University of California, Santa Barbara

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Stuart C. AitkenGeography
Nicole S. AlexanderGeography2002 Keith Clarke (grad student)
Reginald S. ArcherGeography, Remote Sensing, Geodesy Geography2013 Keith Clarke (grad student)
Randy BergstromUnited States History, American Studies, Transportation, Geography
Guofeng CaoGeography Geography2011 Michael F. Goodchild (grad student)
Gargi ChaudhuriGeography, Geodesy, Land Use Planning Geography2011 Keith Clarke (grad student)
DongMei Chen2001 Douglas Stow (grad student)
SeongA Cho Geography2019 Alan T. Murray (grad student)
Keith ClarkeGeography
John G. CloudGeography, Geodesy, History of Science2000 Keith Clarke (grad student)
James W. CraineGeography, Cinema, Mass Communications2006 Stuart C. Aitken (grad student)
Candida d. DewesGeography, Climate Change, General Agriculture Geography2013 Catherine Gautier (grad student)
Catherine H. DibbleGeography2001 Michael F. Goodchild (grad student)
Charles DietzelPhysical Geography, Urban and Regional Planning2005 Keith Clarke (grad student)
Ralph DubayahPhysical Geography Geography19861990 Jeff Dozier (grad student)
Janet FranklinGeography
Mary P. FreemanGeography Geography, Joint Program SDSU2012 Douglas Stow (grad student)
Christopher C. FunkPhysical Geography, Atmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences, Geography2002 Joel Michaelsen (grad student)
John A. GalloGeography2007 Michael F. Goodchild (grad student)
Catherine GautierSciences Education, Geography
Arthur GetisGeography, Epidemiology, Entomology Biology
John A. GlennonGeography Geography2013 Michael F. Goodchild (grad student)
Denise M. GoerischGeography, American Studies, Gender Studies
Kirk P. GoldsberryGeography, Information Science, Transportation Geography2007 Keith Clarke (grad student)
Noah C. GoldsteinGeography, System Science Engineering2005 Keith Clarke (grad student)
Michael F. GoodchildGeography
Karl E. GrossnerGeography Geography2010 Michael F. Goodchild (grad student)
Qingfeng GuanPhysical Geography, Computer Science Geography2008 Keith Clarke (grad student)
Jordan T. HastingsGeography Geography2009 Michael F. Goodchild (grad student)
Rose Hayden-SmithUnited States History, Public and Social Welfare, Sustainability, American Studies, Public Administration, Women's Studies2010 Randy Bergstrom (grad student)
Thomas M. HermanGeography2000 Stuart C. Aitken (grad student)
Martin HeroldGeography2004 Keith Clarke (grad student)
Thomas Hervey Geography Werner Kuhn (grad student)
Indy M. HurtGeography Geography2011 Michael F. Goodchild (grad student)
Gregory J. HusakPhysical Geography2005 Joel Michaelsen (grad student)
Carsten Keßler Aalborg University Werner Kuhn (post-doc)
Monte G. KimUnited States History, American Studies, Transportation, Geography2005 Randy Bergstrom (grad student)
Karen D. KlineGeography, Information Science2005 Keith Clarke (grad student)
Werner Kuhn
Sara K Lafiainformation science Geography20142020 Werner Kuhn (grad student)
Linna LiGeography Geography2010 Michael F. Goodchild (grad student)
Christopher D. LippittGeography Geography, Joint Program SDSU2012 Douglas Stow (grad student)
Caitlin L. LippittGeography
XiaoHang LiuGeography2003 Michael F. Goodchild (grad student)
Anna Carla Lopez Geography2009 Douglas Stow (grad student)
Christopher L. LukinbealGeography, Mass Communications, Cinema2000 Stuart C. Aitken (grad student)
Wei LuoGeo-Social Visual Analytics, Analytical Modeling
Natalie MahowaldAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography
Amy L. McNallyRemote Sensing, Hydrology, Soil Science Agriculture Geography2013 Catherine Gautier (grad student)
George E. MerchantPhysical Geography2000 Terence Smith (grad student)
Joel MichaelsenPhysical Geography, Atmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences, Geography
Jeffrey A. OnstedGeography, Urban and Regional Planning, Public Administration2007 Keith Clarke (grad student)
Allison M. PaytonAstronomy and Astrophysics, Environmental Sciences2003 Catherine Gautier (grad student)
Thomas J. PingelGeography Geography2010 Keith Clarke (grad student)
Nathaniel RoyalGeography Geography2012 Michael F. Goodchild (grad student)
Sadie Jane RyanMedical Geography, Ecology, Conservation Biology, Disease Ecology, Wildlife Biology, Spatial Ecology, Primatology Geography David Lopez-Carr (post-doc)
Diane M. SchweizerSciences Education, Geography2002 Catherine Gautier (grad student)
Peter R. ScullGeography2002 Janet Franklin (grad student)
Ashton M. ShortridgeGeography2000 Michael F. Goodchild (grad student)
Jorge M. SifuentesGeography2005 Michael F. Goodchild (grad student)
Germán D SilvaWetlands, Geography, Remote Sensing, Biogeochemistry Geography20192024 Jennifer Y. King (grad student)
David Stanley Simonettremote sensing of the environment
Terence SmithPhysical Geography
Douglas StowGeography
Alexandra D. SyphardGeography, Ecology Biology, Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography2005 Janet Franklin (grad student)
Waldo Tobler
Sally J. WestmorelandGeography2001 Douglas Stow (grad student)
Masaru YoshiokaAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography2005 Natalie Mahowald (grad student)