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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Drew Endy (Info) Dartmouth, Stanford dl9 2020‑05‑12
Di Gao (Info) UC Riverside, University of Pittsburgh dl9 2020‑05‑15
Harold R Garner (Info) Purdue Bacteriology jandh 2020‑05‑17
John Williams Greenawalt (Info) Johns Hopkins jandh 2020‑05‑17
Franklin Marcel Harold (Info) University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado State jandh 2020‑05‑16
James Johnson (Info) University of Washington smgibbons 2020‑05‑11
Lloyd Lute Kempe (Info) University of Michigan biochemical engineering jandh 2020‑05‑19
Byung-Jick Kim (Info) Soongsil University, Auburn University dl9 2020‑05‑12
Yoon Y. Lee (Info) Iowa State, Auburn University dl9 2020‑05‑12
John C. Loper (Info) University of Cincinnati microbiology jandh 2020‑05‑19
Vaibhav K. Nain (Info) Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, India, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi Mycobacteriology, Molecular Genetics vaibhav 2020‑05‑23
Kyungtae Park (Info) Seoul National University, Sookmyung Women’s University dl9 2020‑05‑12
Miso Park (Info) University of Delaware, City of Hope dl9 2020‑05‑15
Edgar Lambert Piret (Info) UMN chemical engineering jandh 2020‑05‑19
Carl A Schnaitman (Info) Arizona State, UVA Molecular biology jandh 2020‑05‑16
Kristen Stauffer-Thompson (Info) UW Madison, Loras College dl9 2020‑05‑12
Qing Sun (Info) University of Delaware, Texas A & M, MIT dl9 2020‑05‑15
Philippe Armand Tetrault (Info) Purdue jandh 2020‑05‑17
Richard E. Wolf (Info) University of Maryland, Baltimore County jandh 2020‑05‑19
En Sup Yoon (Info) Seoul National University, MIT dl9 2020‑05‑12
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