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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Govert Ewout Bijwaard (Info) VU Amsterdam rtol 2018‑09‑08
Hyundeuk Cheon (Info) Seoul National University Philosophy of Science hdcheon 2018‑09‑15
William B Day (Info) Le Moyne College Wittgenstein, Cavell, aesthetics, improvisation, music, film wday1111 2018‑12‑09
Landon D. C. Elkind (Info) University of Iowa Philosophy, Logic, Mathematics ldcelkind 2018‑10‑15
Anne Fagot-Largeault (Info) College de France YasharSaghai 2018‑10‑28
Graham Harman (Info) adger 2018‑11‑09
Colin Hickey (Info) Georgetown YasharSaghai 2018‑10‑24
Zachary Isrow (Info) Alma Mater Europaea adger 2018‑11‑09
Bo Min Kim (Info) USC rtol 2018‑09‑08
Victor Krebs (Info) Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú wday1111 2018‑12‑09
Jiesi Luo (Info) Yale stem cell and cardiology rogers0929 2018‑09‑14
Wolfe Mays (Info) University of Manchester phismith 2018‑10‑13
Donovan Ochs (Info) University of Iowa mpa 2018‑08‑28
Richard Pettigrew (Info) University of Bristol GeoffKeeling 2018‑08‑22
Herbert Wallace Schneider (Info) Columbia YasharSaghai 2018‑10‑23
Lenart Škof (Info) Universität Erfurt adger 2018‑11‑09
Barry Smith (Info) University at Buffalo, SUNY, NY ontology phismith 2018‑10‑13
Rok Svetlic (Info) adger 2018‑11‑09
Rok Svetlič (Info) adger 2018‑11‑09
Benjamin A. D. Williamson (Info) UCL Computational Materials Chemistry badw 2018‑10‑09
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