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2001 Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 
Microbiology Biology

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2015 Fukushima K, Huang H, Hamamura N. Cellular Response of Sinorhizobium sp. Strain A2 during Arsenite Oxidation. Microbes and Environments / Jsme. PMID 26477790 DOI: 10.1264/jsme2.ME15096  0.92
2015 Kanaly RA, Micheletto R, Matsuda T, Utsuno Y, Ozeki Y, Hamamura N. Application of DNA adductomics to soil bacterium Sphingobium sp. strain KK22. Microbiologyopen. 4: 841-56. PMID 26305056 DOI: 10.1002/mbo3.283  0.92
2014 Hamamura N, Itai T, Liu Y, Reysenbach AL, Damdinsuren N, Inskeep WP. Identification of anaerobic arsenite-oxidizing and arsenate-reducing bacteria associated with an alkaline saline lake in Khovsgol, Mongolia. Environmental Microbiology Reports. 6: 476-82. PMID 25646538 DOI: 10.1111/1758-2229.12144  0.92
2013 Takacs-Vesbach C, Inskeep WP, Jay ZJ, Herrgard MJ, Rusch DB, Tringe SG, Kozubal MA, Hamamura N, Macur RE, Fouke BW, Reysenbach AL, McDermott TR, Jennings Rd, Hengartner NW, Xie G. Metagenome sequence analysis of filamentous microbial communities obtained from geochemically distinct geothermal channels reveals specialization of three aquificales lineages. Frontiers in Microbiology. 4: 84. PMID 23755042 DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2013.00084  0.92
2013 Kunihiro M, Ozeki Y, Nogi Y, Hamamura N, Kanaly RA. Benz[a]anthracene biotransformation and production of ring fission products by Sphingobium sp. strain KK22. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 79: 4410-20. PMID 23686261 DOI: 10.1128/AEM.01129-13  0.92
2013 Hamamura N, Fukushima K, Itai T. Identification of antimony- and arsenic-oxidizing bacteria associated with antimony mine tailing. Microbes and Environments / Jsme. 28: 257-63. PMID 23666539 DOI: DN/JST.JSTAGE/jsme2/ME12217  0.92
2013 Kanaly RA, Hamamura N. 9,10-Phenanthrenedione biodegradation by a soil bacterium and identification of transformation products by LC/ESI-MS/MS. Chemosphere. 92: 1442-9. PMID 23611246 DOI: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2013.03.054  0.92
2013 Hamamura N, Ward DM, Inskeep WP. Effects of petroleum mixture types on soil bacterial population dynamics associated with the biodegradation of hydrocarbons in soil environments. Fems Microbiology Ecology. 85: 168-78. PMID 23488682 DOI: 10.1111/1574-6941.12108  0.92
2013 Hamamura N, Meneghin J, Reysenbach AL. Comparative community gene expression analysis of Aquificales-dominated geothermal springs. Environmental Microbiology. 15: 1226-37. PMID 23279131 DOI: 10.1111/1462-2920.12061  0.92
2011 Sayavedra-Soto LA, Hamamura N, Liu CW, Kimbrel JA, Chang JH, Arp DJ. The membrane-associated monooxygenase in the butane-oxidizing Gram-positive bacterium Nocardioides sp. strain CF8 is a novel member of the AMO/PMO family. Environmental Microbiology Reports. 3: 390-6. PMID 23761285 DOI: 10.1111/j.1758-2229.2010.00239.x  0.92
2011 Klatt CG, Wood JM, Rusch DB, Bateson MM, Hamamura N, Heidelberg JF, Grossman AR, Bhaya D, Cohan FM, Kühl M, Bryant DA, Ward DM. Community ecology of hot spring cyanobacterial mats: predominant populations and their functional potential. The Isme Journal. 5: 1262-78. PMID 21697961 DOI: 10.1038/ismej.2011.73  0.92
2010 Inskeep WP, Rusch DB, Jay ZJ, Herrgard MJ, Kozubal MA, Richardson TH, Macur RE, Hamamura N, Jennings Rd, Fouke BW, Reysenbach AL, Roberto F, Young M, Schwartz A, Boyd ES, et al. Metagenomes from high-temperature chemotrophic systems reveal geochemical controls on microbial community structure and function. Plos One. 5: e9773. PMID 20333304 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0009773  0.92
2009 Hamamura N, Macur RE, Korf S, Ackerman G, Taylor WP, Kozubal M, Reysenbach AL, Inskeep WP. Linking microbial oxidation of arsenic with detection and phylogenetic analysis of arsenite oxidase genes in diverse geothermal environments. Environmental Microbiology. 11: 421-31. PMID 19196273 DOI: 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2008.01781.x  0.92
