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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Courtney Bryan (Info) Columbia Music, General Religion pq 2022‑05‑09
Remi Chiu (Info) McGill Music pq 2022‑05‑06
Mario Diaz de Leon (Info) Columbia Music pq 2022‑05‑09
Kenneth Elpus (Info) Northwestern Music Education, Policy Education pq 2022‑05‑09
Lois V. Guderian (Info) Northwestern Music Education, Elementary Education pq 2022‑05‑09
Damon Holzborn (Info) Columbia Music pq 2022‑05‑09
Derek Hurst (Info) Brandeis Music pq 2022‑05‑09
Grace S. Kang (Info) Northwestern Music Education, Music, Higher Education pq 2022‑05‑09
Andile W. Khumalo (Info) Columbia Music pq 2022‑05‑09
Rebecca Y. Kim (Info) Columbia Music pq 2022‑05‑09
Amanda J. Leon-Guerrero (Info) Northwestern Music Education, Music, Cognitive Psychology pq 2022‑05‑09
Marcelle Lessoil-Daelman (Info) McGill Music pq 2022‑05‑06
Timothy R. Mangin (Info) Columbia Music, African Studies, Cultural Anthropology pq 2022‑05‑09
Katherine McQuiston (Info) Columbia Music, Cinema pq 2022‑05‑06
Yoshiaki Onishi (Info) Columbia Music, Philosophy pq 2022‑05‑09
Laurie A. San Martin (Info) Brandeis Music pq 2022‑05‑09
Katherine D. Strand (Info) Northwestern Music Education pq 2022‑05‑09
Victoria Tzotzkova (Info) Columbia Music, Cognitive Psychology pq 2022‑05‑09
Steven W. Weigt (Info) Brandeis Music pq 2022‑05‑09
Amber Youell (Info) Columbia Music, Aesthetics pq 2022‑05‑06
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