Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Marie-Claire Alain Marcel Dupré (grad student), Maurice Duruflé (grad student)
Jean-Delphin AlardFrench violinist François Antoine Habeneck (grad student)
Corliss Richard ArnoldOrganist André Marchal (grad student), Marie-Claire Alain (grad student), Nadia Boulanger (grad student)
Pierre BaillotFrench violinist Giovanni Battista Viotti (grad student)
Hector Berlioz Anton Reicha (grad student)
Henri Montan Berton
Diane Bish Marie-Claire Alain (grad student)
Georges BizetFrench composer Fromental Halévy (grad student), Antoine Francois Marmontel (grad student)
André Bloch André Gedalge (grad student), Ernest Guiraud (grad student)
Léon Boëllmann Eugène Gigout (grad student)
Nadia Boulanger Gabriel Fauré (grad student), Charles-Marie Widor (grad student), André Gedalge (grad student)
Pierre Boulez Olivier Messiaen (grad student)
Juan Ruiz Casaux André Hekking (grad student)
Amedee-Ernest Chaussoncomposition18791881 César Franck (grad student), Jules Massenet (grad student)
Luigi Cherubini
Alfred CortotPiano Emile Descombes (grad student), Louis Diémer (grad student)
Vincent d'Indy Antoine Francois Marmontel (grad student)
J. B. Dancla Violon Pierre Baillot (grad student)
Claude Debussy Antoine Francois Marmontel (grad student)
Emile DescombesPiano Frédéric Chopin (grad student)
Hermann Devriès Gabriel Fauré (grad student)
Louis DiémerPiano Antoine Francois Marmontel (grad student)
Marcel DupréFrench organist, pianist, composer, and pedagogue. Charles-Marie Widor (grad student), Alexandre Guilmant (grad student)
Maurice DurufléProfessor of Harmony, Organist Louis Vierne (grad student), Charles Tournemire (grad student)
Gabriel Fauré Camille Saint-Saëns (grad student)
Pierre FournierFrench cellist André Hekking (grad student)
César Franck Anton Reicha (grad student), Pierre Joseph Guillaume Zimmerman (grad student)
Jules GarcinFrench violinist Jean-Delphin Alard (grad student)
Philippe Gaubert Jules Garcin (grad student)
André Gedalge Ernest Guiraud (grad student)
Antoine Geoffroy-DechaumeMusicologue, claveciniste, organiste et compositeur français Eugène Gigout (grad student)
Eugène GigoutFrench organist and a composer of European late-romantic music for organ Camille Saint-Saëns (grad student)
Karel GoeyvaertsBelgian composer. Olivier Messiaen (grad student)
Peter-Lukas Graf André Jaunet (grad student)
Ernest Guiraud Fromental Halévy (grad student)
François Antoine HabeneckFrench violinist Pierre Baillot (grad student)
Fromental HalévyFrench composer Luigi Cherubini (grad student), Henri Montan Berton (grad student)
Gerre Hancock Marie-Claire Alain (grad student)
André HekkingFrench cellist
Victor G. HildnerOrganist Marcel Dupré (grad student)
Arthur Honegger Charles-Marie Widor (grad student)
Yvonne Hubert1908 Marguerite Long (grad student), Alfred Cortot (grad student), Gabriel Fauré (grad student)
Karel Husa Arthur Honegger (grad student)
Philipp JarnachConsidered in the 1920s to be one of the most important composers of modern music. Albert Lavignac (grad student)
André Jaunet Philippe Gaubert (grad student)
Quincy Delightt Jones19571960 Olivier Messiaen (grad student)
Margaret McElwain KemperAssociate Professor André Marchal (grad student)
Fritz KreislerAustrian-born violinist and composer Lambert Massart (grad student), Jules Massenet (grad student)
Rodolphe Kreutzer Anton Stamitz (grad student)
Albert LavignacFrench music scholar, known for his essays on theory, and a minor composer. Ambroise Thomas (grad student)
Charles LenepveuFrench composer and teacher. Ambroise Thomas (grad student)
Hubert Léonard François Antoine Habeneck (grad student)
Lazare LévyPiano Antoine Francois Marmontel (grad student)
Ludger Lohmann Marie-Claire Alain (grad student)
Mathias Lundholm Pierre Baillot (grad student)
François-Bernard Mâch Olivier Messiaen (grad student)
Andreas MakrisComposer Nadia Boulanger (grad student)
André Marchal Eugène Gigout (grad student)
Antoine Francois MarmontelPiano Pierre Joseph Guillaume Zimmerman (grad student)
Martin Pierre MarsickViolin Hubert Léonard (grad student)
Lambert MassartViolin Rodolphe Kreutzer (grad student)
Olivier MessiaenFrench composer, organist and ornithologist, one of the major composers of the 20th century. Charles-Marie Widor (grad student)
Darius Milhaud Charles-Marie Widor (grad student), André Gedalge (grad student)
Pierre MonteuxFrench (later American) conductor. Charles Lenepveu (grad student)
Marcel MoyseFrench flutist Philippe Gaubert (grad student)
Emmanuel Pahud
Josef Palenicek Alfred Cortot (grad student)
September Payne Marcel Moyse (grad student)
Larry W. Peterson Olivier Messiaen (grad student)
Gabriel PiernéOrgan Albert Lavignac (grad student)
Daniel Pinkham Nadia Boulanger (grad student)
Jean-Pierre Rampal
Maurice RavelFrench composer André Gedalge (grad student), Gabriel Fauré (grad student), Emile Descombes (grad student)
Anton ReichaCzech-born, later naturalized French composer.
Pablo Sarasate Jean-Delphin Alard (grad student)
Hubert SchoonbroodtBelgian organist Antoine Geoffroy-Dechaume (grad student)
Barrett Spach Nadia Boulanger (grad student)
Karlheinz StockhausenHe is known for his ground-breaking work in electronic music, aleatory (controlled chance) in serial composition, and musical spatialization. Olivier Messiaen (grad student)
Ambroise Thomas Friedrich Wilhelm Michael Kalkbrenner (grad student)
Virgil Thomson Nadia Boulanger (grad student)
Charles TournemireFrench composer and organist César Franck (grad student)
Louis Vierne César Franck (grad student), Charles-Marie Widor (grad student)
Henri VieuxtempsBelgian composer and violinist Anton Reicha (grad student)
Roger WagnerAmerican choral musician, administrator and educator. Marcel Dupré (grad student)
Charles-Marie Widor
Henryk Wieniawski Music Lambert Massart (grad student)
Pierre Joseph Guillaume ZimmermanPiano Luigi Cherubini (grad student)