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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Douglas B. Carter (Info) Syracuse ccl 2023‑03‑24
Yanyan Cheng (Info) University of Wyoming Drdrop 2023‑05‑25
Charles C. Colby (Info) Chicago ccl 2023‑03‑24
Robert E. Davis (Info) University of Delaware ccl 2023‑06‑19
David Hondula (Info) UVA ccl 2023‑06‑19
G. Donald Hudson (Info) Northwestern ccl 2023‑03‑24
Guy Litt (Info) Battelle Memorial Institute Hydrology Drdrop 2023‑05‑25
Robert Radcliffe Long (Info) Johns Hopkins Fluid Mechanics jandh 2023‑07‑13
Elided Lumor (Info) School of Environmnetal Sciences, University of Guelph, Canada Biogeochemistry, Agrometeorology, Soil–plant–atmosphere continuum Elided 2023‑03‑27
Marion E. Marts (Info) University of Washington ccl 2023‑03‑24
Daniel John Miller (Info) University of Maryland Baltimore County/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Cloud physics, atmospheric remote sensing, climate science djmiller 2023‑06‑22
Robert A. Muller (Info) Louisiana State ccl 2023‑03‑24
Cameron J. Nixon (Info) xebadir 2023‑05‑14
Stig Arvid Rossby (Info) UW Madison jandh 2023‑03‑16
Danilo Silva (Info) Universidade de São Paulo nilodna 2023‑05‑14
Michael Anthony Taylor (Info) University of East Anglia, UK Climatology patternizer 2023‑05‑13
Dennis W. Thomson (Info) Penn State Electromagnetic and acoustical signal propagation, boundary layer structure and turbulence, atmospheric effects on ecosystems, culture and history, and national science policy and ethics jandh 2023‑03‑16
Sean Twomey (Info) University of Arizona Atmospheric remote sensing, couds, aerosols djmiller 2023‑06‑22
Ping Yang (Info) Texas A & M david 2023‑06‑25
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