Carnegie Institution for Science

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Thomas Fredrik Weiby BarthCrystallography, petrography, mineralogy19301936 Arthur Louis Day (research scientist)
Norman Levi BowenGeophysics1912 Frederick Eugene Wright (research assistant), Ernest Stanley Shepherd (research assistant)
Elodie Brothelande Hélène Le Mével (post-doc)
C. Page Chamberlain Geophysical Laboratory Douglas Rumble (post-doc)
Felix Chayes
Steven Joseph DavisEnergy systems, climate change, international trade Global Ecology Ken Caldeira (post-doc)
Arthur Louis Daygeophysics, volcanology
Scott Ellsworth ForbushGeophysics1927 Frederick Eugene Wright (research assistant)
Emilie JägerGeochronology, isotope geochemistry
David Evan James
Maureen Devaney LongGeophysics, Plate Tectonics Department of Terrestrial Magnetism Department of Terrestrial Magnetism David Evan James (post-doc), Paul Gordon Silver (post-doc)
Hélène Le Mével Diana C. Roman (post-doc)
Douglas Rumble
Ernest Stanley Shepherdalloys, minerals and chemistry of volcanic phenomena.
Tara Shreve Hélène Le Mével (post-doc)
Paul Gordon Silver
Danielle Velde (Métais) Geophysical Laboratory19611964 Felix Chayes (post-doc)
Frederick Eugene WrightGeophysics