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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Silvia Bogan (Info) City, University of London Heart rate variability; mindfulness; recovery; emotional regulation Silviab_511 2022‑06‑28
Shanique Brown (Info) Wayne State Csendra94 2022‑06‑28
Dorothy Carter (Info) Michigan State, University of Georgia teams, leadership, multiteam systems, social networks Dorothy_Carter 2022‑06‑23
Kate M Conley (Info) University of Georgia Katemconley 2022‑06‑23
Kabir N Daljeet (Info) University of Montreal (Canada) Personality, selection, assessment, faking kdaljeet 2022‑06‑28
Hope Dodd (Info) The University of Georgia work-family dynamics, quantitative methods, employee well-being hopedodd 2022‑06‑23
Spencer C. Garcia (Info) Georgia Tech Organizational Psychology sgarcia 2022‑06‑28
Danielle M. Gardner (Info) Colorado State iopsych123 2022‑06‑28
Lucie Kocum (Info) Saint Mary's University (Canada) multimodaltime 2022‑06‑28
Nick C Koenig (Info) University of Central Florida mizzourah 2022‑06‑28
Yijue Liang (Info) George Mason Sexual harassment, well-being yijue.liang 2022‑06‑23
Jennifer Mayo (Info) JenMDC 2022‑06‑29
Jennifer Mayo (Info) California Southern University Workforce development JenMDC 2022‑06‑29
Caitlynn Sendra (Info) Wayne State Teams, judgement & decision making, leadership, gender Csendra94 2022‑06‑28
Rachel Williamson Smith (Info) Georgia Southern University Work-family, well-being, diversity, personality will2493 2022‑06‑28
Joanna Solomon (Info) Saint Mary's University (Canada) industrial/organizational psychology, psychometrics, measurement, personality multimodaltime 2022‑06‑28
Tianjun Sun (Info) Kansas State University selection, personality, psychometrics, methodology tspsyched 2022‑06‑30
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