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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Pieter Bots (Info) University of Leeds jpperez 2021‑10‑08
John B Brady (Info) Smith College carmichaelsk 2021‑11‑17
Aaron Cahill (Info) UBC rbeckie_ubc 2021‑12‑02
Mauricio Compiani (Info) University of Campinas - UNICAMP, University of Campinas - UNICAMP ricardosdag 2021‑11‑08
Sarah Cooley (Info) University of Oregon Nilmatovich 2021‑09‑28
Cole Van De (Info) UBC rbeckie_ubc 2021‑12‑02
Cole Van De (Info) UBC rbeckie_ubc 2021‑12‑02
Michael Eddy (Info) Purdue ryanickert 2021‑11‑23
Lachlan Gilchrist (Info) University of Toronto jandh 2021‑10‑14
Ryan Ickert (Info) Purdue isotope geochemistry, geochemistry, geochronology, mass spectrometry ryanickert 2021‑11‑23
Madeline Lewis (Info) Purdue mlewis 2021‑11‑23
Yan Li (Info) China University of Geosciences Luminescence dating, coastal sedimentation, marine geology geo-liyan 2021‑10‑06
Stefanie Lutz (Info) University of Leeds jpperez 2021‑10‑08
Cooper Malanoski (Info) Oxford University UK epetsios 2021‑11‑30
Cara Manning (Info) UBC rbeckie_ubc 2021‑12‑02
Vivek Mishra (Info) Hebei University of Engineering, Handan, Hebei, China Coal and Coke Characterization; Coal Mineralogy; Coal Petrography; Trace and Rare Earth Elements in Coal; Wildfire during Permo-Carboniferous; Origin of Inertinite; Coal Pollution and Human Health drvmishra 2021‑10‑25
Daniele Pedretti (Info) UBC rbeckie_ubc 2021‑12‑02
Teresa Cardoso Silva (Info) Universidade Federal da Bahia ricardosdag 2021‑11‑10
Bas Vriens (Info) UBC rbeckie_ubc 2021‑12‑02
Ian S. Williams (Info) ANU ryanickert 2021‑11‑23
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