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2005 Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 
Botany Biology, Genetics

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2015 Degawa Y, Hosoya T, Hosaka K, Hirayama Y, Saito Y, Zhao YJ. Rediscovery of Roesleria subterranea from Japan with a discussion of its infraspecific relationships detected using molecular analysis Mycokeys. 9: 1-9. DOI: 10.3897/mycokeys.9.6564  0.4
2015 Pota S, Chatasiri S, Unartngam J, Yamaoka Y, Hosaka K, Ono Y. Taxonomic identity of a Phakopsora fungus causing the grapevine leaf rust disease in Southeast Asia and Australasia Mycoscience. 56: 198-204. DOI: 10.1016/J.Myc.2014.06.003  0.4
2014 Tedersoo L, Bahram M, Põlme S, Kõljalg U, Yorou NS, Wijesundera R, Villarreal Ruiz L, Vasco-Palacios AM, Thu PQ, Suija A, Smith ME, Sharp C, Saluveer E, Saitta A, Rosas M, ... ... Hosaka K, et al. Fungal biogeography. Global diversity and geography of soil fungi. Science (New York, N.Y.). 346: 1256688. PMID 25430773 DOI: 10.1126/Science.1256688  0.4
2014 Mujic AB, Hosaka K, Spatafora JW. Rhizopogon togasawariana sp. nov., the first report of Rhizopogon associated with an Asian species of Pseudotsuga. Mycologia. 106: 105-12. PMID 24396108 DOI: 10.3852/13-055  0.4
2014 Zamora JC, Calonge FdD, Hosaka K, Martín MP. Systematics of the genus Geastrum (Fungi: Basidiomycota) revisited Taxon. 63: 477-497. DOI: 10.12705/633.36  0.4
2013 Hosoya T, Hosaka K, Saito Y, Degawa Y, Suzuki R. Naemacyclus culmigenus, a newly reported potential pathogen to Miscanthus sinensis, new to Japan Mycoscience. DOI: 10.1016/J.Myc.2013.02.002  0.4
2012 Lugo MA, Crespo EM, Hosaka K, Domínguez LS. Broomeia congregata Berk., 1844 (Agaricales: Broomeiaceae): New distribution record for San Luis, Argentina Check List. 8: 531-533. DOI: 10.15560/8.3.531  0.4
2012 Kasuya T, Hosaka K, Uno K, Kakishima M. Phylogenetic placement of Geastrum melanocephalum and polyphyly of Geastrum triplex Mycoscience. 53: 411-426. DOI: 10.1007/S10267-012-0186-Z  0.4
2010 Giachini AJ, Hosaka K, Nouhra E, Spatafora J, Trappe JM. Phylogenetic relationships of the Gomphales based on nuc-25S-rDNA, mit-12S-rDNA, and mit-atp6-DNA combined sequences. Fungal Biology. 114: 224-34. PMID 20943133 DOI: 10.1016/J.Funbio.2010.01.002  0.4
2010 Slot JC, Hallstrom KN, Matheny PB, Hosaka K, Mueller G, Robertson DL, Hibbett DS. Phylogenetic, structural and functional diversification of nitrate transporters in three ecologically diverse clades of mushroom-forming fungi Fungal Ecology. 3: 160-177. DOI: 10.1016/J.Funeco.2009.10.001  0.4
2010 Hosoya T, Sasagawa R, Hosaka K, Gi-Ho S, Hirayama Y, Yamaguchi K, Toyama K, Kakishima M. Molecular phylogenetic studies of Lachnum and its allies based on the Japanese material Mycoscience. 51: 170-181. DOI: 10.1007/S10267-009-0023-1  0.4
