoffs with oviposition Behavioral Ecology. 25: 223-227. DOI: 10.1093/beheco/art110  1
2013 Stahlschmidt ZR, Lourdais O, Lorioux S, Butler MW, Davis JR, Salin K, Voituron Y, DeNardo DF. Morphological and physiological changes during reproduction and their relationships to reproductive performance in a capital breeder. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology : Pbz. 86: 398-409. PMID 23799834 DOI: 10.1086/670918  1
2013 Stahlschmidt ZR, Adamo SA. Context dependency and generality of fever in insects. Die Naturwissenschaften. 100: 691-6. PMID 23709012 DOI: 10.1007/s00114-013-1057-y  1
2013 Butler MW, Stahlschmidt ZR, Ardia DR, Davies S, Davis J, Guillette LJ, Johnson N, McCormick SD, McGraw KJ, DeNardo DF. Thermal sensitivity of immune function: evidence against a generalist-specialist trade-off among endothermic and ectothermic vertebrates. The American Naturalist. 181: 761-74. PMID 23669539 DOI: 10.1086/670191  1
2013 Stahlschmidt ZR, Rollinson N, Acker M, Adamo SA. Are all eggs created equal? Food availability and the fitness trade-off between reproduction and immunity Functional Ecology. 27: 800-806. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2435.12071  1
2013 Stahlschmidt ZR, Adamo SA. Warm and cozy: Temperature and predation risk interactively affect oviposition site selection Animal Behaviour. 86: 553-558. DOI: 10.1016/j.anbehav.2013.06.009  1
2012 Stahlschmidt ZR, Shine R, Denardo DF. Temporal and spatial complexity of maternal thermoregulation in tropical pythons. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology : Pbz. 85: 219-30. PMID 22494978 DOI: 10.1086/665663  1
2012 Denardo DF, Lourdais O, Stahlschmidt ZR. Are females maternal manipulators, Selfish mothers, or both? Insight from pythons Herpetologica. 68: 299-307. DOI: 10.1655/HERPETOLOGICA-D-12-00023.1  1
2012 Stahlschmidt ZR, Shine R, Denardo DF. The consequences of alternative parental care tactics in free-ranging pythons in tropical Australia Functional Ecology. 26: 812-821. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2435.2012.02003.x  1
2011 Stahlschmidt ZR. Taxonomic chauvinism revisited: insight from parental care research. Plos One. 6: e24192. PMID 21904614 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0024192  1
2011 Stahlschmidt ZR, Davis JR, Denardo DF. Sexual variation in assimilation efficiency: its link to phenotype and potential role in sexual dimorphism. Journal of Comparative Physiology. B, Biochemical, Systemic, and Environmental Physiology. 181: 383-9. PMID 21104089 DOI: 10.1007/s00360-010-0536-0  1
2011 Stahlschmidt Z, Brashears J, Denardo D. The use of ultrasonography to assess reproductive investment and output in pythons Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 103: 772-778. DOI: 10.1111/j.1095-8312.2011.01671.x  1
2011 Stahlschmidt ZR, DeNardo DF, Holland JN, Kotler BP, Kruse-Peeples M. Tolerance mechanisms in North American deserts: Biological and societal approaches to climate change Journal of Arid Environments. 75: 681-687. DOI: 10.1016/j.jaridenv.2011.03.006  1
2011 Stahlschmidt ZR, Brashears J, DeNardo DF. The role of temperature and humidity in python nest site selection Animal Behaviour. 81: 1077-1081. DOI: 10.1016/j.anbehav.2011.02.024  1
2010 Stahlschmidt ZR, Heulin B, DeNardo DF. The role of python eggshell permeability dynamics in a respiration-hydration trade-off. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology : Pbz. 83: 576-86. PMID 20477532 DOI: 10.1086/652425  1
2010 Stahlschmidt Z, Denardo DF. Parental behavior in pythons is responsive to both the hydric and thermal dynamics of the nest. The Journal of Experimental Biology. 213: 1691-6. PMID 20435820 DOI: 10.1242/jeb.041095  1
2009 Stahlschmidt ZR, Denardo DF. Effect of nest temperature on egg-brooding dynamics in Children's pythons. Physiology & Behavior. 98: 302-6. PMID 19538977 DOI: 10.1016/j.physbeh.2009.06.004  1
2009 Stahlschmidt ZR, Denardo DF. Obligate costs of parental care to offspring: Egg brooding-induced hypoxia creates smaller, slower and weaker python offspring Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 98: 414-421. DOI: 10.1111/j.1095-8312.2009.01280.x  1
2008 Stahlschmidt ZR, DeNardo DF. Alternating egg-brooding behaviors create and modulate a hypoxic developmental micro-environment in Children's pythons (Antaresia childreni). The Journal of Experimental Biology. 211: 1535-40. PMID 18456880 DOI: 10.1242/jeb.016071  1
2008 Stahlschmidt ZR, Hoffman TCM, DeNardo DF. Postural shifts during egg-brooding and their impact on egg water balance in children's pythons (Antaresia childreni) Ethology. 114: 1113-1121. DOI: 10.1111/j.1439-0310.2008.01553.x  1
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