Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Alban Berg Arnold Schoenberg (grad student)
Johannes Brahms Eduard Marxsen (grad student), Carl Maria von Bocklet (grad student)
Martin BresnickComposer of contemporary classical music, film scores and experimental music. György Ligeti (grad student)
Carl Czerny Johann Nepomuk Hummel (grad student), Antonio Salieri (grad student), Ludwig van Beethoven (grad student), Muzio Clementi (grad student), Wenzel Czerny (grad student)
Karl Davydov Moritz Hauptmann (grad student)
Max Deutsch Austrian-French musical composer, conductor, and teacher Arnold Schoenberg (grad student)
Anton DoorMusic Carl Czerny (grad student)
Josepha Hambacher Duschek František Xaver Dušek (grad student)
František Xaver Dušek Georg Christoph Wagenseil (grad student)
Heinrich Wilhelm ErnstMoravian-Jewish violinist, violist and composer. Ignaz von Seyfried (grad student)
Johann Fux Johann Kaspar Kerll (grad student)
Florian Leopold Gassmann
Franz Xaver GebelGerman composer, music teacher, and conductor. Georg (Abbé) Joseph Vogler (grad student)
Karl Goldmark Leopold Jansa (grad student)
Moritz Hauptmann Louis Ludwig Spohr (grad student)
Franz Joseph Haydn Georg Reutter II (grad student)
Stephen HellerMusic Carl Czerny (grad student)
Johann Nepomuk Hummel Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (grad student)
Anselm Hüttenbrenner Antonio Salieri (grad student)
Leopold Jansa Jan Václav Voříšek (grad student), Emanuel Aloys Förster (grad student)
Friedrich Wilhelm Michael Kalkbrenner Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (grad student)
Johann Kaspar KerllGerman baroque composer and organist. Giovanni Valentini (grad student)
Leopold Kozeluch František Xaver Dušek (grad student)
Jan Antonín Koželuh Christoph Willibald Gluck (grad student), Florian Leopold Gassmann (grad student)
Greta KrausHarpsichord Heinrich Schenker (grad student)
Franz KrennAustrian composer and composition teacher. Ignaz von Seyfried (grad student)
Theodor KullakMusic Carl Czerny (grad student), Otto Nicolai (grad student)
Theodor Leschetizky Carl Czerny (grad student)
Franz Liszt Antonio Salieri (grad student), Anton Reicha (grad student)
Gustav MahlerLate-Romantic Austrian composer and one of the leading conductors of his generation Sigmund Freud (research assistant)
Eusebius MandyczewskiComposition Robert Fuchs (grad student), Johannes Brahms (grad student)
Eduard MarxsenGerman pianist, composer and teacher. Ignaz von Seyfried (grad student), Simon Sechter (grad student)
Benno MoiseiwitschMusic Theodor Leschetizky (grad student)
Ignaz MoschelesBohemian composer and piano virtuoso Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (grad student), Antonio Salieri (grad student)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Johann Baptist Schenk (grad student)
Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (grad student), Johann Nepomuk Hummel (grad student), Antonio Salieri (grad student), Sigismund von Neukomm (grad student)
Louis Niedermeyer Ignaz Moscheles (grad student)
Arne OldbergComposition Theodor Leschetizky (grad student)
Ignazy Jan PaderewskiMusic Theodor Leschetizky (grad student)
Paul A. PiskAustria-born composer and musicologist Arnold Schoenberg (grad student), Guido Adler (grad student), Franz Schreker (grad student)
Kaspar (Caspar) Prentz Johann Kaspar Kerll (grad student)
Gerti Rainer Emil von Sauer (grad student)
Anton ReichaCzech-born, later naturalized French composer. Antonio Salieri (grad student), Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (grad student)
Ferdinand RiesGerman composer Ludwig van Beethoven (grad student)
Richard Robert Anton Bruckner (grad student)
Vasily SafonovMusic Theodor Leschetizky (grad student)
Antonio Salieri Florian Leopold Gassmann (grad student)
Johann Baptist Schenk Georg Christoph Wagenseil (grad student)
Arnold SchoenbergAustrian and later American composer, associated with the expressionist movement in German poetry and art, and leader of the Second Viennese School. Gustav Mahler (grad student)
Franz Schreker Austrian composer, conductor, teacher and administrator Robert Fuchs (grad student)
Franz SchubertAustrian composer. Antonio Salieri (grad student)
Simon SechterAustrian music theorist, teacher, organist, conductor and composer. Leopold Kozeluch (grad student)
Josef SegerBohemian organist, composer, and educator. František Tůma (grad student)
Rudolf Serkin Arnold Schoenberg (grad student), Richard Robert (grad student)
Ignaz von Seyfried Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (grad student), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (grad student)
Jean Sibelius Robert Fuchs (grad student), Karl Goldmark (grad student)
Louis Ludwig Spohr Franz Eck (grad student)
František TůmaCzech composer of the Baroque era. Johann Fux (grad student)
Sigismund ThalbergMusic Carl Czerny (grad student)
Louis Thern Karoly Thern (grad student)
Ludwig van Beethoven Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (grad student), Franz Joseph Haydn (grad student), Antonio Salieri (grad student)
Jan August Vitásek František Xaver Dušek (grad student)
Sigismund von Neukomm Michael Haydn (grad student)
Emil von SauerPiano, composition
Jan Václav Voříšek Johann Nepomuk Hummel (grad student)
Georg Christoph Wagenseil Johann Fux (grad student)
Stefan WolpeMusic Composition Franz Schreker (grad student)