San Diego State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Candace Alagata
Bengt J. AllenMarine Community Ecology Susan L. Williams (grad student)
Darrin Samala Ambat
Todd W. AndersonFish Ecology, Recruitment, Population Structure19971999 Gregor Michel Cailliet (grad student), Mark Hixon (post-doc)
Renee E Angwin (Dolecal)marine ecology, aquaculture Biology20092012 Jeremy D. Long (grad student)
Karina Arzuyanphycology, marine ecology Biology2019 Matthew S. Edwards (grad student)
Cheryl L Barnesfisheries ecology, fisheries biology, quantitative fisheries, marine science, groundfishes, climate change
Billie A Beckley20162020 Matthew S. Edwards (grad student)
Melissa N. Blando20122015 Matthew S. Edwards (grad student)
Xavius Boone Biology Jeremy D. Long (grad student)
Matthew Brown Biology20102013 Matthew S. Edwards (grad student)
Laura T. Carneyphycology20002003 B. Kern Ewing (grad student)
Max C.N. Castorani20082014 Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Brian S. Chengclimate change, invasive species, ecophysiology, estuaries, predation20052008 Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Alexander G. Cheroskevision, behavior, crustacea Biology Susan L. Williams (grad student)
Julia Coates
Jeffrey A. Crooks Deborah Dexter (grad student)
Andrew Davenport20032006 Todd W. Anderson (grad student)
Chris Davis Biology1994 Susan L. Williams (grad student)
Ric DeSantiagoInvasive Species, Island Ecology, Pollution Biology2018 Jeremy D. Long (grad student)
Paul DetwilerCoral reef echinoderms, pinniped behavior19921996 Tom Ebert (grad student)
Deborah DexterEcology of Sandy Beaches; Marine Invertebrate Zoology
Andres Deza20052008 Todd W. Anderson (grad student)
Russell Edward DiFiori Biology1994 Susan L. Williams (grad student)
Christina DodgeUrchin behavior and disease
Renee E. DolecalChemical Ecology, Benthic Ecology20092012 Jeremy D. Long (grad student)
Dillon DolinarMarine Ecology, Kelp Forests, Marine Conservation, Marine Protected Areas, Disturbance Ecology20172020 Matthew S. Edwards (research assistant)
Tom EbertMarine Ecology
Matthew S. Edwards1997 Rafael Riosmena-Rodriguez (collaborator)
Patrick J. EwanchukCommunity Ecology19921995 Susan L. Williams (grad student)
Stacie FejtekPhycology, kelps
Emily Floyd20012007 Todd W. Anderson (grad student)
Scott S. Gabara2015 Matthew S. Edwards (grad student)
Carey Galst20042007 Todd W. Anderson (grad student)
Christine Gregor20012005 Todd W. Anderson (grad student)
Jessica E Griffincommunity ecology Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Kaylee R. Griffithmarine ecology, conservation biology, phycology Biology2015 Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Tracy M Grimes Ecology Rebecca Lewison (grad student)
Holly Hanson Biology2000 Susan L. Williams (grad student)
Danielle Healey Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Brian T. Hentschelbenthic ecology, biological oceanography
Kevin A. Hovel Romuald Lipcius (grad student), Steven Gaines Morgan (grad student)
Ryan Jenkinson Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Colton J Johnson
Megan R. Johnson Biology2000 Susan L. Williams (grad student)
Megan R. Johnson
Colin JonesMarine ecology20072011 Todd W. Anderson (grad student)
Chris Knight20162019 Jeremy D. Long (grad student)
Rachel Kushner Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Chris K. Kwanmarine community ecology, intertidal ecology, invertebrate biology2010 Jeremy D. Long (grad student)
Eric Lewallen20032006 Todd W. Anderson (grad student)
Levi Steele Lewisecology of estuaries, seagrass beds, coral reefs; trophic dynamics20052009 Todd W. Anderson (grad student)
Rebecca Lewison
Carolyn Lieberman2001 Susan L. Williams (grad student)
Danielle Lipski20012005 Todd W. Anderson (grad student)
Chad L. Loflen20052007 Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Jeremy D. LongAlgae/herbivore interactions
Timothy Lu Biology1993 Susan L. Williams (grad student)
Thien Mai Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Breckie McCollum20122015 Matthew S. Edwards (grad student)
Luke P. Millerecomechanics, ecophysiology
Eliza C. MooreOcean monitoring, Benthic ecology, Marine invertebrates20052008 Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Rochelle Mothokakobo Matthew S. Edwards (grad student)
Tye A. NicholsFish Ecology
Katie Nichols Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Kevin Corliss O'Connorwetland restoration, wetland assessment, benthic ecology, kelp forest ecology20052007 Todd W. Anderson (grad student)
Jessica Jean Patzlaff Biology Jeremy D. Long (grad student)
Peter S. PetraitisEcology19711974 Tom Ebert (grad student)
Erica Pollard
Brendan Reed Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Thorsten Reusch Susan L. Williams (post-doc)
Shelby RinehartConsumer-resource interactions, community ecology, ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry Biology20132018 Jeremy D. Long (grad student)
Forest Rohwer
Leah Segui Ecology Kevin A. Hovel (research assistant)
Jennifer Coyle Selgrathlandscape ecology, resilience20042006 Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Amy Sewell Biology1996 Susan L. Williams (grad student)
Shana Sharfi20022005 Todd W. Anderson (grad student)
Priya ShuklaClimate Change, Marine Ecology Biology20122015 Matthew S. Edwards (grad student)
Katie SieversFish Ecology
Lindsey Sirota Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Sadie L. SmallBenthic ecology, phycology, early life history Biology20132018 Matthew S. Edwards (grad student)
Pike SpectorMarine Science, Ecology, Phycology Biology20152018 Matthew S. Edwards (grad student)
Sean Suk20042008 Todd W. Anderson (grad student)
Kelly Tait Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Jorge Terrados Biology Susan L. Williams (post-doc)
Monica M. TydlaskaAlgae20122015 Matthew S. Edwards (grad student)
Vanessa Van DeusenLobster behavioral feeding ecology Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Janet K. Walkermarine community ecology, salt marsh ecology, plant-plant interactions, mutualisms, restoration Biology2015 Jeremy D. Long (grad student)
Alexandria M. WarnekeEcology Jeremy D. Long (grad student)
Jessica Alice Weidenfeldnutrient cycling, aquaculture, inverts
Wendi K Whitemarine ecology Biology20162020 Jeremy D. Long (research assistant)
Kira Withy-AllenMovement & habitat use of California spiny lobsters Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)
Mallarie E. YeagerMarine Ecology20132016 Kevin A. Hovel (grad student)