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Andrew Burrows (Info) Lottermoser 2022‑07‑28
Michael L. Corrado (Info) Ohio University, UNC Chapel Hill emmett.wilson 2022‑08‑03
Nicola Countouris (Info) Oxford Lottermoser 2022‑07‑28
Mark Freedland (Info) Oxford Lottermoser 2022‑07‑28
Markus Gehring (Info) Lottermoser 2022‑07‑28
Stephen Guest (Info) Lottermoser 2022‑07‑28
George Williams Keeton (Info) Lottermoser 2022‑07‑28
Mitchell Lennan (Info) University of Strathclyde International Law of the Sea, International Environmental Law, Human Rights Lennan-Mitchell 2022‑07‑28
Jorge Leyton (Info) University of Bristol Labour law jleytong 2022‑07‑28
Roy Marshall (Info) Lottermoser 2022‑07‑28
Aileen McHarg (Info) Durham University Public law AileenMcHarg 2022‑07‑28
Amir Paz-Fuchs (Info) Oxford Lottermoser 2022‑07‑28
Giuseppe Portonera (Info) Catholic University of Milan tort law, private law, contract law, unjust enrichment law, punishment, jurisprudence, originalism, textualism, natural law, positivism GiuseppePortos 2022‑07‑28
Jenny Rivera (Info) New York Court of Appeals, CUNY jacr 2022‑07‑27
Julian Scholtes (Info) Newcastle University comparative constitutional law; constitutional theory; EU law tlohcsj 2022‑07‑28
Helen Scott (Info) Lottermoser 2022‑07‑28
Sonya Sotomayor (Info) U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, United States Supreme Court jacr 2022‑07‑27
Joseph B. Stulberg (Info) City University of New York - Baruch College, Wayne State, University of Missouri - Columbia, Ohio State Mediation, Dispute Resolution emmett.wilson 2022‑08‑11
François Tanguay-Renaud (Info) Lottermoser 2022‑07‑28
Paul Yowell (Info) Oxford Lottermoser 2022‑07‑28
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