University of Arizona

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kevin J Anchukaitisclimate, paleoclimate, geoscience, geography, meteorology, climatology20022007 Michael N Evans (grad student)
Erica R. BigioPaleoecology, Geomorphology Geosciences2013 Thomas W. Swetnam (grad student)
Richard R. BrandtPhysical Geography, Hydrology, Atmospheric Science Physics2006 Andrew C. Comrie (grad student)
David D. BreshearsEcology Biology, Botany Biology, Plant Physiology, Climate Change
Patrick BroxtonHydrology, Atmospheric Sciences, Remote Sensing Hydrology2013 Xubin Zeng (grad student)
Daniel P. BuntingNatural Resource Management, Water Resource Management, Ecology Biology Natural Resources2012 Shirley A. Papuga (grad student)
Carlos M. Carrillo CruzPaleoclimate Science, Atmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Sciences2014 Christopher L. Castro (grad student)
Gustavo A. Carrillo SotoHydrology, Ecology Biology, Environmental Sciences Hydrology2012 Peter Troch (grad student)
Christopher L. CastroAtmospheric Sciences, Hydrology, Spirituality
Matthew A. ChamberlainGeneral Physics, Geophysics, Atmospheric Science Physics2006 William V. Boynton (grad student)
Jessica L. ConroyClimate Change, Environmental Sciences, Limnology Biology Geosciences2011 Jonathan T. Overpeck (grad student)
Nelson CronynClimate Change, African Studies, Geography, Cultural Anthropology, Theory and Methods Arid Lands Resource Sciences2012 Stuart E. Marsh (grad student)
Roger DaviesAtmospheric Science Physics, Remote Sensing
Mark DeckerAtmospheric Sciences, Hydrology Atmospheric Sciences2010 Xubin Zeng (grad student)
Lucien DucksteinEnvironmental Sciences, System Science Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics
Mohamed A. El VilalyRemote Sensing, Geodesy, Climate Change Arid Lands Resource Sciences2013 Stuart E. Marsh (grad student)
Donald A. FalkEcology Biology, Paleoecology2004 Thomas W. Swetnam (grad student)
Calvin A. FarrisPhysical Geography, Natural Resource Management Geography2009 Thomas W. Swetnam (grad student)
Omar I. Felix VillarEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry Environmental Engineering2014 Avelino E. Saez (grad student)
Agnes GalambosiEnvironmental Sciences, System Science Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics2003 Ferenc Szidarovszky (grad student)
David E. GrowGeology, Hydrology, General Agriculture2002 Thomas W. Swetnam (grad student)
Maria T. Guardiola-ClaramonteHydrology, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Management, Land Use Planning Hydrology2009 Peter Troch (grad student)
Zack GuidoClimate Change, Environmental Sciences Natural Resources2015 Shirley A. Papuga (grad student)
Christine L. HallmanPhysical Geography, Environmental Sciences Geography2010 Connie A. Woodhouse (grad student)
Ingo HeidbuechelHydrology Hydrology2013 Peter Troch (grad student)
Akos HorvathAtmospheric Science Physics, Remote Sensing2004 Roger Davies (grad student)
Kuo-lin HsuClimate Change, Hydrology1996 Soroosh Sorooshian (grad student)
Casey C. Kahn-ThornbrughClimate Change, Native American Studies, Geography Geography2013 Andrew C. Comrie (grad student)
Kurt F. KipfmuellerPaleoecology, Geography, Physical Geography, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2003 Thomas W. Swetnam (grad student)
Emil R. KursinskiAtmospheric Sciences
Robert E. KursinskiAtmospheric Science Physics
Keith J. LombardoEcology Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Physical Geography, Environmental Sciences Geography2012 Thomas W. Swetnam (grad student)
Er LuAtmospheric Science Physics, Hydrology2005 Xubin Zeng (grad student)
Ellis Q. MargolisForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Atmospheric Sciences Natural Resources2007 Thomas W. Swetnam (grad student)
Allan D. MatthiasSoil Science Agriculture, Ecology Biology, Atmospheric Science Physics
Stephanie A. McAfeeGeology, Atmospheric Sciences Geosciences Geosciences2009 Jonathan T. Overpeck (grad student), Joellen E. Russell (grad student)
James E. McDonaldcloud formation and physics
