Cornell University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Corinne Carter1999 Kerry H. Cook (grad student)
John C. ChiangAtmospheric Science Physics, Physical Oceanography1996 Kerry H. Cook (grad student)
Stephen J. ColucciAtmospheric Sciences, Climate Change
Steve ColucciAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology
Kerry H. CookAtmospheric Science Physics
Torsten Duffy2000 Kerry H. Cook (grad student)
Bela G. Fejer19701974 Donald T. Farley (grad student)
Arvind GopinathChemical Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics2001 Donald L. Koch (grad student)
William Edwin Gordonradio propagation, radar19481953 Henry G. Booker (grad student)
Lesley Greene1997 Kerry H. Cook (grad student)
Jennifer L. HaddenGeneral, Climate Change2011 Sidney Tarrow (grad student)
Samson HagosAtmospheric Sciences2008 Kerry H. Cook (grad student)
Philip S. HartMass Communications, Climate Change2010 Bruce Lewenstein (grad student)
Jen-Shan HsiehAtmospheric Science Physics2005 Kerry H. Cook (grad student)
Stephen M. JessupAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology2011 Steve Colucci (grad student)
Donald L. KochChemical Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics
John Lenters1996 Kerry H. Cook (grad student)
David Charles LewellenMechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences1987 Henry Tye (grad student)
Naresh Neupane2015 Kerry H. Cook (grad student)
Marc B. ParlangeEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics Civil & Environmental Engineering1990 Wilfried H. Brutsaert (grad student), Tammo S. Steenhuis (grad student)
Christina M. PatricolaAtmospheric Sciences, Climate Change2010 Kerry H. Cook (grad student)
Louis W. PaulyInternational Law and Relations, Energy, Climate Change1987 Peter J. Katzenstein (grad student)
Laura E. Petesphysiological ecology, climate change20002002 C. Drew Harvell (research assistant)
Matthew PritchardGeophysics, Geology, Remote Sensing
Bing PuAtmospheric Sciences2011 Kerry H. Cook (grad student)
Emily E. RiddleAtmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Hydrology2011 Daniel S. Wilks (grad student)
Todd Ringler1996 Kerry H. Cook (grad student)
Francisco J. Saez de AdanaAtmospheric Sciences2007 Steve Colucci (grad student)
Owen Brian ToonAtmospheric and Space Physics1975 Carl Sagan (grad student)
Edward K. VizyAtmospheric Science Physics2003 Kerry H. Cook (grad student)