2009 Schoch CL, Sung GH, López-Giráldez F, Townsend JP, Miadlikowska J, Hofstetter V, Robbertse B, Matheny PB, Kauff F, Wang Z, Gueidan C, Andrie RM, Trippe K, Ciufetti LM, Wynns A, ... ... Hosaka K, et al. The Ascomycota tree of life: a phylum-wide phylogeny clarifies the origin and evolution of fundamental reproductive and ecological traits. Systematic Biology. 58: 224-39. PMID 20525580 DOI: 10.1093/Sysbio/Syp020  0.4
2008 Hosaka K, Castellano MA, Spatafora JW. Biogeography of Hysterangiales (Phallomycetidae, Basidiomycota). Mycological Research. 112: 448-62. PMID 18314317 DOI: 10.1016/J.Mycres.2007.06.004  0.4
2007 Hibbett DS, Binder M, Bischoff JF, Blackwell M, Cannon PF, Eriksson OE, Huhndorf S, James T, Kirk PM, Lücking R, Thorsten Lumbsch H, Lutzoni F, Matheny PB, McLaughlin DJ, Powell MJ, ... ... Hosaka K, et al. A higher-level phylogenetic classification of the Fungi. Mycological Research. 111: 509-47. PMID 17572334 DOI: 10.1016/J.Mycres.2007.03.004  0.4
2007 Matheny PB, Wang Z, Binder M, Curtis JM, Lim YW, Nilsson RH, Hughes KW, Hofstetter V, Ammirati JF, Schoch CL, Langer E, Langer G, McLaughlin DJ, Wilson AW, Frøslev T, ... ... Hosaka K, et al. Contributions of rpb2 and tef1 to the phylogeny of mushrooms and allies (Basidiomycota, Fungi). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 43: 430-51. PMID 17081773 DOI: 10.1016/J.Ympev.2006.08.024  0.4
2007 Clémençon H, Hosaka K, Taylor AFS. Rhizomorph anatomy confirms the taxonomic position of Sclerogaster (Phallomycetidae, Basidiomycota) Mycotaxon. 100: 85-95.  0.4
2006 Spatafora JW, Sung GH, Johnson D, Hesse C, O'Rourke B, Serdani M, Spotts R, Lutzoni F, Hofstetter V, Miadlikowska J, Reeb V, Gueidan C, Fraker E, Lumbsch T, Lücking R, ... ... Hosaka K, et al. A five-gene phylogeny of Pezizomycotina. Mycologia. 98: 1018-28. PMID 17486977 DOI: 10.3852/Mycologia.98.6.1018  0.4
2006 Sugiyama J, Hosaka K, Suh SO. Early diverging Ascomycota: phylogenetic divergence and related evolutionary enigmas. Mycologia. 98: 996-1005. PMID 17486975 DOI: 10.3852/Mycologia.98.6.996  0.4
2006 Hosaka K, Bates ST, Beever RE, Castellano MA, Colgan W, Domínguez LS, Nouhra ER, Geml J, Giachini AJ, Kenney SR, Simpson NB, Spatafora JW, Trappe JM. Molecular phylogenetics of the gomphoid-phalloid fungi with an establishment of the new subclass Phallomycetidae and two new orders. Mycologia. 98: 949-59. PMID 17486971 DOI: 10.3852/Mycologia.98.6.949  0.4
2006 James TY, Kauff F, Schoch CL, Matheny PB, Hofstetter V, Cox CJ, Celio G, Gueidan C, Fraker E, Miadlikowska J, Lumbsch HT, Rauhut A, Reeb V, Arnold AE, Amtoft A, ... ... Hosaka K, et al. Reconstructing the early evolution of Fungi using a six-gene phylogeny. Nature. 443: 818-22. PMID 17051209 DOI: 10.1038/Nature05110  0.4
2004 Lutzoni F, Kauff F, Cox CJ, McLaughlin D, Celio G, Dentinger B, Padamsee M, Hibbett D, James TY, Baloch E, Grube M, Reeb V, Hofstetter V, Schoch C, Arnold AE, ... ... Hosaka K, et al. Assembling the fungal tree of life: progress, classification, and evolution of subcellular traits. American Journal of Botany. 91: 1446-80. PMID 21652303 DOI: 10.3732/Ajb.91.10.1446  0.4
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