Nicholas P. McKayPaleoclimate Science, Limnology Biology, Climate Change Geosciences2012 Jonathan T. Overpeck (grad student)
Thomas MeixnerHydrology, Geophysics, Atmospheric Science Physics
Carlos M. Minjarez-SosaAtmospheric Sciences, Hydrology, Spirituality Atmospheric Sciences2013 Christopher L. Castro (grad student)
Cory W. MorinGeography, Entomology Biology, Climate Change Geography2012 Andrew C. Comrie (grad student)
Erica A. NewmanEcology, Physics School of Natural Resources and the Env'mt Ecology and Evolutionary Biology20182020 Donald A. Falk (post-doc), Brian J. Enquist (post-doc)
Christopher D. O'ConnorEcology Biology, Environmental Studies, Natural Resource Management Natural Resources2013 Donald A. Falk (grad student)
Angel C. OtarolaAtmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Sciences2008 Emil R. Kursinski (grad student)
Shirley A. PapugaHydrology, Atmospheric Sciences, Ecology Biology
Ana R. Peralta-HernandezSoil Science Agriculture, Ecology Biology, Atmospheric Science Physics2001 Allan D. Matthias (grad student)
Miguel F. PinerosElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences, Remote Sensing, Meteorology Electrical & Computer Engineering2009 J Scott Tyo (grad student)
Guillermo E. Ponce CamposRemote Sensing, Environmental Sciences, Climate Change Soil, Water & Environmental Science2011 Alfredo R. Huete (grad student)
Seshadri RajagopalHydrology, Meteorology, Climate Change Hydrology2012 Hoshin V. Gupta (grad student)
Anupama M. RaoMathematics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Atmospheric Science Physics2001 Philip Alfred Pinto (grad student)
Elizabeth A. RitchieElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences, Remote Sensing, Meteorology
Matthew G. RollinsForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Environmental Sciences2000 Thomas W. Swetnam (grad student)
Rafael RosolemHydrology, Meteorology Hydrology2010 W James Shuttleworth (grad student)
Katrina RunningEnvironmental Justice, Climate Change Sociology2013 Lane Kenworthy (grad student)
Avelino E. SaezEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry
Koichi SakaguchiAtmospheric Sciences, Climate Change, Ecology Biology, Biogeochemistry Atmospheric Sciences2013 Xubin Zeng (grad student)
Zulia M. Sanchez-MejiaHydrology, Atmospheric Sciences, Ecology Biology Natural Resources2013 Shirley A. Papuga (grad student)
Stephane W. ScholzSocial Structure and Development, Climate Change, Environmental Studies, Environmental Sciences Sociology2011 Charles Ragin (grad student)
Richard M SchotlandMeteorology
Soroosh SorooshianHydrology, Atmospheric Science Physics, Remote Sensing, Geophysics
Diana StovernAtmospheric Sciences, Climate Change Atmospheric Sciences2014 Elizabeth A. Ritchie (grad student)
Tyson L. SwetnamNatural Resource Management, Remote Sensing, Ecology Biology Natural Resources2013 Donald A. Falk (grad student)
Thomas W. SwetnamForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Atmospheric Sciences1987 Malcolm J. Zwolinski (grad student)
Matthew SwitanekHydrology, Meteorology, Climate Change Hydrology2013 Peter Troch (grad student)
Peter TrochHydrology, Meteorology, Climate Change
Sean TwomeyAtmospheric remote sensing, couds, aerosols
J Scott TyoElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences, Remote Sensing, Meteorology
Juan B. ValdesWater Resource Management, Climate Change, Hydrology, Meteorology
Joost L. van HarenEnvironmental Sciences, Climate Change, Biogeochemistry, Soil Science Agriculture Soil, Water & Environmental Science2011 Scott R. Saleska (grad student)
Jeremy L. WeissEnvironmental Sciences, Climate Change Geosciences2012 Jonathan T. Overpeck (grad student)
Sungwook WiWater Resource Management, Climate Change, Hydrology, Meteorology Civil Engineering2012 Juan B. Valdes (grad student)
Connie A. WoodhousePhysical Geography, Atmospheric Sciences, Hydrology
Feiqin XieAtmospheric Science Physics2006 Robert E. Kursinski (grad student)
Xubin ZengAtmospheric Sciences, Climate Change, Ecology Biology, Biogeochemistry