University of Wyoming

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Alan R. BussEnvironmental Education, Environmental Philosophy, Recreation
Barbara ChattonCurriculum and Instruction Education, Philosophy of Education
Valorie A. ChristensenCurriculum and Instruction Education, Philosophy of Education2000 Barbara Chatton (grad student)
Paul Crissman
Patricia GegelmanCurriculum and Instruction Education2004 Barbara Chatton (grad student)
Jennifer K. GeringerCurriculum and Instruction Education, Early Childhood Education2001 Barbara Chatton (grad student)
Shari L. GriffinElementary Education, Language and Literature Education, Library Science2005 Barbara Chatton (grad student)
Rodney K. McConnellSecondary Education, Teacher Training Education, Tests and Measurements Education2006 Barbara Chatton (grad student)
Zanna D. McKayCurriculum and Instruction Education2002 Barbara Chatton (grad student)
Stephen V. NewtonTests and Measurements Education, Instructional Design Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education Curriculum & Instruction2012 Alan R. Buss (grad student)
Sandra L. NovickTechnology of Education, Teacher Training Education, Women's Studies2003 Guy Westhoff (grad student)
Bruce E. PelonAdult and Continuing Education, Higher Education2000 Guy Westhoff (grad student)
Joel B. PontiusEnvironmental Education, Environmental Philosophy, Recreation Curriculum & Instruction2014 Alan R. Buss (grad student)
Jim D. VerleyCurriculum and Instruction Education, Secondary Education, Sciences Education Curriculum & Instruction2008 Barbara Chatton (grad student)
Tricia A. VoloreLanguage and Literature Education, Library Science, Modern Literature, Women's Studies, Folklore2000 Barbara Chatton (grad student)
Guy WesthoffGeneral Religion, Adult and Continuing Education, Philosophy of Education