University of Florida, Gainesville

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mohamad AlkhalidiMarine and Ocean Engineering2005 Ashish J. Mehta (grad student)
Lianne M. Allen-Jacobson Biology20112018 Craig W. Osenberg (grad student)
Vadim V. AlymovMarine and Ocean Engineering, Physical Oceanography2005 Peter Sheng (grad student)
Nuvit B. BasdurakPhysical Oceanography, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering2010 Arnoldo V. Levinson (grad student)
Jonathan I. BlochVertebrate evolution, evolution of mammals Florida Museum of Natural History Bruce MacFadden (collaborator)
Gabriela Blohm Zoology20072008 Craig W. Osenberg (grad student)
David BloomquistCivil Engineering, Marine Geology, Geology
Thomas F. BohrmannStatistics, Natural Resource Management, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture2011 Brian R. Silliman (grad student)
Benjamin M. BolkerTheoretical Ecology
Jason Bourque Departments of Museum Studies and Zoology2007 Jonathan I. Bloch (grad student)
Yeon S. ChangMarine and Ocean Engineering2001 Daniel M. Hanes (grad student)
James E. ChannellGeology, Geophysics, Marine Geology
Diana W Chinplant-animal-sediment interactions, mutualism2020 Andrew H. Altieri (post-doc), Laura K. Reynolds (post-doc), Julie L. Meyer (post-doc)
Keith P. ChoeAnimal Physiology Biology, Zoology Biology2005 David H. Evans (grad student)
James B Claiborne David H. Evans (grad student)
Andrew CondonMarine and Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Physical Oceanography2011 Peter Sheng (grad student)
Sinead Crotty Mark D. Bertness (grad student)
Raphael CrowleyCivil Engineering, Marine Geology, Geology2010 David Bloomquist (grad student)
Evi De La Rosa RicciardiCivil Engineering, Latin American Studies, Information Science2009 David Bloomquist (grad student)
Edward S. Deeveypaleoecology
John Donald
David H. EvansOsmoregulation, Fish Physiology
Thomas K. FrazerBiological oceanography, zooplankton, water quality, SAV
Donovan P. GermanEcological Physiology, Fishes, Microbes David H. Evans (grad student)
James T. Giesel
Michael A. Gilcoral reef ecology, seagrass ecology, conservation biology, species interactions, trophic dynamics2009 Craig W. Osenberg (grad student)
Michael J. Greenbergmolluscan physiology19881991 Maurice R. Elphick (collaborator)
Linda E. Grober-DunsmoreBiological oceanography, zooplankton, water quality, SAV2005 Thomas K. Frazer (grad student)
Rebecca Hale Biology19982006 Craig W. Osenberg (grad student)
Emily R. HallBiological oceanography, zooplankton, water quality, SAV2004 Thomas K. Frazer (grad student)
Daniel M. HanesMarine and Ocean Engineering
Nichelle L. HannPetrology, Marine Geology, Geology2012 Mike Perfit (grad student)
Arianna Harrington Biology/Florida Museum of Natural History2015 Jonathan I. Bloch (grad student)
Alexander Hastings Geology/Florida Museum of Natural History2012 Jonathan I. Bloch (grad student)
Justin C. Havirdmolecular evolution, marine ecology, marine physiology, evolution, cytonuclear interactions Zoology20062008 David H. Evans (grad student)
Marc J. Hensel20102013 Brian R. Silliman (grad student)
Tyler J. HesserMarine and Ocean Engineering2010 Donald Slinn (grad student)
Jonathan Hoffman Geology/Florida Museum of Natural History2006 Jonathan I. Bloch (grad student)
Christine Holdredge Brian R. Silliman (grad student), Mark D. Bertness (research assistant)
Kelly A. HyndmanZoology Biology, Physiology Biology2008 David H. Evans (grad student)
Charles JacobyBiological oceanography, zooplankton, water quality, SAV
Mamta JainMarine and Ocean Engineering, Limnology Biology2007 Ashish J. Mehta (grad student)
Sergio JaramilloPhysical Oceanography, Civil Engineering2008 Alexandru Sheremet (grad student)
Jing Jiao Biology20112017 Craig W. Osenberg (grad student)
Nathan Jud Florida Museum of Natural History20142016 Jonathan I. Bloch (post-doc)
Lisa A. KirkendaleZoology Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Animal Physiology Biology2005 Gustav Paulay (grad student)
Andrew J. LapetinaCivil Engineering, Marine and Ocean Engineering2013 Peter Sheng (grad student)
Matthew V. LaurettaBiological oceanography, zooplankton, water quality, SAV2011 Thomas K. Frazer (grad student)
Joseph V. LetterCivil Engineering, Geological Engineering2009 Ashish J. Mehta (grad student)
Arnoldo V. LevinsonMarine and Ocean Engineering, Physical Oceanography
James H. MacMahanMarine and Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering, Physical Oceanography2003 Robert Thieke (grad student)
Carly Manz Geology/Florida Museum of Natural History2015 Jonathan I. Bloch (grad student)
Frank J.S. Maturo
Tim McClanahan Howard T. Odum (grad student)
