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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Neal M. Ashkanasy (Info) University of Queensland Emotions mosesrivera 2023‑07‑01
Paul D. Bliese (Info) University of South Carolina mosesrivera 2023‑05‑08
Jeffrey R. Edwards (Info) UNC Chapel Hill Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, Quantitative Methods mosesrivera 2023‑05‑08
Richard Hayes (Info) Old Dominion University jolenick 2024‑02‑03
Daroon Jalil (Info) Old Dominion University jolenick 2024‑02‑03
Penny Koommoo-Welch (Info) NCSU employee engagement, surveys & assessments pennykw 2023‑10‑05
Jorge Lumbreras (Info) Seattle Pacific University mmisgano 2023‑10‑19
Patrick McCarthy (Info) Middle Tennessee State University PatrickMcCarthy 2023‑05‑02
Mintay N Misgano (Info) Seattle Pacific University Talent Management mmisgano 2023‑10‑19
Ben B. Morgan (Info) University of Central Florida, Old Dominion University Teams mosesrivera 2023‑09‑05
Semin Park (Info) The University of Iowa Teams, Social Networks, Conflict, Relational Dynamics seminrosa 2023‑11‑30
Rachael H Pyram (Info) Michigan State DEI rachaelpyram 2024‑01‑23
Rishi Rampal (Info) Seattle Pacific University mmisgano 2023‑10‑19
Edgar Henry Schein (Info) MIT mosesrivera 2024‑01‑24
Brian Wing Trinh (Info) San Francisco State industrial organizational psychology, psychology, education btrinh85 2023‑11‑26
Kristian Tylén (Info) Aarhus University rbroc 2023‑05‑30
Mikkel Wallentin (Info) Aarhus University rbroc 2023‑05‑30
Chia Wang (Info) SFSU candy18188 2023‑11‑26
Larry J. Williams (Info) University of North Dakota, University Nebraska Lincoln, Texas Tech mosesrivera 2023‑05‑17
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