2009 Reysenbach AL, Hamamura N, Podar M, Griffiths E, Ferreira S, Hochstein R, Heidelberg J, Johnson J, Mead D, Pohorille A, Sarmiento M, Schweighofer K, Seshadri R, Voytek MA. Complete and draft genome sequences of six members of the Aquificales. Journal of Bacteriology. 191: 1992-3. PMID 19136599 DOI: 10.1128/JB.01645-08  0.92
2008 Hamamura N, Fukui M, Ward DM, Inskeep WP. Assessing soil microbial populations responding to crude-oil amendment at different temperatures using phylogenetic, functional gene (alkB) and physiological analyses. Environmental Science & Technology. 42: 7580-6. PMID 18983078 DOI: 10.1021/es800030f  0.92
2008 Reysenbach AL, Hamamura N. A geobiological perspective on metagenomics Geobiology. 6: 337-340. DOI: 10.1111/j.1472-4669.2008.00169.x  0.92
2007 Bhaya D, Grossman AR, Steunou AS, Khuri N, Cohan FM, Hamamura N, Melendrez MC, Bateson MM, Ward DM, Heidelberg JF. Population level functional diversity in a microbial community revealed by comparative genomic and metagenomic analyses. The Isme Journal. 1: 703-13. PMID 18059494 DOI: 10.1038/ismej.2007.46  0.92
2007 Inskeep WP, Macur RE, Hamamura N, Warelow TP, Ward SA, Santini JM. Detection, diversity and expression of aerobic bacterial arsenite oxidase genes. Environmental Microbiology. 9: 934-43. PMID 17359265 DOI: 10.1111/j.1462-2920.2006.01215.x  0.92
2006 Hamamura N, Olson SH, Ward DM, Inskeep WP. Microbial population dynamics associated with crude-oil biodegradation in diverse soils. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 72: 6316-24. PMID 16957258 DOI: 10.1128/AEM.01015-06  0.92
2005 Hamamura N, Olson SH, Ward DM, Inskeep WP. Diversity and functional analysis of bacterial communities associated with natural hydrocarbon seeps in acidic soils at Rainbow Springs, Yellowstone National Park. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 71: 5943-50. PMID 16204508 DOI: 10.1128/AEM.71.10.5943-5950.2005  0.92
2005 Hosoda A, Kasai Y, Hamamura N, Takahata Y, Watanabe K. Development of a PCR method for the detection and quantification of benzoyl-CoA reductase genes and its application to monitored natural attenuation. Biodegradation. 16: 591-601. PMID 15865350 DOI: 10.1007/s10532-005-0826-5  0.92
2003 Watanabe K, Hamamura N. Molecular and physiological approaches to understanding the ecology of pollutant degradation. Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 14: 289-95. PMID 12849782 DOI: 10.1016/S0958-1669(03)00059-4  0.92
2002 Watanabe K, Kodama Y, Hamamura N, Kaku N. Diversity, abundance, and activity of archaeal populations in oil-contaminated groundwater accumulated at the bottom of an underground crude oil storage cavity. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 68: 3899-907. PMID 12147488 DOI: 10.1128/AEM.68.8.3899-3907.2002  0.92
2001 Hamamura N, Yeager CM, Arp DJ. Two distinct monooxygenases for alkane oxidation in Nocardioides sp. strain CF8. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 67: 4992-8. PMID 11679317 DOI: 10.1128/AEM.67.11.4992-4998.2001  0.92
2000 Hamamura N, Arp DJ. Isolation and characterization of alkane-utilizing Nocardioides sp. strain CF8. Fems Microbiology Letters. 186: 21-6. PMID 10779707 DOI: 10.1016/S0378-1097(00)00109-9  0.92
1999 Hamamura N, Storfa RT, Semprini L, Arp DJ. Diversity in butane monooxygenases among butane-grown bacteria. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 65: 4586-93. PMID 10508093  0.92
1997 Hamamura N, Page C, Long T, Semprini L, Arp DJ. Chloroform Cometabolism by Butane-Grown CF8, Pseudomonas butanovora, and Mycobacterium vaccae JOB5 and Methane-Grown Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 63: 3607-13. PMID 16535693  0.92
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