Michael W. McCoy Zoology20012006 Craig W. Osenberg (grad student)
Larry R. McEdwardLife history evolution, larval biology
Christian S. McKeonEcology Biology, Systematic Biology2010 Gustav Paulay (grad student)
Ashish J. MehtaMarine and Ocean Engineering
Julie L. Meyer
François Michonneauevolutionary biology20062014 Gustav Paulay (grad student)
Benjamin G. MinerPhenotypic plasticity, larval biology, life-history evolution, intertidal ecology20012003 Larry R. McEdward (grad student), Colette St Mary (grad student), Craig W. Osenberg (grad student)
Vanessa J. MintzerBiological oceanography, zooplankton, water quality, SAV Natural Resources and Environment2013 Thomas K. Frazer (grad student)
Paul E. Morseprimate evolution, vertebrate paleontology, dietary ecology, dental topography Anthropology20102018 Jonathan I. Bloch (grad student)
Scott W. Nixonproductivity, biogeochemical cycling Howard T. Odum (grad student)
Patrick Norby
Jimmy O'Donnell20042005 Jada-Simone S. White (research assistant)
Howard T. Odumsystems ecology, ornithology, energy
Toshinori Okuyama2006 Benjamin M. Bolker (grad student)
Craig W. OsenbergPopulation, Community, and Aquatic Ecology
Vladimir A. ParamyginMarine and Ocean Engineering2009 Peter Sheng (grad student)
Kijin ParkCivil Engineering, Hydrology2004 Peter Sheng (grad student)
Gustav PaulayInvertebrate Zoology and Phylogeography
Allison M. PenkoMarine and Ocean Engineering, Marine Geology, Naval Engineering2010 Donald Slinn (grad student)
Mike PerfitPetrology, Marine Geology, Geology
Peter M. PiermariniZoology Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2002 David H. Evans (grad student)
Laura K. Reynolds
Aldo Rincón Geology/Florida Museum of Natural History2011 Jonathan I. Bloch (grad student)
David J. RobillardMarine and Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering, Marine Geology, Physical Oceanography2009 Ashish J. Mehta (grad student)
Kelly L. RobinsonCoastal biological oceanography, zooplankton20052007 Thomas K. Frazer (grad student), Charles Jacoby (grad student)
Ilgar SafakPhysical Oceanography, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Marine Geology2010 Alexandru Sheremet (grad student)
Cihan SahinMarine and Ocean Engineering2012 Alexandru Sheremet (grad student)
Darlene Saindon Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences20032006 Craig W. Osenberg (grad student)
Thomas J. SaundersBiological oceanography, zooplankton, water quality, SAV2007 Thomas K. Frazer (grad student)
Adam R SearlesMarine Ecology Soil and Water Sciences20202025 Laura K. Reynolds (grad student)
Ross SecordVertebrate evolution, evolution of mammals Florida Museum of Natural History20072008 Jonathan I. Bloch (post-doc)
Peter ShengCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Physical Oceanography
Alexandru SheremetPhysical Oceanography, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Marine Geology
Brian R. SillimanMarine Biology, Marine Ecology, Wetland Ecology, Food Webs, Marine Conservation
Donald SlinnMarine and Ocean Engineering, Physical Oceanography
John Starmer Gustav Paulay (grad student)
Sharon Stevens Zoology19982000 Craig W. Osenberg (grad student)
Adrian C. StierPopulation Ecology; Community Ecology, Conservation Ecology20052012 Craig W. Osenberg (grad student), Benjamin M. Bolker (grad student)
Shih-Feng SuMarine and Ocean Engineering, Physical Oceanography2010 Alexandru Sheremet (grad student)
Detong SunEnvironmental Engineering, Physical Oceanography2001 Peter Sheng (grad student)
Robert ThiekeMarine and Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering, Physical Oceanography
Bilge TutakPhysical Oceanography, Hydrology, Atmospheric Sciences, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering Civil and Coastal Engineering2010 Peter Sheng (grad student)
Maria Christina VasquezPhenotypic plasticity, physiological responses to multiple stressors
James R. VoneshEcology Biology, Zoology Biology2003 Craig W. Osenberg (grad student)
Amy F. WaterhouseMarine and Ocean Engineering, Physical Oceanography2010 Arnoldo V. Levinson (grad student)
Bret M. WebbMarine and Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering2008 Donald Slinn (grad student)
Jada-Simone S. WhitePopulation and Community ecology20062010 Craig W. Osenberg (grad student), Gustav Paulay (grad student), Benjamin M. Bolker (grad student)
Chloe D. WinantMarine and Ocean Engineering2011 Arnoldo V. Levinson (grad student)
Aaron R. WoodVertebrate evolution, evolution of mammals Florida Museum of Natural History20112014 Jonathan I. Bloch (post-doc)
Yangfeng ZhangCivil Engineering, Physical Oceanography2007 Peter Sheng (grad student)